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ABS: Black, White, & Rainbow

It is funny how one day after I posted about Rainbow Shield in my previous blog entry Toy Hammer, Rainbow Shield, sGE updated its ABS loot table to include the shield as a top loot, along with Phoenix Wings (365-days) and Baphomet Horn (365-days). The prized booty are Panda Pet, Naginata (AR 30 polearm), and several costumes. For screenshots, see Black, White, and Rainbow article.

Rainbow Shield debuts in sGE about 8 months after jGE.
Will Toy Hammer and Elemental Bracelet be in ABS next?

I spent my last 15 searches in sGE and got Le Blanc costume, Ancient Damaged Glazium, Yellow Ore, Ring Box (Centella Ring), and other crap. Curious about the "drop" rate, I tried again with 100 free trial searches. Of the featured items, these 100 searches got La Ventisca costume, Le Scarce costume (ele), Le Scarce costume (mus), and Cronian Thanatos costume (m/sco) x2.

SGD 60.00 (i.e. USD 40.87) gives you 70,000 G-Points, which can all be converted to 700 ABS. Someone here used 600 searches and still didn't get the top loot... I don't know. I wish they would place at least some of the items in Feso Shop instead, especially things like pets which are supposed to be there originally. As it is now, the Feso Shop is bloody useless in sGE. Paying with real money for virtual items is one thing, gambling for it seems to be going a bit too far. You can end up spending lots of cash and still not get the thing you wanted. I'm not sure if it is worth it, but then, I'm just not a big spender on games, plus I never like having a random element when real money is concerned.

Edit: Added stats of Rainbow Shield and Naginata.


Almontri said…
Amen to that. I hate gambling systems in games. <0<
Grats on your winnings, though