Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

ABS: Heat of Gold

ABS loot table for sGE has been updated again. Several loots were removed, including watermelon skin, bat's brain, Lv.92 elite armor recipes, Dragon Heart recipe, Adelina the Pirate, and Soho the Wind.

The new loot includes Pigling Pet, Lucifer/Devil Wings (365 days), Black Fallen Angel Wing, Star Knuckle, Frozen Marlin, summer costumes for male/female musketeer and male fighter, hair for male fighter, and Gold School Look for all stock characters. For screenshots, see [ABS] Heat of Gold article.

Gold School Look costumes are tradable, even though the item descriptions say they are not. Lv.92 Frozen Marlin (AR 30) effectively fills in the gap for javelins. Before this, javelin users have to go from Lv.84 Pizarro (AR 26) straight to Lv.100 Serpent Javelin (AR 32). Unfortunately, the new javelin is rather ugly. The official article does not mention the items' stats, so here they are.

It seems like most of the new content go into ABS for sGE, instead of cash shop or feso shop for other editions of the game. For example, the pigling pet is supposed to be available in feso shop. No wonder few players in sGE ever sell things in feso, since sGE feso shop doesn't get the new stuffs to sell.

I used 30 ABS and got the following...

Lv.92 Frozen Marlin
Gold School Look for Elementalist
Red Ore
Green Ore
Lv.10 EXP Card
Lv.30 EXP Card
Lv.50 EXP Card
Lv.70 EXP Card
Coimbra Return Sheet x2
Teleport Scroll x3
Progressive Health-Filler
Progressive Soul-Filler x3
Mystic Ampule (Event)
Hrin's Potion
Defensive Filler
Triumph Filler
Frogfish Spinelle
Megaphone x2
Microphone x2
Lv.80 Glazium
Lv.100 Glazium x2

Hey, look! I caught a fish~!
The fighter is female, so can't use the fish-stick/gay-fish joke.

Update: Adelina the Pirate and Soho the Wind will be returning to ABS at a later time, as stated by Kaioujin here. However, IMC rejected Constellation Symbols as part of ABS, as mentioned here.

Also, it appears that Frozen Marlin javelin has hidden +10% Freeze and +8% ATK Speed. See here.