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Low Resource Client

According to the forum topic GE极致优化篇===多快好省的挂机 (um, the title means something like GE Ultimate Improved Version: Fast, Resource-Saving AFK), you can modify the client to avoid loading certain game aspects. This is to help players who don't mind ugliness to AFK and multi-task (e.g. watch movies/anime, work with PowerPoint/PhotoShop, etc.) on a less-than-optimal computer.

Simply rename any or all of the following files in Granado Espada\ge folder to a different file name (e.g. rename bgm.ipf to bgm_backup.ipf).
  • animation.ipf ~ animation
  • bgm.ipf ~ background music
  • bg_texture.ipf ~ background texture
  • char_texture.ipf ~ character texture
  • item_texture.ipf ~ item texture
  • se.ipf ~ sound effects
This removes the particular aspect that the file controls. For example, renaming bgm.ipf will result in no background music at all, and renaming animation.ipf will result in the characters having no animation (e.g. character's legs don't move when moving to a new location). Renaming the texture files result in a red error picture for the background/character/item.

I wonder what potion is in the scout's quick-use slot. Never seen it before...

To restore its default state, simply rename the files back to the original names. Note that you should always restore to default state before patching the game.


Mahou said…
OMG, Ash <3
I should try this ASP.
Mahou said…
It still eats 50% of CPU ;/
Memory consumption is much lower thou.
Mahou said…
Another note, for some reason fig is having trouble surviving in murky now...
Ashardalon said…
I think it is somewhat similar to adjusting graphics setting, like setting texture quality from high to low in game options (alt-O window). Instead of low, this basically sets it to "None".
Grace Mulann said…
anyone tried during CW? xD
Butch said…
FYI: Disabling animations screws up targetting system.

For example: When a mob dies w/o animatiosn, they simply fade away and your toons are still targetted to it. They will stay on that target until it comepletely fades away.