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Al Quelt Moreza Treasure Chamber

Al Quelt Moreza Treasure Chamber can be accessed by giving 1 Golden Coupon to Ivan Popovichi at Reboldeaux Queen's Gate (E5). You will be warped into a room with lots of Treasure Zealots where you can kill and loot for 3 minutes. The first room contains a warp portal to the 2nd room, which in turn contains a warp portal to the 3rd room. Each use of the warp portal requires 1 additional Golden Coupon.

The Lv.20 monsters in the 1st room drop Quartz and Lv.24 equipment.
The Lv.30 monsters in the 2nd room drop Aidanium and Lv.32 equipment.
The Lv.40 monsters in the last room drop Refined Talt and Lv.40 equipment.

Aidanium and Quartz (100 each) are needed to make the Mysterious Medicine to cure the young witch as part of Bahamar Quests. By that time, a lot of players have already gotten rid of the old stuffs from earlier on to clear inventory space. So this is an easy way to get those low-level ores.