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Telos: An Ending

Sigh. So much drama again. I didn't even want to get involved, but meh. Anyway, Telos clan in Orpesia was sort of disbanded. The clan leader, Misericordiia, passed the clan on to Kohana for safekeeping. (See clan profile below.) I wasn't in the clan when it happened, so I can't really comment on the actual stuffs leading up to it. And then, there were rumors, conspiracy theories, and stuffs. I think I'd just address a few issues. Sorry, if I'm a bit blunt.

About Colony Wars
I never joined colony wars and other PvP events for a reason, which is mainly to avoid unnecessary drama. My observations convinced me that winners tend to brag, and losers tend to whine. (Frequently, the winner who brags and acts all arrogant is also the one who whines about cheating/botting/lagging/raid-hogging/etc. when he loses.) So, I wasn't thrilled when Telos got involved in colony wars back then, since I knew all the drama and trash-talks were coming up next, but well, if the rest of the clan is having fun PvP-ing, so be it.

Then, came the colonies, and sure enough, all the drama. Some started saying Telos is Aegis' lap-dog, just like what was said about Maelstrom (um, or was it another clan?) being Citadel's lap-dog back then. Interestingly, the same thing is going on in SGE's Rembrandt server. Over there, some players frequently trash-talk on Sundays about ChronoQuantum sucking up to Eminence and how they couldn't hold colonies on their own... which goes a long way to show that trash-talking is sadly universal, and not culture-specific.

Colonies in Orpesia taken on 6 April 2009... click for full-size view.

About Tax Money
Honestly, I never saw any of it when I was in the clan. I don't really mind, since I never took part in the wars that resulted in them. Some claim it was used to pay for equipment upgrade for clan members, while others seem to suggest the leaders kept it for themselves. Money always causes trouble among people. The situation would have been better if there was more transparency on how much money there were and where did it all go. For one thing, a proper audit will shut accusations up. Without it, all we end up with is a bunch of people howling at each other. I'm afraid this issue could have been better managed.

About Loot Distribution
Someone claimed that the clan members don't get to choose the drops they want after raids, but instead all the good stuffs go to the leader's cronies. Well, for all the raids that I have attended, loot was distributed to whichever raider wants the specific drop. If more than one person wants the item, they bid for it with firecracker (as usual, highest number wins). Loots were all distributed after raid, so the clan bank (if you can call it that) is just someone's abandoned account to hold those stuffs that nobody wants. Obviously, I can't speak for raids that I didn't join, especially after I left the clan.

Telos raided Vergo with me, Erisia, and um... (I think) AutumnFae and Kohana.
Oh yeah, Linegod_II kindly helped out since the 4 of us had a hard time DPS-ing.

About Telos Members
I'd like to say I like everyone in the clan, but I don't. I guess I'm a bit of a misanthrope. Well, it isn't reasonable to expect to like everyone, so I usually just ignore people I personally find annoying instead of having a scolding/shouting/insulting match. And like every other social group, Telos had its share of good and bad people. Some people are friendly and helpful, while a few are arrogant and have a tendency to brag. (It's a game, what's there to really brag about? ) And for some strange reasons, someone has a flatulence problem in-game, and needs to go for a medical check-up. And of course, there are spies, which is another problem with being involved in colony wars. You can't be sure the "friend" you are making in the clan is really trying to be a friend. The same might be true for people who have joined the clan just for the colony protection and La Tierra D'Amor buff. But on the whole, I think there are more friendly people in the clan than um, somewhat annoying ones, which is why I stayed until I went inactive for being annoyed at K2.

... And A Personal Address: Elite La Confusión
I don't like dramas (except this, this, this, and this), so I generally try to keep a low profile. But somehow, I still ended up in all this ... stuffs. Here's the quote from a comment in AutumnFae's blog.

[...] and there was a lot of people asking for equips in clan chat, i had to give to them free 84e/100 armors, all bought with my vis... nobody said a thx to me and when i asked to ash if he wanted to sell his second ELV he asked me 500m for the recipe, from other clannies he asked 100m..... WTH?!?!?!?

Firstly, it's generous of you to buy stuffs for other members. I don't know who they were, but if they didn't even thank you, they suck. (The cynic in me tells me that most people suck anyway, so I won't be surprised if there are ungrateful people everywhere you turn.) Secondly, there seems to be some confusion about my ELV, which is what I would like to clear up.

  • My 2nd Elite La Ventisca is the armor itself, not a recipe. I crafted it very soon after my pet picked up the recipe, so there was never a recipe to offer anyone to begin with.
  • Until now, I haven't been trying to sell it. Instead, all this time, I was trying to TRADE it for EBF. If anyone bothered to look, you would have found my old market topic on this.
  • I never quote anyone (Telos or otherwise) 100m for it. Either you remembered wrongly or the other person is lying and/or dreaming.
  • 500m is a figure that someone told me when I did a price-check. I suck at pricing, so I usually rely on others to tell me what a less common item is worth.
  • I didn't ask you for 500m (as I wasn't even selling it). You asked me how much it will be IF I was to sell it. I merely told you how much it is worth based on the price-check.

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AutumnFae said…
Lol, You screened the raid we did. I remember that day well. It was the day I got my Leviathon. I am so thankful just the 4 of us did that raid, otherwise, I would still be waiting for decent bracelets for my Deserae's and I definitely wouldn't have my +3ar Skullic.
Sometimes what is considered an act of treason is useful when you need to help yourself.

You put forward a good understanding of everything that went on around you, and for that Sir, I tilt my hat to you =)