Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

It's more of the same, as the experts continued to train in Western Underground Cave and Errac Tierra Dias. Thelandira (f/mus), Adorabelle (f/ele), and Athena (f/fig) reached Expert Lv.8. One ping test during a lag spike this week was 213.0s... I'm getting bored and annoyed at the game.

Adorabelle (f/ele) looted Symbol of Virgo (!) and 2 Symbols of Pisces from 14 Team Arenas. Aquarius is the only missing symbol now. Nothing special came out of Arsene's Circus (again) this week, but Miata (Lv.69 Claire) managed to loot a Symbol of Taurus, after summoning 18 Dios Latemns, 25 Treasure Golems, and 23 Chimeras in the low-level dungeons. Refining 8 Red and 8 Yellow Rough Stones yielded only 1 Spodumeme and 1 GQ Obsidian.

The family finally won the firecracker bid for their first Lightning Gate weapon after a raid in the Silent Maze. I have always liked the look of this great sword, so it's just too bad that its base ATK is kind of lame. Still trying to get a Ice Gate weapon, but the raids seldom happen during my active time. Bleh, I guess that's the problem when you chose to play on a server with a big time zone difference.

Sword of the New World has released more information on the upcoming cash shop box - Idge's Chest - on Sword 2 Face Book:

Idge’s Chest will be a periodic box similar to the Portmanteaus (meaning new ones will be released over time). The individual boxes will contain a random chance to win: a Premium Wing Coupon, Primordial Pass (1 Day), Summon Friend Scroll, Survival Manual [20%] (1day), 5 EXP Card Veteran G, 5 Upgrade Accelerators, 10 Enchant Boosters or Great Stones.

The box will also feature never before released 30 AR weapons such as: the Elite Magnum, Katana, Silver Skullic Bracer, Crystal Shooter, Frozen Sword Fish, Nadachi and more. Each box will feature a chance at one of two of these weapons. Finally every box will feature a small chance at one of six 92E armors (28 DR): Elite Bone-frame Armor, Elite Rescue suit, Elite Crimal Metallic Suit, Elite Dragon coat, Elite Panthera Jaquette or Elite La Ventisca.

Our hope is that this new box will help gear up new players as well as new characters to take down more of the new content being released.

Primordial Pass should be the ticket needed to enter Caebolan premium dungeon (aka Sacred Chaos Requiem). For pictures of the Lv.92 exclusive elite weapons, see the old articles about ABS and HCOF at IAHGames: GE News.

There are also 2 other upcoming boxes - Andre's Wardrobe and Mystery Box. See Portmanteau IX, Andre's Wardrobe, Mystery Box.

[SNW] Memorial Day Contest
Post a clan screenshot with an AM on May 30, 2010 and win AM Boxes, Fairy Wings, Combat Manual, and Tactics Manual. See Memorial Day Contest for server timings and other details.

Sword of the New World is having a video-making contest to make an official game trailer. The winners will get a set of 12 Constellation Symbols, a set of Ancient Runes (10 each), 1 selected Lv.92 exclusive elite weapon (e.g. Silver Skullic Bracer), and 1 selected character card (e.g. Grandma, ETS, ATP). The videos must be submitted by June 3, 2010. See Explore, Unite, Conquer! for contest details and video requirements.

You can make your own videos with Windows Movie Maker (included in most Windows installations) and FRAPS. See [sGE] Movie Maker Guide for the actual steps to make a GE video.

In case the game client does not offer you the required resolution, you can force the client to load a different resolution in Windows mode. It may be a bit tricky to record a video when you can't see everything on screen, but it is something you might want to test and experiment. See Windows Mode Resolution and Full Quarter Shot.

[sGE] 2009 Scene & Heard
In Jan 2009, sGE also had Scene & Heard event, requiring video entries for Valentine's Day. First prize was an Elite Le Noir (DR 32) or Constellation weapon (AR 33). Second and third prizes was a Constellation weapon.

[sGE] Constellation Special
Constellation Symbols, Expert Stance Books, and Pet Boxes have been added to Hellena's Circus of Fate until June 14, 2010. See [HCOF] Constellation Special.

Top 3 Granado Espadas
I'd just add an extra bit of interesting news. According to G1-Neume...

Currently the most successful version is the Japanese version followed by the Chinese and Korean versions. All 3 of those versions focus heavily on web based game mechanics (such as the new Sword 2: Dominus web game). The Japanese version in particular does major gambling games which we will never be able to do here due to local and federal laws. [Source]

Sword of the New World has replaced Portmanteau VIII with Portmanteau IX in the cash shop. This will be the last set of Portmanteau boxes. They will not be available anymore except during promotions. The new boxes include:

  • Inviardeco Costume (sco) - Andre's Portmanteau IX only
  • Scratch Hair (m/ele) - Andre's Portmanteau IX only
  • Jeniajuleano Costume (ele) - Karj's Portmanteau IX only
  • Wave Perm Hair (m/wiz) - Karj's Portmanteau IX only
  • Gilded Shaggy Hair (m/fig)
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • EXP Cards
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones

Andre's Wardrobe, Idge's Chest, & Mystery Box
According to G1Sword2 Face Book, there will be 3 new boxes after Portmanteau:

Just to leave you all with a cliff-hanger this weekend. The names of the 3 new random boxes are: Andre's Wardrobe, Idge's Chest and the Mystery Box is BACK (with some changes :))!

Unlike the other 2 new boxes coming with Sword 2, the Mystery Box will not change over time. We're focused on keeping the Mystery Box as a static item players can always purchase. The main focal point of the Mystery Box will be to give players a quick alternative to obtaining keys for the new (and current) instanced raids including: Holy Water Chamber, Chateau de Bourgogne, Secret Tower and more. As new instances become available we'll be adding more keys to this box.

We're sure however, you all are primarily interested in the new UPCs. The new Mystery Box will include a chance to obtain: Battlesmith Idge, Captian Adelina, Soho the Fighter and Iron Chef Panfilo! Hearing the complaints of our previous Mystery Box drop rates for these characters we have INCREASED THE CHANCE TO OBTAIN THESE UPCS!!! This box will be sure to please!

The three new boxes will appear on the Bazaar around the middle of June.

Emilia the Sage is intentionally NOT in this box and will be introduced separately.

Personally, I think Andre's Closet might be a more appropriate name... Anyway, the names of new costumes for Andre's Wardrobe include the following. (Links to screenshots from other versions have added.)
Note (*): These are most likely costumes whose names have been changed by G1.
  1. Romina has only 4 costumes - Crusader Coat, Dahlia, Trifolium, and Vespanola Navy Officer. Navy costume is part of Castilla patch, so it shouldn't be in v4.1. Trifolium is released later, so the most likely candidate for Schneweis is Dahlia.
  2. Rio has only 2 costumes - Bach and Primula. Obviously, Primula is the only candidate for Blaue Spiel.
  3. Claire has only 3 costumes - Fraulein, Kalmia, and De L'Ange Souriant. The older of the 2 unreleased costumes (Kalmia) is the most likely candidate for Rosacamille.
An additional note... Gilded Wolf is a hair, not a body costume. Lorch has only 1 body costume so far in any known version of the game, which is the existing Decorous Hunter (aka Survival Hunter).

Sword 2 Updates
Some more news about Sword 2 (v4.1.2). I still find the idea of having open beta on live servers really weird...

Today we received the Open Beta release candidate for Sword 2. We are closer now than we were before! [...] Yes we have decided to skip a closed beta and get the sucker on the live servers sooner.2

Some Thoughts About Face Book
So Sword of the New World now have a forum, Twitter, and Face Book. It is somewhat annoying to have game-related information scattered all over the Internet. Why can't they put all the information in one place? Then, players just need to check one site for any news, instead of loading 3 or 4 different sites.

Decentralizing information sources is just a nuisance to information-seekers.

Imperial Wheel X (GE-JP) has been released for May 25-31, 2010. This month's features are the 2 constellation costumes (Gemini and Sagittarius) and 4 gemstone weapons. Item names are directly taken from the game client's datatables under EngName fields. See the news article 「インペリアルホイール 第10弾」開催!! for the announcement, and Costume Catalogue for more art work.

LOE Bracelet • Expert Exclusive
ATK 261 • ATK Rating 31
Mental ATK +60

Javelin • Expert Exclusive
ATK 277 • ATK Rating 33
DEF Penetration +10

Shotgun • Expert Exclusive
ATK 269 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40
Accuracy +20

Polearm • Expert Exclusive
ATK 382 • ATK Rating 33
Mental ATK +40

Great Sword • Expert Exclusive
ATK 448 • ATK Rating 33
Absorb HP 5%
ATK Speed +5%

Coat (Musketeer) • Expert Exclusive
DEF 168 • DEF Rating 30
Max HP +1500
Max SP +100

Body Costume + Hair
Grace Exclusive

Body Costume + Hat
Catherine STR/DEX/INT Exclusive

GE-Taiwan has updated to v4.5 Otite of Wind on May 19, 2010. See 五大元素 - 風中的秘密 for main features of the patch. Special events are listed below.

Female Warrior: Asoka
Asoka has been added to Feso Shop. In addition, there is a package that includes her stance books, personal skill ring, and promotion scrolls during May 19 to June 15, 2010.

Login For Freebies
Login during May 19-24 to get a free Advanced Home Premium Service (7 days). Login during May 25-31 to get a free Combat Manual (30% - 7 days).

摘星計畫 No.2
Spend a certain amount of cash shop credit during May 1-31 and stand a chance to win prizes. Prizes include Constellation Weapon Recipes, Grade 33 Weapon Crystals, Constellation Symbol Boxes, Ancient Runes, Veteran/L100 Enchantment Chips, Pet Food, L90H EXP Cards, and buff potions.

全民最大黨 開拓領袖站出來!
This event (May 31-June 13) offers Home Premium Service (30% for 30 days) and Rose Wings (30 days).

The experts continued to train in Western Underground Cave, where Adorabelle (f/ele) and Athena (f/fig) reached Expert Lv.7. Unfortunately, the lag spike raged again, and there was a record of 126.3s ping. Maybe it is due to the current server tests and changes this week.

The experts looted 2 Symbols of Capricorn, 2 Symbols of Cancer, Symbol of Scorpio, and Elite Metallic Suit Recipe from 14 Team Arenas. After trading Capricorn for Leo, the collection is still missing Sagittarius and the 2 expensive ones: Virgo and Aquarius. Ugh.

Romina returned from Arsene Circus with Chevalier Gauntlets and Assassin Gloves. She also looted 5x2 White Gold Bars (Yay! *Sarcasm*) from 2 Arsene's Treasure Chests. Miata (Lv.69 Claire) also came home with Symbol of Taurus, after summoning 18 Dios Latemns, 24 Treasure Golems, and 24 Chimeras in the low-level dungeons.

A Note About Boss-Key Leechers
It seems like there are some leechers who hang around these dungeons with full-expert teams, just waiting for people to summon the bosses and trying to kill-steal them. I don't understand why they bother with this kind of petty theft. It's not that hard to get your own keys from Bellem's Boxes. Anyway, if you want to farm these bosses with low-level characters, watch out for such leechers.

From May 8-29, GE-Thailand is having a special colony war event. Each week, the occupation of colonies specified by GM will grant the occupying faction (aka clan) event points, as well as millions of vis and Summon Angel boxes. The prizes for the overall winning faction are:

  • 1 Evil Spirit Defrodain - 30 days
  • 10 Premium Wing Coupons
  • 1 Set of Trump Weapons
  • 5 +7 Lv.96 (DR29) Elite Armor: DEF +20, Evasion +15%, Movement +20%, Max HP +20%, DEF Rating +3
See Colony War Heat Up - May for details.

Evil Spirit Defrodain*

ATK/DEF Rating +1, ATK +10%, DEF +10, Max HP +1500, Absorb HP 5%

The recipe for this back costume is originally part of Sekhmet's drops, but has since been removed along with Defrodain Weapons (AR34). The recipe however is still inside v3.4 client's datatables. It requires Lv.100 Karjalain to craft, given the following materials:
  • 1 Defrodain Piece
  • 200 Mana Stones
  • 30 Mysterious Powders
  • 1 Dark Crest
Note (*): Sometimes also spelled as Deprodine or Deprodime.

IAHGames has announced that sGE's Giovanni server (PK) will be merged into Bach server (PK). The merger date is appending announcement. See Bach-Giovanni Merger for details.

Update: The merger will be effective on June 17, 2010 (Thu). Free mercenary licenses will be given to soon-to-be-deleted duplicate families. Free family name change will be available to everyone from June 17 to July 01. For detailed instructions concerning overlapping accounts, family names, and faction names, see [World Merger] Important Things To Note.

Loading Screen Contest Winners [sGE]
On the other hand, sGE has announced the winners for Design A Loading Screen forum contest. The winners will receive Golden Archangel's Wings. See [Results] Design A Loading Screen for the winning entries, such as the one below by Summerscent of Rembrandt.

SNW Promotions
Four winners will get free ATP card in UPC Promotion - Adelina the Pirate (May 17-23). From now until August 1, buy any premium to get bonus 500 Gold in Ultimate Game Card Promotion.

After moving from Frozen Wastes to Western Underground Cave, Athena (f/fig) and Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Expert Lv.6, while Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.7. After 1 week of training, Athena (f/fig) mastered Equites and started training Hanging Guard.

Adorabelle (f/ele) completed 9 Team Arenas and came back with... nothing. This is horrible, when compared to the symbols acquired during the previous weeks. Other players seem to have no problem getting symbols from Team Arena though. Annoyed, the family decided to open their collection of 10 Erracan Boxes, and received:

  • 2 Strength Potions
  • 6 L90H (920k) EXP Cards
  • 8 L92 Enchantment Chips
  • 2 L100 Enchantment Chips
  • 2 L100 Enchantment Chips
  • 2 Amrita
  • 1 Socket Flux
  • 1 Lacquer +6: General
  • 1 Secret Area Pass: 1-day
  • 1 Ancient Area Pass: 1-day
WTH... No symbol again! And nothing worthwhile came out of refining 4 Yellow and 4 Red Rough Stones. Romina did several ninja raids on Arsene Circus, and returned with 2 Assassin Boots and 2 Chevalier Greaves. She also gained 6 Veteran G EXP Cards, Elite Pendera Jacket Recipe, and 5 White Gold Bars from 3 Arsene's Treasure Chests.

Luckily, despite the under-performance at Team Arena, Miata (Lv.68 Claire) returned home with Symbol of Pisces and Symbol of Aries after summoning 15 Dios Lantems, 21 Treasure Golems, and 17 Chimeras in the low-level dungeons.

New blog header features Errac scene. HQ renders are taken from GE-Korea's Dataroom: Art Work.

The former Prison de Joaquin blog header (see below) has been in use since July 2009. See Modified Crystal Blue Theme.

Draconic Weapons (AR32, first seen in jGE Coimbra Shuffle and Imperial Wheel) will be added to sGE's Adelina's Booty Search. During May 14-21, the new weapons are Dragon's Fury Javelin and Dragon's Fury Rifle. See [ABS] Dragonic Weapons have arrived! for details.

There is also a promotion for buying iCash cards from iEcon in Singapore. See iEcon's Scratch and win with $60 iCash!.

Items Coming To Sword 2
Some of the items mentioned in Sword 2 Preview have received further clarifications by G1-Neume. The "92E items" mentioned below are most likely to be the jGE ones, such as Crystal Shooter, Frozen Marlin Javelin, Silver Skullic Bracer, etc. The "32AR items", if made available, will mostly likely be the Draconic Weapons mentioned above.

It really is too early to talk about this yet. Most of what we are talking about will not be the best of the best items. Most likely we're looking at 92E items which will become more prevalent in Sword 2 due to other changes. We're still in deep discussion with imc and HBS about how they want to do this. We agreed to try it at least for a short term and with the coming changes in Sword 2 we don't feel that 32AR items will drastically change the game. Especially at the rates imc is talking about.1

Portmanteau VIII has been added to the cash shop in Sword of the New World to replace Portmanteau VII. The new boxes include the following:
  • Camarylis Costume (mus) - Karj's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Milky Bob Hair (Grace) - Karj's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Pierrenoente Costume (fig) - Andre's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Pierrenoente Hat (fig) - Andre's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • EXP Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones

ETS & Rune Ar Promotions
Buy Gold during May 10-16, 2010 to get 10 Andre's Portmanteau II (incl. Rose Camellia, Black Samurai Armor) free and stand a chance to win Emilia the Sage card1. Also, when you buy 25 Upgrade Accelerators from cash shop, you will get a free Ancient Rune Ar. See UPC Promotion: Emilia the Sage and Ancient Rune Ar Promotion for details.

1 There will only be 1 winner for ETS. With the upcoming patch, ETS won't be so over-powered anyway. Why is there a need to limit it to 1 winner out of all 3 servers... when BSI promotion have at least 4 winners?

GE-Korea has released an article on some fan art, such as the one below. See GM Special Attack for more.

The article also included a dance video of GE characters. (JavaScript must be enabled for YouTube... or you can watch it directly here.) *Cough* I never noticed female fighter in Gladiator's Armor has such tight, round ass. *Cough*

After spending more time in Frozen Wastes, Athena (f/fig) and Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Expert Lv.5, while Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.6. Athena (f/fig) also started training Equites. The experts looted Symbol of Gemini and Symbol of Libra from 4 Team Arenas, while Miata (Lv.68 Claire) summoned 10 Dios Lantems, 11 Treasure Golems, and 12 Chimeras... and looted Symbol of Taurus.

My new laptop failed to start a few times, then died with system service exception and physical memory dump. Screenshots are on the laptop which have been sent for repairs, so I'd post them later if they survive the repair process... For now, this entry will just have to make do with this:

G1 has revealed the thing-which-must-not-be-named ("Voldemort") for Sword of the New World. This new update, Sword 2, will be released this Summer. It will include:

  • Update to v4.1, including instanced raids, new colony war, new costumes, mail system, etc.
  • Official release of promotional characters - ATP, BSI, STF, ICP, and ETS.
  • Complete revamp of Lv.1-20 of the game.
  • New cash shop box - Idge's Box, which will drop recipes/ingredients for some of the "nicest" weapons, new/old costumes, and some "hot" characters.
  • Collector's Edition retail box and possibly a digital edition, including a character, a pet, and other stuffs.
  • New European PvE server and potentially new international PvP server. Both will have 1 channel with an initial increased EXP rate.
There will be a closed beta in Evora server and open beta in the 3 live servers. See Next Major Update: Sword 2 for details. See G1: Sword 2 for the teaser page.

Sword 2: Renaissance
The next update will be coming this Fall, with UI changes and 3 new characters - Sorceress Emilia, Catherine Torsche and Asoka. It also comes with major changes to to the upgrade system, Faction Wars and MUCH more.

A new web game Sword 2: Dominus will also be released this Fall, allowing players to win "amazing" weapons, armors, costumes, and more. (My guess is that these are probably the special edition AR30 Lv.92 elite weapons like Silver Skullic Bracer, Elite Magic Broom, etc.)

A New Game Or Not?
It seems like some people are confused by the name. Sword 2 is basically v4.1 update. It is NOT a completely new game, in the sense Final Fantasy VIII is a different game from Final Fantasy VII. This means it doesn't have a new gaming engine and you do not need to create a new family and re-do from start. The common naming conventions (c.f. Civilization, Final Fantasy, etc.) will suggest it is a new game, but well, it isn't. IMO, this name just adds unnecessary confusion.

Why A Name Change?
G1-Neume clarified the issue...

I think a lot of people are missing a major reason for the change. Sword of the New World and Granado Espada are both trademarks owned by imcGAMES. This has led to numerous issues in the past. We own Sword 2 (and have for a while now). Being ours it allows us to make deals we have been unable to secure in the past. Additionally it gives us legal strength to go after other companies who may try to use our name for their own purposes. If we include Granado Espada we can no longer own the name. So there are a lot of specific choices we've made in that light.1

GE-Korea has released a new article - Cross-World PVP Update.

You can join Cross-World PVP from the button on the toolbar daily from 23:00-24:00 daily. You get a special PVP buff for HP +100%. There seems to be 5 rounds of fight. Win at least 2 times a day to get random reward (e.g. EXP Cards) based on rank.

You may not change equipment once the match begins, so all weapons/armors must be worn before the fight. You have no inventory during PVP. No potion, no ancient star orb, etc. - skills are still usable.

Bounty Hunter Missions: Monster levels and difficulty have been changed. Rewards are changed to roulette system.

Torsche's Mansion Basement: A special buff will be changed from 1 min to 3 min. Victor has been reduced to 2. A treasure chest will be generated, which can be opened with a token from Bounty Hunter Guild. Reward system changed to roulette.

Arsene's Secret Vault: Boss of Secret Vault changed to a powered-up Helena. Arsene's Key no longer drops in Arsene's Circus missions (?). Celine in Secret Vault drops the item.

Several cash shop items are now tradable, including Wings Coupon, Premium Dungeon Passes, Home Premium Service, and Otite Perfume. A new instant recovery drop - Jelly (HP +2000, SP +250) - has also been added to premium dungeons.

A short screenshot preview of the next part of Castilla.

Bahamar region was added in v2.4 patch, which may be named after the Bahamas. The original names (as listed in the data-tables) of the 4 swamps are: Marshland, Pantano la Sombra, Pantano Eterno, and Pantano Encantados. These correspond with v2.4 names, except for the last swamp, which probably should be translated as Enchanted Swamp or Swamp of Enchantment.

The Bahamas
The Bahamas are a group of about 700 atolls and cays in the western Atlantic Ocean, of which only between 30 and 40 are inhabited. The land on the Bahamas has a foundation of fossil coral, but much of the rock is oolitic limestone; the stone is derived from the disintegration of coral reefs and seashells. The land is primarily either rocky or mangrove swamp.

A bayou is a body of water typically found in flat, low-lying areas, and can either refer to an extremely slow-moving stream or river (often with a poorly defined shoreline), or to a marshy lake or wetland. Bayous are commonly found in the Gulf Coast region of the southern United States, particularly the Mississippi River region, with the state of Louisiana being famous for them. A bayou is frequently an anabranch or minor braid of a braided channel that is moving much more slowly than the main stem, often becoming boggy and stagnant, though the vegetation varies by region. Many bayous are home to crayfish, certain species of shrimp, other shellfish, catfish, alligators, and a myriad of other species.

Every GE forum has its own "Brag-About-Your-Gear" topics, such as this (sGE) and this (SNW)... I was browsing through cGE 多玩 forums here last year, and I saw this screenshot... Click on the picture below for full-size view.

For those who cannot read the Chinese characters, see the translations below. I'm too lazy to check the English constellation weapon names, but you know what they are. Anyway, it is interesting to see what other GE are like, but try not to QQ too much in the forums about other game editions.

Free Image Hosting at

Top Row (Left to Right)
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Fighter [DR 32+4] • DEF 16, Lightning RES +6, DR +3 • 2S: DEF +7, DEF +7
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Fighter [DR 32+4] • Fire RES +11, Lightning RES +10, Mental RES +5, DR +3 • 2S: Immunity +6, DEF +7
  • +9 Elite Le Noir - Fighter [DR 32+6] • DEF 20, Movement 13%, Fire RES +9, DR +3 • 2S: DEF +7, Immunity +6
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Fighter [DR 32+4] • DEF 12, Movement 16%, Mind RES +7, DR +3 • 2S: DEF +7, Immunity +6
  • +8 Constellation Great Sword [AR 33+4] • ATK 37%, Poison 9%, Fire ATK +24, Human 98%, Dinosaur 80% • 3S: ATK 7% x3

Middle Row (Left to Right)
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Scout [DR 32+4] • DEF 20, Mind RES +15, DR +3 • 2S: DEF +7 x2
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Scout [DR 32+4] • DEF 16, Movement 5%, DR +3 • 2S: DEF +7, Immunity +6
  • +8 Elite Le Noir - Elementalist [DR 32+4] • Fire RES +18, Mind RES +9, Mental RES +18, DR +3 • 1S: Max HP +7%
  • +8 Constellation Great Sword [AR 33+4] • ATK 39%, Lightning ATK +42, Mental ATK +13, AR +3 • 3S: ATK +7% x3
  • +8 Constellation Rapier [AR 33+4] • ATK 27%, ATK Speed 12%, AR +3 • 3S: Penetration +6, ATK +7% x2

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
  • +8 Constellation Rapier [AR 33+4] • ATK 19%, Poison 9%, Human 83% • 3S: Penetration +6, ATK +7% x2
  • +8 Constellation Sword [AR 33+4] • ATK 32%, Stun 12%, Lightning ATK +26, Human 69% • 3S: Penetration +6, ATK +7% x2
  • +8 Constellation Bayonet [AR 33+4] • ATK 29%, ATK Speed 18%, Ice ATK +26, Human 73% • 1S: ATK +7%
  • +6 Elite Le Noir - Elementalist [DR 32+2] • DR +3 • 2S: Max HP +7% x2
  • +5 Elite Bracelet of Behemoth [AR 32+1] • ATK 22%, ATK Speed 12%, Daemon 97% • 3S: Not Shown

GE-Korea has updated Magic Circle for April 29 to May 12, 2010. Other rewards include Asoka character card, 100 Ring Boxes, Ixia costume set (Grace), and La Fleur Écarlate costume set (f/ele).

Blue Serpent Costume (m/cos) - 남자 스카우트 블루 서펜트 코스튬
Blue Serpent Costume (f/sco) - 여자 스카우트 블루 서펜트 코스튬

More screenshots are available at kGE Screen Board. See 스카우트 신상 앞/뒤, 그레이스 베르넬리 신상 앞/뒤, and 워록 신상 앞/뒤.

sGE: Draconic Weapons
As a side note, Draconic1 Weapons (AR32 weapons from jGE's Coimbra Shuffle and Imperial Wheel) will soon be added to sGE. See Lorenza's GE Blog for details. The exact method of acquisition is not yet revealed, but my guess is that they will be in Hellena's Circus of Fraud Fate.

1 The adjective for dragon is draconic, not dragonic. Correct jGE's erroneous translations please...

The experts tried to train in Eastern Underground Cave, but couldn't do it due to horrendous lag... with 1-minute interval between each attack cycle. FAIL! So they moved to Frozen Wastes instead, where Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.5, while Athena (f/fig) and Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Expert Lv.4. Elsewhere, Soteira (Helena) and Selvaria (Selva) also gained a few levels, reaching Lv.97 and Lv.90 respectively.

After completing 9 Team Arenas this week, the family gained Symbol of Capricorn, 2 Symbols of Cancer, and Elite Rescue Suit Recipe.

The family also refined 9 Yellow and 7 Red Rough Stones into HQ Pearl, HQ Topaz, HQ Garnet, HQ Bloodstone, and some lesser jewels. No luck so far on Spodumeme. Romina returned from Arsene Circus with Elite Dragon Coat Recipe and Elite Behemoth Bracelet Recipe. The 2 Arsene's Chests gave 6 Veteran G EXP Cards and 5 White Gold Bars.

After becoming a Veteran last week, Sylune (Calyce) investigated the mystery behind the attack on Princess Gabriella. Tracking down Mamons in Porto Bello Deserted Quay, she discovered the barons were commissioned by her boss, Gerard Lauren. The dagger she recovered during the attack on the princess had a sign on it, linking it to a powerful secret society, possibly Stratavista. Fritz then showed up out of nowhere to throw a Sagitta manual at her. How rude!