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sGE v3.4.14 News

According to Hrin's Blog here, sGE is scheduled to launch v3.4.14 tentatively on 18 June 2009. The patch will include Helena, cat pet, and constellation symbols in the Mysterious Treasure Box. The following contents are taken from jGE site 散歩道, and may differ for sGE.

What To Expect In v3.3?
  • Ania becomes available for recruitment.
  • Circus content added.
  • Trump series weapons (AR 30 unique, fixed enchantment of ATK, ATK Speed, and AR+1) added. There are 21 types for this series, involving a NPC at Queen's Gate.
  • Character stats changed by a factor of 10, i.e. STR 6 (v3.2) becomes STR 60 (v3.3).
  • New costumes for fighter/wizard, new hat/hair for fighter/wizard, and hair for Grace Bernelli added. See here for screenshots.
  • Rumin (aka Jewel) drops at fixed rate in premium dungeons (e.g. Ancient Area/Territory) and event missions.
  • Something is changed/corrected regarding PK-ing families in Fire Island. (Not sure about details, but I don't care, since I'm not on PK server.)
  • Team Arena difficulty modified to make it easier to solo.
  • Reputation reward for Secret Guard increased.
  • Constellation symbols added to Mysterious Treasure Box from Cash Shop.
  • Treasure monster hunt from the Treasure Hunter in town adjusted from 100 to 10.
  • Christmas content (jGE) added - Rudolph pet, Angel Headband, Rudolph back costume.
  • Emilia the Sage, Soho the Wind, and another deleted from Feso Shop (jGE).

What To Expect In v3.4?
  • Master promotion (+10 stat points, AR/DR+2) added.
  • Premium family services added (addition buffs and dungeon access). See GE v3.4 Updates.
  • Secret Guard revised further.
  • Deprodine recipe deleted; and Dignite costume, constellation symbols, Lv.100 chip, and veteran chip added to some premium compensation.
  • Spinelles cannot use on Channel 1 near the colonies.
  • Dignite costumes added, quest starts with a veteran Ania talking to Andre. For screenshots, see here.
  • New stances added - Gorgeous (for Ania) and Semilunar (for Nar), available for 1m feso in Feso Shop.
  • New Lv.92 elite weapons added - Noche Triste (for Nar) and Noche Frigid (for Ania), available in Los Toldos. Instead of Spirit Stone (aka Vindictive Stone), the recipe requires 10 Jewel Powders. See here.
  • Glazium (aka Polish) can be upgraded at the Pioneer Equipment NPC. Upgrade to Lv.100 Glazium seems to require feso.
  • Market time increased from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Price of Ring Box reduced in Cash Shop, and rings can be exchanged.
  • Monsters summoned by spinelles despawn after 10 minutes of inactivity (i.e. no combat).
  • Helena can now be recruited.
  • Free stuffs for GE anniversary event (probably jGE only).
  • Mysterious Treasure Box contents updated to include Grade 26 Equipment Crystals, Damaged Ancient Glazium, Barrack Slot, etc.
  • Feso stones can now be traded.
  • Price of Memoirs reduced in Cash Shop by 90%. If you have 1 Memoir in your inventory, you will end up with 10 instead.
  • Three NPC hunters added to Bahama region to help families advance in Bahama questline.
  • Cat Pet (aka Sith) added.
  • More items added to Feso Shop, including Wheel of Destiny (1-day), Otite Perfume, Veteran/Expert/Master Promotion Scroll, Ambrosia, Mystery Powder, Barrack Slot, Enhancement Booster (aka Upgrade Accelerator), Enchantment Tranquilizer (aka Enchant Booster), Impervium (aka Lacquer), etc.
  • SP consumption of skills from expert stances increased.
  • Nar and Ania's inability to wear belt is corrected.
  • Veteran characters who are de-leveled to below Lv.100 may not enter Battle Colosseum.
  • Maximum amount of boosters (aka accelerators) needed to +5 an item is reduced in v3.4.16. Unfortunately, sGE is going to update only up to v3.4.14. Obviously so that players have to spend more on cash shop items. Ka-CHING$$$ for IAH again.


Fauzul said…
Quote "New costumes for fighter/wizard, new hat/hair for fighter/wizard, and hair for Grace Bernelli added."

Is there any screenshot for Brenelli new hair?
Ashardalon said…
It's the white hair without hat. I added the link above.
Panther said…
Yo Ashar. Thanks for linking to my blog, anyway I have a question.

"Team Arena difficulty modified to make it easier to solo."Now as I understand it, the most recent TA I went into, my first, did not allow me to start without at least 6 players in the lineup. So what does this mean when you say "solo"? Thanks.

Also, what is your in-game name in Rembrandt? Mine is PantherRH, if you feel interested.
Ashardalon said…
Hm. I'm not too sure. I was working with crappy translations. It could be referring to those MCC1 event missions.

See Daily Event Missions.