Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

GE Russia has added new cash shop box, which included sword and polearm of Dragon series (AR 32), as well as Blae/Phshi Rastere Costumes (i.e. Greek Croma for musketeers). The boxes will be available during March 23-30, 2011. See Драконье оружие снова в продаже!.

Asoka Character Card will be available in the upcoming cash shop box soon. Prior to the release, players who have made game-related creations (e.g. costumes, pictures, collages) stand a chance to win the character card as well. See Асока талантливым игрокам.

A few weeks ago, someone asked about this... The elemental weapon series (AR 32) originally included 3 more weapons - javelin, blunt, and bayonet. These were the weapons used in the veteran stances back then in v2.x, and were not implemented in the drop tables of Fire/Lightning/Ice Gate raids, supposedly because they were "too powerful". (But really, gate weapons generally suck when compared to their serpent or chess counterparts.) I think GE China (the previous one managed by The9) may be the only edition to have these weapons.

The weapons do not have innate particle glows, probably because they were never implemented for the most part and thus not fully finished.

The Japanese blog 続・日々の生活 features Simple Black Renaissance Skin. It is designed for v5.x and above clients. For v4.x clients, you can just delete minimap.tga from the skin folder to revert to v4.x default minimap skin.

  1. Download the .zip file from GE UIスキン Uploader. The password is 201101111758. JavaScript must be enabled.
  2. Unzip the file into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder.
  3. Start the game launcher, and click Config button.
  4. Tick Enable User Skin and click Save.
  5. Start the game client.
You can find more skin-related materials at 続・日々の生活: UIスキン まとめページ. The author also has a new blog at それでも日々の生活.

Mnemosyne (Torsche) and Orpheus (Rio) finally mastered Death Chopping and Prelude stances inside Bahamar Ancient Area. Athena (f/fig) and Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.3 and Lv.4 while raiding, and Mnemosyne (Torsche) reached Expert Lv.2 while training stance.This raised the family to Lv.42+3.

Gilgamesh (Claude) crafted +4 The Leadership of Hamal 1S (polearm). It was upgraded to +7 with 140 Upgrade Accelerators, 3 Lacquers: Expert +5, and 6 Lacquers: Expert +6. It was enchanted with ATK + Daemon with 19 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The 2nd socket was opened after 11 attempts.

On the other hand, +6 The Judgment of Bywn (staff) continued to fail +7 upgrade, and even repeatedly downgraded to +4! It finally became +7, after using up a total of 560 Upgrade Accelerators, 13 Lacquers: Expert +5, and 24 Lacquers: Expert +6, which cost the family about 1.7 billion vis just for the stupid upgrade. The family had to sell off several Constellation Symbols just to pay for all these cash shop items from the market. Upgrading without spending on cash shop can really drain off your in-game wealth.

The family received 5x3 Lucky Pouches, 3 Rice-Cake Soups, 1 Tradition Korean Costume Set for Elementalist, and 1 Strength Potion (Event) before the Lunar Maiden left the New World. The family did the usual raid missions whenever possible, and looted Symbol of Capricorn from Team Arena, Symbol of Aquarius and Dragon Heart Recipe from Uraeus, Elite Clarcana Recipe and Elite Ruidestencia Recipe from Secret Vault, and Artisan's Leather Gloves Recipe from Torsche's Basement. The family also looted Dragon Heart Recipe from Swamp Angler. Ghae (Andre) promptly crafted Artisan's Leather Gloves.

I haven't run into a kill-steal drama for a while. There was one this week over an Ancient King of Covetry. It was just standing there without moving or attacking, and when I hit it, it still had full hit points. Meh. Anyway, I still abide by my operational definition of "kill-steal" since 2009. See My Kill-Steal Definition for details. 

The family experienced 15 disconnections this week, wasting more Ancient Relic Pieces in Castilla Ruins and disrupting Joaquin Underground Prison raid and Colony War. The colony occupants for this week are Schiavona (15), Phalanx (7), and What (1).

Quest Story: The Lost Princess
Sir Lyndon summoned the pioneering family and said that the Republicans were being "mischievous" for investigating Prison de Joaquin, which was banned by Office of Pioneering Support and the Queen of Vespanola. Then, he asked the family to go to Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber and "take care" of the disloyal Republicans.

The family went there and saw a girl in a tattered clothing, who looked like Princess Gabriela, being bound to a huge phallic pillar. Enraged that they weren't invited to such a BDSM party, the family shot Testormento in the arse. After which, they activated the Power Plant to free the girl.

Later on, Sir Lyndon said she was Princess Gabriela's twin sister, Valleria, and that he knew about it all along. According to him, twin princes were once born to Vespanola Royal Family long ago. When the king died after falling off his horse, both princes began a power struggle for succession, leading the country to civil war. It wasn't clear who won the war, as the victor rewrote history to say that a high-class family rebelled against the crown. (And possibly because the victor and loser looked alike? But still... Power struggles have always been common for political succession. What's the big deal?)

Thereafter, afraid of history repeating itself, Vespanola Royal Family would hide the younger twin far away, while letting the elder twin stay on in the royal family. So Valleria was incarcerated in Prison de Joaquin. Due to the Republican investigations, Sir Lyndon felt obliged to leave her in the care of other Royalists instead. Her existence was to be kept secret, even from Princess Gabriela, on pains of making enemies of Vespanola and the Royalists. The entire quest rewarded Valleria Card and Damaged Ancient Polish x3.

So the family took the lost princess in, and named her Ishtar (Valleria) after the Babylonian goddess of love who was once imprisoned in the Underworld by Ereshkigal. Taking advantage of the EXP +50% Event for the next 2 weeks, the family trained Ishtar (Valleria) and a few other characters. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.1.

Magic Circle XV (Korea) is now available until April 6, 2011. Linaria Costume Set was first released in Japan's Imperial Wheel: Aug 2009.

War of Hero Costume • Claude
More Younger Wig* • Claude
Linaria Costume Set (Body Costume + Hat) • Catherine STR/DEX/INT*

Note (*): The hair for Claude is a new one. The old hair is called "Wig For Looking Young" (default English name). This new one is called "More Younger Wig". In Japan GE data tables, there are 2 Linaria costumes. The other one (ClassName: LinariaCostume_bat) is meant for Catherine the Summoner.

For more screenshots of Claude's new costume, see 끌로드 코스튬 2종 세트 ㅎ.

Leonele's Personal Skill: Leadership
From Hanbiton Screen Board post 오타났네...

GE: Thailand
Thailand GE is having a cash promotion during March 2011. Top up game credit and stand a chance to win Mifuyu Card, Kurenai (AR33 Great Sword), or Kurenai Recipe. The official notice says "Mifuyu", instead of "Asoka". If it is just a renamed "Asoka", then I'd expect there to be [Sect of Moonlight] stance book as well. But there is no mention of stance book anywhere on the page. (Mifuyu uses Hanging Guard, and thus she has no need for special stance books.) See สด! ด้วยบัตรเงินสด วัน-ทู-คอล!.

New cash shop boxes have also been added. Featured drops include Dragonic Revolver, Dragonic Shotgun, and Rose Wing (30 days). See Patch Update ประจำวันที่ 21 มีนาคม 2554.

GE: Taiwan
Taiwan GE is having a cash promotion during March 24-30, 2011. Featured drops include Angel Rod (AR 33), Blue Serpent Costume (ele), and Crystal Wing (90 days). See 《天使武器第十一彈-天使權杖抽獎》. Black and White Tiger Pets were also available in a separate promotion. See 《星座寵物回饋送第一重》 and 《星座寵物回饋送第二重》.

GE: Russia
Russia GE has updated to v5.0.23 on March 09, 2011. See Обновление до версии 5.0.23.

Drag and drop The Silver Baron (acquired from Claude's Recruitment Quests) onto NPC Claude in Reboldeaux. He will give you 10 Bellem's Boxes. Talk to Claude again to give him 100 Elemental Orbs, 100 Magical Orbs, and 1 Shiny Crystal. He will upgrade it to Enhanced Silver Baron, which is a Lv.40 sabre with ATK Rating 18. (For comparison, Lv.40 pioneer weapons have only ATK Rating 15. Lv.52 elite weapons have ATK Rating 18.)

The family continued with the task of training new stances. Athena (f/fig) mastered Tronada Cruz. Mnemosyne (Torsche) and Orpheus (Rio) continued to train Death Chopping (Lv.15 → Lv.22) and Prelude (Lv.12 → Lv.21) respectively. Orpheus (Rio) reached Master Lv.2 while training stances, and Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.7 while raiding. Quetzalcoatl (Nar) was also promoted to Expert Lv.1.

Qilue (f/sco) put on a Bear Costume and joined Animal Sambal Parade at the last minute to receive 2 AM Boxes, which dropped 10 Enchant Boosters and 50 Hermes Potions. The treasures of the Lunar Maiden this week consisted of 5x6 Lucky Pouches, 3x2 Rice-Cake Soups, 1 Strength Potion (Event), 1 Brown Bunny Band (30 days), and 2 Bunny Bands (30 days). So many Bunny Bands... I'd rather have some of the other permanent hats/costumes.

The family did the usual raid missions, and received Symbol of Pisces and Symbol of Scorpio from Team Arena, Symbol of Capricorn and Enhanced Mental RES Necklace Recipe from Rafflesia, Symbol of Scorpio from Sharffenberger, and Artisan's Leather Belt Recipe from Accursed Sedecram. Sadly, the rewards from Joaquin Underground Prison and Torsche's Mansion Basement raid missions were all junks, mostly Honor Cards and Portable Ancient Star Orb Boxes.

Scharissa (Idge) crafted Belt, Qualified Belt, Artisan's Grieves, and Artisan's Leather Belt for the Masters, who then reported back to the Captain of Errac after clearing the Necroshamans previously (see Journal 129). Concerned that Haman could banish ogres as if they were vermin, the Captain was envious and wanted to be the chief, thereby asking the family to help him to stage a coup. According to him, if Haman looks into a person's eyes, she will know what he is thinking. After defeating the guards, the family completed the assassination mission, but the Captain realized Haman may not even be human, as she was still sitting there as if nothing had happened. Perhaps this is the secret of one of the Five Elements - God's Blood (see Journal 97). This completed the entire Errac Quest Series, but the family was left wondering about the meaning of "huop". Google and Wikipedia failed to provide insights as well.

During Colony War this week, Phalanx clan regained 2 colonies. The colony occupants were Schiavona (15), Phalanx (6), ShakeTheHeavens (1), and What (1).

The family experienced 8 disconnections this week, disrupting Joaquin Underground Prison x1 and wasted several Ancient Relic Pieces in Castilla Ruins. The servers were closed for a few hours in a few vital maps, such as both channels of Auch and a few other towns as well, effectively locking players out of the game since there was a mass disconnection prior to that. See here for forum posts. After the weekly maintenance, a few bugs were finally fixed, including the one which can be exploited to summon families to Secret Tower 3F for unlimited General Guard raids. See Maintenance Change Log.

A different publisher has acquired the rights for Granado Espada for China region, now renamed as 《卓越之剑2》. Closed Beta Test will be scheduled on March 24, 2011. The new release will be v6.3.2, which will include Raven. See 3月24日引爆荣耀测试限量开启! for the notice on beta test.

The official website for the new GE China is The full client is now available for download.

GE China was previously managed by The9, and ceased operation on November 21, 2010. See GE-China R.I.P. for more information.

Castilla Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 quests require certain quest items which can be acquired in Castilla Mine, Castilla Relic, and Castilla Tower of Chaos respectively. The following is a list of quest items and their drop rates based on datatable_questcheckup.ies file (v5.0).

Mission Quest Item Rate Chaos Monster
Castilla Mine Steel Ararat of Chaos Magic Stone 1/5 Steel Ararat
Castilla Mine Phobitan General of Chaos Heart 1/5 Phobitan General
Castilla Mine Basilisk  of Chaos Heart 1/5 Basilisk
Castilla Mine Chrysalist  of Chaos Claw 1/5 Chrysalis
Castilla Mine Chimera of Chaos Cranium 1/5 Chimera
Castilla Mine Argus of Chaos Backbone 1/5 Argus
Castilla Mine Skeleton of Chaos Tooth 1/5 Skeleton
Castilla Mine Dekaravia of Chaos Skull 1/8 Dekaravia
Castilla Relic Ancient Diablo Horn 1/5 Diablo
Castilla Relic Lava Leaf of Chaos Magic stone 1/5 Lava Leaf
Castilla Relic Wetis of Chaos Ax 1/5 Wetis
Castilla Relic Arito of Chaos Blunt Weapon 1/5 Arito
Castilla Relic Hadeon of Chaos Armor 1/5 Hadeon
Castilla Relic Tempest Helmet 1/5 Tempest
Castilla Tower Grief Eye 1/5 Elminor
Castilla Tower Dominator of Chaos Claw 1/5 Dominator
Castilla Tower Einschwer of Chaos Soul Stone 1/5 Einschwer
Castilla Tower Red Magic Stone 1/5 Tetrapod
Castilla Tower Blue Magic Stone 1/5 Teslacoil
Castilla Tower Black Magic Stone 1/5 Beholder
Castilla Tower Red Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Jellyfish
Castilla Tower Blue Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Hydrobomber
Castilla Tower Black Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Dark Gemini

When you have completed Episode 1, you can use the Warp Point in Castilla Garrison 1 to reach Castilla Ruins at the cost of 1 Ancient Relic Piece. When you have completed Episode 2, you can use it to reach Castilla Temple at the cost of 2 Ancient Relic Pieces.

Renaissance (v5.0) patch brought several new in-game options to Sword 2. However, there are 2 play options which are not saved (always reset to default) when the client is closed. These in-game options are Turn Off Target Information and Hide Target Information.

To prevent the client from resetting both game options to default setting, do the following:

  1. Close the game client, if it is currently running.
  2. Open user.xml in Granado Espada\release folder with Notepad (or any text editor).
  3. Find <Config ....> and add Targetinfo="0" Targetoption="0" inside the tag. See sample below.
  4. Save and exit Notepad.
  5. R-click on user.xml file and select Properties.
  6. Under Attributes, tick Read-Only option.
  7. Click OK, and restart the game client.

<Config UseGlow="0" UseWater="1" UseCharEdge="0" RndCharToRefWater="1" UseFastLoading="1" UseEnvEffect="1" UseEnvSound="0" EffectLevel="0" CaptureFormat="1" ShowName="1" ShowMyPcGauge="0" ShowMyPcMark="1" MinimapFixNorth="1" ChatEditVisible="0" CommChatType="0" SaveStanceOnUserSquadSelect="1" MouseSensitivity="1.00" MinimapScale="1.50" UseCharLod="0" UseCharHigh="1" UseEffectHigh="1" CharCacheType="1" DevGamma="6" ResizeLevelOfTextures="1" ShowShoutType="1" ShowGameInfo="0" DrawActorPersent="56" DrawMonsterPersent="67" DisableSoundEffect="0" DisableVoiceEffect="0" DisableBGM="0" EnableNavigation="1" AutoRejectRecallFriend="0" HideZoneMoveToOthers="0" IdelLevel="0" EnableExtendedItemShortcut="1" ShowBalloon="1" BallonColor="2103863022" ShowItemCaption="1" HideItemShortcutUI="0" ItemShortcutX="202" ItemShortcutY="501" ItemShortcutSize="11" ItemShortcutVertical="0" ShowPCName="0" ShowPartyName="1" ShowOnlyOneMCC="1" ShowAchieve="0" ESCQuit="1" ShowSquadDetail="1" ArrangeQuestLevel="1" HideBattleCommand="0" Targetinfo="0" Targetoption="0" ManualSkillTarget="0" InverseCameraHor="0" InverseCameraVert="0" InverseCameraZoom="0" InfoToolTip="1" />

Normally, when Sword 2 client is closed, it will automatically save the file with the current in-game option settings. For some reasons, when it does so, the Target configurations will be removed. Therefore, steps (5) and (6) are necessary to prevent the removal. Making the file read-only will also mean other options are not automatically saved by the client, so you may have to do it manually by editing the file yourself. Alternatively, you can remove the read-only attribute, adjust your option settings in-game, then close the client. After that, re-do steps (1) to (7) above to add back the Target configurations.

The above settings leaves both Turn Off Target Information and Hide Target Information unticked. If you want to the option to be ticked instead, change the bold text above from 0 to 1.

I'm not aware of other editions having the same issues. This problem seems to be for Sword 2 clients only. I bet they will say it is a new "feature", instead of admitting it is a glitch.

Several stances were mastered this week, including Crusader for Athena (f/fig), Tested Burst for Lolita (Claire), Domination Lightning for Orpheus (Rio), Incantation for Mystra (f/wiz), and Anathema for Mystra (f/wiz). Athena (f/fig) started training Tronada Cruz stance (Lv.1 → Lv.18) after acquiring it with Symbol of Aries. While training in Bahamar Ancient Area, they also looted 6 Old Chess Pieces and 2 Snail Shells. Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.7 while raiding Joaquin Underground Prison. Mnemosyne (Torsche) consumed more EXP Cards to reach Expert Lv.1, and acquired Death Chopping stance (Lv.1 → Lv.15) with Symbol of Capricorn.

The family took some keys from Lunar Maiden, but didn't really bother to look for the chests. The random ones the family found by accident dropped Lucky Pouches, Mystic Ampules (Event), Bunny Band (Max HP +300 for 30 days), and Full Moon Rabbit. See Lunar Maiden Drop List for a list of known rewards.

The family did the usual run of raid missions. This week's loot consisted of Symbol of Cancer and Symbol of Capricorn from Team Arena, Elite Le Blanc (Sco) Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison, Elite Le Blanc (Wiz) Recipe and Artisan's Gauntlets Recipe from Accursed Sedecram Bounty Hunt, and Symbol of Pisces from Uraeus.

The Masters also did Sharffenberger raid mission for the first time ever in order to see what is the new revised loot (v5.0) and to hopefully get the missing symbols. Including the use of Sharffenberger's Key, the total loot this time were 4 L100 items, 5 L84 elite items, Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher, Diamond Coupon, Bellem's Box, 2 Ancient Star Orb Boxes, and of course... 2 Mega Talt.

Sacharissa (Idge) and Ghae (Andre) crafted Qualified Leather Belt, Artisan's Gloves, and Artisan's Gauntlets. They still need Dragon Hearts to craft the new armor recipes though. After running through Castilla Mine many times for the past 3 weeks, the Masters finally acquired all the quest items to clear Castilla Episode 1 quests.

This week's Colony War is similar to last week's war. Phalanx clan lost 1 colony, while Schiavona clan gained 2 colonies. The colony occupants of the week are Schiavona (15), Phalanx (4), ShakeTheHeavens (2), and What (2). The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, disrupting several missions - Team Arena x1 and Castilla Mine x2.

Quest Story: Prelude
After the events in Al Quet Moreza's Holy Water Chamber (see Journal Week 97), Vincent Rio rushed to Port of Coimbra to intercept Ortega Fruholen an hour before he left for Vespanola. Vincent challenged the injured Ortega to a duel, claiming himself to be a musician and thus a combat handicap. Ortega was ashamed of the affair involving Vincent's father and that he should have refused when he came under pressure.

When Lorch arrived, Vincent claimed that this was a suicide mission. Lorch demeaned his father by saying that, in his current condition, he could not even fight Ramiro or Tiburon. Ortega called his son a "chicken" instead, worrying about how he could take care of Fruholen family and protect the kingdom as he suspected Jorgen might sell the family and kingdom away.

According to Ortega, Strata Vista's influence on the royal families of Orpesia was already showing. King Remy Bejear of Vespanola was losing his senses. The "10 Royals" (Ten Nobles?) were no more, and Montoro was "grinding his ax" on an island. These were the conspiracies of Hernandez (i.e. Catherine Torsche's adopted "father") and Strata Vista to control the fate of the world.

Vincent did not care about the fate of the world, however. Lorch offered to take up his father's burden, but Vincent asked him to get lost since if he defeat Lorch, the latter's fan girls will tear him apart.

Of course, the meddling old fool Fritz showed up and stopped the fight. Ortega claimed that Vespanola's diplomatic relations with Illier was deteriorating. Eventually, they may have to face all of Eastern Orpesia which would not accept a dictator. The rebel force of Bristia was also getting stronger, so Vespanola wished the New World to stay peaceful. Strata Vista however wanted to stir up conflict. If the son of Mayor Rio and the successor of Fruholen family were to fight and get injured, there will be conflict between Auch's Republicans and Homeland's Royalists.

Fritz convinced Vincent that his songs have more to it than revenge, and that his father rejected Strata Vista and worked to reconcile the Royalists and Republicans. His share over Leonardo Express was to help the people of the New World, but Office of Pioneering Support accused him of treason and seized his property.

Then Ortega made his finishing move, saying, "When the New World becomes quiet, come back to me for your revenge. I will then accept your revenge and pay all your travels as well. I will also sponsor all of your World Tour Concert for your big dream." Fritz offered Violakea's sponsorship as well after the problems were resolved, saying how the secret organization would then be restructured as a "Star Agency". Vincent practically creamed his pants right there and then.

And so Vincent sold his father out for concert sponsorship! (What a ho!) Ortega gave Vincent some documents of ancient songs taken from Strata Vista. The documents have 3 missing notes. Ania told him that they were found on Occulta's walls. So the family went into Occulta and mugged some kobolds to get the 3 Constellation Music Notes, and completed the Songs of the Stars. (See here for the monsters and drop rate for quest items.) The entire quest rewarded Veteran G (14m) EXP Card x3, Damaged Ancient Polish x3, and Veteran Enchantment Chip x1.

After 2 weeks, the family used Symbol of Virgo to acquire Prelude stance (Lv.1 → Lv.12) for Orpheus (Rio).

GE Korea has released an update preview for v7.4. All information may be subject to change before official release. See 그라나도 에스파다 - 영입 NPC 리오넬.

1. New Character: Leonele
 You must have completed Black Or White quest (regardless of which option is taken) to recruit him. His stat scores are STR 50, AGI 80, CON 40, DEX 80, INT 40, and CHA 40. Leonele starts at Lv.80, making him the highest level character to be recruited so far.

According to the anniversary sneak preview here,  his weapons are rifle, bayonet, and pistol. He uses coat (musketeer), belt, gloves, and boots. It say doesn't what kind of belt/boots/gloves, but it should be the same types used by musketeer.

His unique Expert stance is called Punisher using rifle + pistol. It has the same range as Flintlock stance, but has low accuracy and long-range skills. The other stances shown below are Freestyle Shot, Double-Gun Shot, Outrage Shot, and Standing Shot.

Edit: There was some translation confusion, as 장총 was translated as shotgun, but it should be rifle. Shotgun should be 샷건 instead. The preview does not mention bayonet, but it probably applies as well. Since it's supposed to be rifle, it makes more sense for it to be compared to Flintlock.

See here for more screenshots of Punisher skills.

2. Mercenary Faction
The mercenaries can withdraw freely without penalty, unlike Royalists or Republicans who have a quest of betrayal in order to change faction. Added titles for the mercenaries of Pegadilla.

3. Ranking System
Added a ranking system for new faction war. The reward is a Clique Battle Supply Box, which is similar in use to Level-Up Gift Box. It creates a treasure chest in town, which adds items to inventory when clicked. It vanishes after 5 minutes if not clicked.

4. Family Profiles
Added titles and rankings to family profiles. There is also some kind of random buffs involved. More medals will be available.

5. Others
Added point store for Faction Battle Zone in Reboldeaux and Auch. Added rewards for high ranking parties (aka clans). Added compensation for neutral (mercenary) parties, including 5 Expert G EXP Cards, Boost Potions (Event), etc. Added mercenary buffs which has no limit to the number, but consumes 500 reputation points each. Mercenaries are also exempted from mission costs (Elemental Jewel) for Viron missions (e.g. Clock Tower).

6. New Costumes
Added new weapon costumes for shotgun and polearm. Claude has the new Reboldeaux Spirit costume set (body + hair).

7. Viron Castle
New map under development.

Sword 2 is having the Lunar New Year Event 2011 which was hosted in other editions about a month ago. Pose before the event NPC in Queen's Gate to get a key (1/day). It can open event boxes appearing in random maps for items such as Full Moon Rabbit, Bunny Band (30 days), Bunny Hat, Traditional Korean Costume, and Rose Wings. See Lunar Maiden forum topic.

There will also be some events for St. Patrick's Day. See St. Patrick's Day Festivities forum topic.

Login For Freebies: March 11-13, 2011
Login during the weekend and receive 3 Green Dyes 1 Albaes Hat (Max HP +300 for 30 days).
According to Quinzel, this item can be used to create "high end gear such as Elite Albaes". Players sometimes dump whole Lv.84 elite items on the floor when their inventory is full due to all the roulette loot. And G1 is expecting people to craft such items?

Find the GM: March 17-19, 2011
During the event period, AMs (i.e. GMs) will appear in random maps. Find them while wearing something green (e.g. Elite Albaes!) and get 3 Green Rough Stones and 3 White Gold Bars.

PVP Event: March 18-20, 2011
The winner (1 per server per day) of AM-hosted PVP event will get ESN Code (6,400 Gold) and 1 Siren's Scale. See PVP schedule here.

Update: Green Dyes were replaced by Albaes Hat. White Gold Bars were added to Find the GM event.

I found 2 more chibi fan art - Reckless Emilia and Mifuyu/Asoka by khakki at Deviant Art. Check out his gallery here for other pictures.

See also Granado Espada Deviant Art group for more game-related pictures.

Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) continued to spend time inside Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, eventually mastering Madness stance. Thereafter, she consumed EXP Cards to reach Master Lv.1 from Expert Lv.1. Her companions also trained their stances. Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.2, mastered Peltast (Lv.18 → Lv.25) and started on Crusader stance (Lv.1 → Lv.16). Likewise, Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.3, and mastered Shadow Sting (Lv.17 → Lv.25).

The family traded for a new armor, and decided to re-enchant it. After running out of Enchant Boosters, the family continued enchanting regardless and finally got DEF Rating +3 with 190 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips and 177 Enchant Boosters. The armor was successfully upgraded from +6 to +7, using 4 Lacquers +5: Veteran, 4 Lacquers +6: Veteran, and 120 Upgrade Accelerators.

Later in the week, Artemisia (Calyce) also used 40 Upgrade Accelerators and 4 Lacquers +6: Expert to upgrade her crossbow from +6 to +7. The staff and javelin had to be left at +6 for now, since they failed to upgrade to +7. All of them need to get their 2nd/3rd sockets opened too. It will just have to wait for cheaper cash shop items in the market. The family still needed to craft and finish up the polearm before it can focus on accessories like gloves, boots, belts, necklaces, and earrings.

The family raided Team Arena, Accursed Bahamar, Accursed Sedecram, Arsene's Secret Vault, Castilla Mine, Castill Relic, Torsche's Basement, and Joaquin Underground Prison. Although the new v5.0 raid missions can be done daily, the family just doesn't have the time to do all of them everyday. Besides, the common drops suck anyway. The family looted Symbol of Sagittarius and Symbol of Virgo from Team Arena, and Artisan's Gloves Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison. Other awesome loot included Pure Gold Bar and Green Rough Stone from Tempest in Castilla Relic mission.

The family revisited Uraeus mission twice, and found that the basic loot of Uraeus mission has doubled from 2 to 4 Lv.100 equipment since v4.1. There is also a chance to get Le Noir armor instead of recipe. Of course, the dumb snake still dropped Mega Talt instead of Constellation Box for the family. The materials needed for the raid had been revised to use Shiny Crystals in v5.0.15. Scale Pieces are now acquired from Wandering Peddler instead of Igorne at the cost of 200 Expedition Memos each.

After running through Castilla Temple and killing the bosses along the way, the Masters paid 2 Gold Ancient Relics to make their first visit to Castilla Tower of Chaos. More awesome Lv.84 elite items awaited the raid party from the roulette in the Tower of Chaos.

Athena (f/fig) and Artemisia (Calyce) took their new stances for a test run during Colony War. Lots of clans were targeting Phalanx clan this week, resulting in the loss of 2 colonies. The ally Schiavona, on the other hand, gained 5 colonies. Core clan gained 2 colonies, while the other 2 clans lost 1 colony each. The occupying clans this week were Schiavona (13), Phalanx (5), Core (2), What (2), and ShakeTheHeavens (1).

The family experienced a ridiculous amount of 31 disconnections/client freezes this week, disrupting several missions - Joaquin Underground Prison x1 and Castilla Mine x2. Ever since last Colony War, the game client kept freezing at the loading screen periodically, forcing the user to terminate the client. As if it wasn't annoying enough, this was usually followed by 15 minutes lock-out. Apparently, this was affecting quite a few players (see Freezing During Warping), and it was getting really annoying. Since re-equipping characters require multiple loadings of quarters and town, it usually ended freezing at the loading screen.

Dramatic Meeting: Catherine Torsche
Montoro visited Dr. Torsche and told him that his daughter Catherine Torsche is still alive. As proof, the viscount showed him a lock of blond hair. (OMG, he can recognize his daughter by a lock of hair!) Montoro made 2 demands - (1) Dr. Torsche is not to ally with Violakea, and (2) he is to return to Vespanola soon to meet the marquis.

After the meeting, Dr. Torsche started avoiding his doll "daughter" Catherine, who was a golem created as a replacement or a misguided attempt to "revive" his supposedly dead daughter. (According to the butler in the Grand Library, she died of a disease.) Doll Catherine overheard the conversation and went to the basement mentioned by Montoro. There, she found and talked to the real Catherine, who believed her father was Marquis Ernandez and refused to meet Dr. Torsche. Doll Catherine was sad that Dr. Torsche was avoiding her, but realized that he was in greater despair. So she approached the pioneering family to return to the basement with her.

In the basement, the golems attempted to kill the "traitor" doll Catherine. Then, Montoro convinced Catherine Torsche that the pioneers were "terrorists who conspired against the New World by making those dolls". Seeing the intruders as enemies of her "father", Catherine Torsche attempted to destroy doll Catherine. After being defeated, she asked to be killed instead of remaining as a prisoner. Dr. Torsche appeared and took her away.

According to Dr. Torsche, Montoro was trying to control him by putting him into despair through showing him his lost daughter who do not know him. Catherine Torsche however still did not recognize him, despite showing her the family painting, her mother's keepsake, and her toys. Ernandez was an accomplished magician, and thus his brain-washing could not be easily undone. The pioneers gave him the Holy Water recovered from Al Quet Moreza (see Sword 97: Holy Water Chamber). After refining it, he gave the Refined Holy Water to Catherine Torsche, and she recovered her real memories. Worried that she might be abducted, Dr. Torsche asked the pioneers to take Catherine Torsche into their family.

I like Doll Catherine's personality. She is so altruistic and free from jealousy and insecurity.
The entire quest rewarded Catherine Torsche Card, Expert G (27m) EXP Card x3, Damaged Ancient Polish x3, Earth Stone (10k feso) x5, and Refined Holy Water. Thus, the family took her in and named her Mnemosyne (Catherine Torsche) after the titan of memory and sister of Cronus in Greek mythology. After reaching Veteran Lv.1 by feeding on EXP Cards, she acquired Raid Assault stance using 30 Expedition Memos and 50 Shiny Crystals. Meanwhile, Cameron (Lv.58 Catherine STR) was sent off to miggies family to guide them to the basement.

Since Singapore Granado Espada updated to v6.3, the ChangeCamera(1) function no longer works. (See Navigate Camera & Show State.) However, there is another function that does the same thing.

Add the following to your user-defined hot keys by opening the .xml file with Notepad:

<HotKey Name="NavCam" Scp="NavCamToggle()" Key="F1" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="YES" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="YES" />

Restart the client, and turn it on/off when pressing Ctrl-F1. Ensure that you do not have more than 1 function assigned to the same hot key. This function also works in Sword 2 client v5.0.23.

Thanks to PhoenixDragon and his/her anonymous (as requested) informer of IAH forums for the update.

Reassign Hot Keys
The new patch (v5.0) updates the game user interface, and added several new functions. You can edit the hot key file and reassign the hot keys by changing the Key and UseAlt/Ctrl/Shift parameters. For example, I find it too troublesome to press 2 buttons (Alt + F3) to access Town Movement, so I swapped its hot key with Keyboard Help (F12). The default setting for both functions are:

<HotKey Name="(#?)0064068(##)UI Move to a town(?#)" Scp="ToggleTownWarp()" Key="F3" UseAlt="YES" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="YES" />

<HotKey Name="(#?)0046901(##)UI Keyboard Help(?#)" Scp='Toggle("keyhelp")' Key="F12" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="YES" />

Quinzel has released some new information for Sword 2. See Cross-World PvP Arenas Update for full text.

Content Updates
Cross-World PvP Arena has been delayed to v6.3 instead. Not surprising, since many other editions did not receive it either. The early v5.0 version is supposed to be quite messed up, hence the reason for the "content lock".

On the other hand, work on localization of v6.3 has begun. G1 has also asked for v6.7.

Upcoming Events
There will be a belated Lunar New Year event, most likely it will be the same one as mentioned in Lunar New Year Event 2011. Apparently, IMC did not think that Sword 2 (regionally distributed for North America/Europe) would be familiar with "Asian" New Year. There will also be another EXP bonus event as well.