Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Revised Recipes (v3.2)

The latest patch (v3.2) for sGE changed the recipes for Lv.52-68 elite equipment. Essentially, the gems were removed as ingredients and replaced with weapon/armor crystals. See v3.2 Patch Notes.

Like the higher grade crystals needed for Werebear weapon recipes (AR31), the lower grade crystals have 7 types.

  • Melee Weapon Crystal
  • Ranged Weapon Crystal
  • Magic Weapon Crystal
  • Metal Armor Crystal
  • Leather Armor Crystal
  • Coat Armor Crystal
  • Robe Armor Crystal

The crystals are gained by dropping Lv.36-52 elite equipment into the "bin" labeled Old Refining Road in Auch (I6). The crystal's grade (or level, as stated in the recipes) is determined by the sacrificial elite equipment (Lv.36 = grade 14, Lv.52 = grade 18). The crystal type is naturally determined by the equipment type (e.g. elite fire bracelet yields magic weapon crystal, elite coat yields coat armor crystal). Note that a shield is considered a melee weapon in the game.

Well, this pretty much sucks, since now you have to destroy 2 elites to craft an elite, instead of just using gems. So far, this applies only to Lv.52-68 elite recipes, other elite recipes (e.g. Lv.36, Lv.84) are unchanged, retaining the gem ingredients. Thus, it is advisable for other players (too late for sGE players) to craft their mid-level elite equipment before patching up to v3.2.