Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Coimbra Shuffle 21-28 April 2009

Jap GE has updated its Coimbra Shuffle item list for 21-28 April 2009, featuring 6 main items - new hair for male scout, new costumes for Soso and Calyce, Sakura Crossbow, and 2 dragon weapons (shield and LOE bracelet). The shield also has inherent fire RES +20.

Player jGE to Player SotNW: "Nyar, nyar, nyar! You still have no update!"

Other notable stuffs include Elite Le Blanc (Fig), Serpent Shotgun, Sword of Queen (Chess series), Combat Manual (+40% EXP for 30 days), Devil Wings (30-days), Sakura Branch (10% Fear/Enervation?), Red/Black Knapsack, Elite Rescue Suit, and Elite La Ventisca.

Minor stuffs include 4 Stance Rings, Veteran/Expert Promotion Scroll, 2 Great Stones (100k feso ea), Large Training Potion (increase stance EXP), Lv.4 mission set (1 of each type), 20 Pet Food, 6 Upgrade Accelerators, 12 Soul Crystals, etc.


Almontri said…
I want Soso's costume. D:
mooferz said…
Meh, typical j-rocker hairstyles come in.

Calypso's already starting to lean towards the typical ninja girl. All of this new content isn't impressing me anymore. D8