[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

kGE v3.5.13 Update

Korean Granado Espada has updated to v3.5.13. The following is translated from 散歩道.

  • New stock character face types for musketeer (male and female) and scout (male and female) available at character creation. Screenshots are taken from Dem's forum topic here.
  • Rumin (aka Jewels) Exchanger added, allowing 3 Rumin to exchange for 1 Rumin. Exchanging for higher grade Rumin requires feso (500k/100k/20k).
  • Refined Room of the Dead Key can be crafted in Ustiur Base Camp, using a 10k feso stone and a normal Room of the Dead Key. See Ravyn Gets A Boost (sGE).
  • Martial artists' personal skills have been modified. See Book of Wind for details.
  • New necklace recipe shop added to Errac (aka Zeia). The necklaces can be enchanted with MaxHP, MaxSP, and random stat point increase. The necklace can be destroyed in Errac to obtain necklace crystal.
  • You can summon another family from your friend list, consuming 1 Friend Summon Scroll available in Feso Shop.
  • New combination buffs added - Marine Heroes, Reboldoeux Vigilante, and Gigantic Blaster. See Book of Wind for details.
  • The fishing mini-game in Gigante Beach has been deleted. The fishes (for Claire's summons) can be bought from NPC in Gigante Beach instead.
  • You can exchange multiple Glazium (aka Polish) at one time, instead of one at a time.
  • Weapon recipes (AR32) for Nar and Ania added to Sierra in Old Witch's Hut.
  • Alejandro can now wear metal armor.
Update: Added more information from cGE v3.5 Patch Notes and Duowan Forum. Added link to new sGE article.


Almontri said…
ZOMG. New faces?!

Lawl, I can see the QQ on Swords' forums now..."Hey look what KR has"
"Noooo, don't taunt us with that! Q_Q"
Ashardalon said…
Oh, I thought most people have sen the faces. Anyway, I just added links to screenshots of the new faces. I still like the old ones though.

The article also mentioned that new faces for other stock characters will be added in future.