Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

cGE Leveling Mania

The players in cGE are having an event that involved training multiple characters to assorted levels. The rewards for each stage of advancement are Dragon Heart, 3 Golden Earrings, Belt of Argus (?), 3 equipment of your choice (DR 30 or AR 31), 3 Constellation weapons of your choice, and, for the final reward...

If ALL the characters are experts, 5 equipment of your choice will be automatically upgraded to +8.

For details, see 卓越世家 55个NPC免费赠送.

P/S: Um, according to Dem here, all end-game raid bosses in cGE are instanced raids, so everyone gets to do them instead of just the elite few.


Mahou said…
OMG, Instanced raids QQ
Time to learn some Chinese o.o I'd not be able to sleep at night now...