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Korean Granado Espada has updated to v3.5.13. The following is translated from 散歩道.

  • New stock character face types for musketeer (male and female) and scout (male and female) available at character creation. Screenshots are taken from Dem's forum topic here.
  • Rumin (aka Jewels) Exchanger added, allowing 3 Rumin to exchange for 1 Rumin. Exchanging for higher grade Rumin requires feso (500k/100k/20k).
  • Refined Room of the Dead Key can be crafted in Ustiur Base Camp, using a 10k feso stone and a normal Room of the Dead Key. See Ravyn Gets A Boost (sGE).
  • Martial artists' personal skills have been modified. See Book of Wind for details.
  • New necklace recipe shop added to Errac (aka Zeia). The necklaces can be enchanted with MaxHP, MaxSP, and random stat point increase. The necklace can be destroyed in Errac to obtain necklace crystal.
  • You can summon another family from your friend list, consuming 1 Friend Summon Scroll available in Feso Shop.
  • New combination buffs added - Marine Heroes, Reboldoeux Vigilante, and Gigantic Blaster. See Book of Wind for details.
  • The fishing mini-game in Gigante Beach has been deleted. The fishes (for Claire's summons) can be bought from NPC in Gigante Beach instead.
  • You can exchange multiple Glazium (aka Polish) at one time, instead of one at a time.
  • Weapon recipes (AR32) for Nar and Ania added to Sierra in Old Witch's Hut.
  • Alejandro can now wear metal armor.
Update: Added more information from cGE v3.5 Patch Notes and Duowan Forum. Added link to new sGE article.

According to Hrin's Blog here, sGE is scheduled to launch v3.4.14 tentatively on 18 June 2009. The patch will include Helena, cat pet, and constellation symbols in the Mysterious Treasure Box. The following contents are taken from jGE site 散歩道, and may differ for sGE.

What To Expect In v3.3?
  • Ania becomes available for recruitment.
  • Circus content added.
  • Trump series weapons (AR 30 unique, fixed enchantment of ATK, ATK Speed, and AR+1) added. There are 21 types for this series, involving a NPC at Queen's Gate.
  • Character stats changed by a factor of 10, i.e. STR 6 (v3.2) becomes STR 60 (v3.3).
  • New costumes for fighter/wizard, new hat/hair for fighter/wizard, and hair for Grace Bernelli added. See here for screenshots.
  • Rumin (aka Jewel) drops at fixed rate in premium dungeons (e.g. Ancient Area/Territory) and event missions.
  • Something is changed/corrected regarding PK-ing families in Fire Island. (Not sure about details, but I don't care, since I'm not on PK server.)
  • Team Arena difficulty modified to make it easier to solo.
  • Reputation reward for Secret Guard increased.
  • Constellation symbols added to Mysterious Treasure Box from Cash Shop.
  • Treasure monster hunt from the Treasure Hunter in town adjusted from 100 to 10.
  • Christmas content (jGE) added - Rudolph pet, Angel Headband, Rudolph back costume.
  • Emilia the Sage, Soho the Wind, and another deleted from Feso Shop (jGE).

What To Expect In v3.4?
  • Master promotion (+10 stat points, AR/DR+2) added.
  • Premium family services added (addition buffs and dungeon access). See GE v3.4 Updates.
  • Secret Guard revised further.
  • Deprodine recipe deleted; and Dignite costume, constellation symbols, Lv.100 chip, and veteran chip added to some premium compensation.
  • Spinelles cannot use on Channel 1 near the colonies.
  • Dignite costumes added, quest starts with a veteran Ania talking to Andre. For screenshots, see here.
  • New stances added - Gorgeous (for Ania) and Semilunar (for Nar), available for 1m feso in Feso Shop.
  • New Lv.92 elite weapons added - Noche Triste (for Nar) and Noche Frigid (for Ania), available in Los Toldos. Instead of Spirit Stone (aka Vindictive Stone), the recipe requires 10 Jewel Powders. See here.
  • Glazium (aka Polish) can be upgraded at the Pioneer Equipment NPC. Upgrade to Lv.100 Glazium seems to require feso.
  • Market time increased from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Price of Ring Box reduced in Cash Shop, and rings can be exchanged.
  • Monsters summoned by spinelles despawn after 10 minutes of inactivity (i.e. no combat).
  • Helena can now be recruited.
  • Free stuffs for GE anniversary event (probably jGE only).
  • Mysterious Treasure Box contents updated to include Grade 26 Equipment Crystals, Damaged Ancient Glazium, Barrack Slot, etc.
  • Feso stones can now be traded.
  • Price of Memoirs reduced in Cash Shop by 90%. If you have 1 Memoir in your inventory, you will end up with 10 instead.
  • Three NPC hunters added to Bahama region to help families advance in Bahama questline.
  • Cat Pet (aka Sith) added.
  • More items added to Feso Shop, including Wheel of Destiny (1-day), Otite Perfume, Veteran/Expert/Master Promotion Scroll, Ambrosia, Mystery Powder, Barrack Slot, Enhancement Booster (aka Upgrade Accelerator), Enchantment Tranquilizer (aka Enchant Booster), Impervium (aka Lacquer), etc.
  • SP consumption of skills from expert stances increased.
  • Nar and Ania's inability to wear belt is corrected.
  • Veteran characters who are de-leveled to below Lv.100 may not enter Battle Colosseum.
  • Maximum amount of boosters (aka accelerators) needed to +5 an item is reduced in v3.4.16. Unfortunately, sGE is going to update only up to v3.4.14. Obviously so that players have to spend more on cash shop items. Ka-CHING$$$ for IAH again.

Jap GE is having a vote for the voice-actors of several characters. Apparently, it includes Miyufu, possibly a RNPC/UPC customised for jGE. See jGE website and Deathseeker's Blog.

Alustriel (ETS) and Gilgamesh (Claude) returned to Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area once more. Sometimes, Catherine joined them to active-level them faster. Alustriel finally became an expert, after gaining a total of 17.2% EXP.

After being dumped by Alustriel (ETS), Gilgamesh (Claude) went back to Ancient Area alone, gaining 30.5% to reach 90%. Over the week, they looted Green Rough-Stone, 29 Sun Stones, Assassinate Ring, and Lv.84 Elite Poignard Recipe. The family also bought 4 Quarter Slots for 5m vis each, unlocking the entire 3rd Quarter.

Meanwhile, Anahita (f/sco) found her 15th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Gigantic Poleaxe, Elite Mystic Knife, and Elite Claude Baudez Nique.

Operation N has been revealed in sGE. Lv.20+ families who have completed The Ten Nobles of Vespanola quest (i.e. Bahama Quests) will receive 3 x Noble's Court - Knight permanent back costumes, and a package of cash shop potions and manuals. Lv.25+ families who have completed the same quest will also receive 3 x Noble's Court - Righteous Knight back costume (DR+1, 30-days). Items are claimed from a new NPC added to each of the 3 towns.

For details on the Noble's Court, see the Flash site and the news article. Two more ranks will be added later on, namely Viscount (21 May) and Earl (18 June).

The players in cGE are having an event that involved training multiple characters to assorted levels. The rewards for each stage of advancement are Dragon Heart, 3 Golden Earrings, Belt of Argus (?), 3 equipment of your choice (DR 30 or AR 31), 3 Constellation weapons of your choice, and, for the final reward...

If ALL the characters are experts, 5 equipment of your choice will be automatically upgraded to +8.

For details, see 卓越世家 55个NPC免费赠送.

P/S: Um, according to Dem here, all end-game raid bosses in cGE are instanced raids, so everyone gets to do them instead of just the elite few.

Jap GE has updated its Coimbra Shuffle item list for 21-28 April 2009, featuring 6 main items - new hair for male scout, new costumes for Soso and Calyce, Sakura Crossbow, and 2 dragon weapons (shield and LOE bracelet). The shield also has inherent fire RES +20.

Player jGE to Player SotNW: "Nyar, nyar, nyar! You still have no update!"

Other notable stuffs include Elite Le Blanc (Fig), Serpent Shotgun, Sword of Queen (Chess series), Combat Manual (+40% EXP for 30 days), Devil Wings (30-days), Sakura Branch (10% Fear/Enervation?), Red/Black Knapsack, Elite Rescue Suit, and Elite La Ventisca.

Minor stuffs include 4 Stance Rings, Veteran/Expert Promotion Scroll, 2 Great Stones (100k feso ea), Large Training Potion (increase stance EXP), Lv.4 mission set (1 of each type), 20 Pet Food, 6 Upgrade Accelerators, 12 Soul Crystals, etc.

Oannes was a figure who introduced the civilized arts to modern man, including agriculture, written language, architecture, and mathematics. Once thought to be based on the ancient Babylonian god Ea, it is now believed that Oannes is in fact based on Adapa, the first of the seven antediluvian sages sent by Ea.

The following is a quote about Oannes by Berossus, a 3rd-Century B.C. Babylonian priest, taken from

A man, or rather a monster, half man and half fish, coming from the sea, appeared near Babylon; he had two heads; one, which was the highest, resembled that of man, the other that of a fish. He had the feet of a man, and the tail of a fish; and his speech and voice resembled that of a man: a representation of him is still preserved. This monster dwelt by day with men, but took no food; he gave them knowledge of letters, arts, and sciences; he taught them to build towers and temples; and to establish laws; he instructed them in the principles of geometry; taught them to sow, and to gather the fruits of the earth; in short, whatever could contribute to polish and civilize their manners. At sun set he retired to the sea, in which he passed the night. There appeared likewise others of the same species.

Stars and Stripes is the nickname for the flag of the United States, which consists of 50 stars and 13 stripes to represent the 50 states and 13 rebel colonies. It is largely perceived as a symbol of individual liberty as delineated in the Declaration of Independence. See Wikipedia for more information.

The family finally finished cabbage farming in Katovic Snowfield and cooked their 3rd Snowfield Soup, selling away the extra Golden Apples. Cthulhu (Poppet) then looted Elite Bone Frame Armor Recipe in Frozen Waste. Naturally, the next thing to do is to level up Sacharissa (Idge) to craft the armor. The family also recruited Voltaire (Garcia) to share the quarters with his brother, Rem (Eduardo).

They first went to Fire Isle Zone 1, where they met Vaselin family from SkyZ clan who brought an expert team there just to be a nuisance by using spinelles on other players. After spending some time in Skeleton Dungeon 1F and Scorching Plateau, Sacharissa looted a Wooden Whistle and reached Lv.100.

Lv.92 Elite Bone Frame Armor was then crafted for Athena (f/fig) and Gilgamesh (Claude) to share. After using 147 chips, 140 enchant boosters, 40 upgrade accelerators, and 1 veteran +5 lacquer, the armor became +6 with DR+3 enchantment.

Gilgamesh: Come on, come on! You are not training now, let me use first!
Athena: Why do I have to share with this fat ass? *sob*

The 3 rough stones from last week were refined into HQ Peridot, Turquoise, and Zircon. The family also entered Bellem's Relics twice and looted Elite Robe of Neptune, Elite Bracelet of Neptune, Elite Ring Mail, and Construction Hammer: Defense. With 60 mystery powders, the family also returned to Los Toldos to farm for 79 pure otites, which were partially traded for cash shop items. Thelandira's Corsair Rosso was finally upgraded to +6 after using a total of 100 upgrade accelerators and 3 general +5 lacquers.

This scene reminds me of a theme song used in Evangelion anime.

After missing most of the treasure hunts due to being AFK, Anahita (f/sco) found her 14th Fire Isle Treasure in Free Zone: Sword Breaker, Elite Staff of Simurgh, and Elite Finisher.

ABS loot table for sGE has been updated again. Several loots were removed, including watermelon skin, bat's brain, Lv.92 elite armor recipes, Dragon Heart recipe, Adelina the Pirate, and Soho the Wind.

The new loot includes Pigling Pet, Lucifer/Devil Wings (365 days), Black Fallen Angel Wing, Star Knuckle, Frozen Marlin, summer costumes for male/female musketeer and male fighter, hair for male fighter, and Gold School Look for all stock characters. For screenshots, see [ABS] Heat of Gold article.

Gold School Look costumes are tradable, even though the item descriptions say they are not. Lv.92 Frozen Marlin (AR 30) effectively fills in the gap for javelins. Before this, javelin users have to go from Lv.84 Pizarro (AR 26) straight to Lv.100 Serpent Javelin (AR 32). Unfortunately, the new javelin is rather ugly. The official article does not mention the items' stats, so here they are.

It seems like most of the new content go into ABS for sGE, instead of cash shop or feso shop for other editions of the game. For example, the pigling pet is supposed to be available in feso shop. No wonder few players in sGE ever sell things in feso, since sGE feso shop doesn't get the new stuffs to sell.

I used 30 ABS and got the following...

Lv.92 Frozen Marlin
Gold School Look for Elementalist
Red Ore
Green Ore
Lv.10 EXP Card
Lv.30 EXP Card
Lv.50 EXP Card
Lv.70 EXP Card
Coimbra Return Sheet x2
Teleport Scroll x3
Progressive Health-Filler
Progressive Soul-Filler x3
Mystic Ampule (Event)
Hrin's Potion
Defensive Filler
Triumph Filler
Frogfish Spinelle
Megaphone x2
Microphone x2
Lv.80 Glazium
Lv.100 Glazium x2

Hey, look! I caught a fish~!
The fighter is female, so can't use the fish-stick/gay-fish joke.

Update: Adelina the Pirate and Soho the Wind will be returning to ABS at a later time, as stated by Kaioujin here. However, IMC rejected Constellation Symbols as part of ABS, as mentioned here.

Also, it appears that Frozen Marlin javelin has hidden +10% Freeze and +8% ATK Speed. See here.

After gathering the soup materials, Trace of Cruelty quest requires you to find the trigger spots for 3 quest items. I thought the screenshot in Guide to Katovic Snowfield Quests by valinorian (also copied to Wiki of the New World) wasn't very clear, so I made my own when I did the quest again.

So... I came back to AFK and look at what's up in Orpesia lately this week. Telos clan was disbanded, and quite a few people I knew quitted or went inactive. The bloody SotNW forum is giving me problems... I can't post at all, even after trying it out on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

For the entire week, Alustriel (ETS) and Gilgamesh (Claude) were dumped into Ancient Area, where the furry Cthulhu looted Chain Lightning Ring, Hawkeye Ring, Elite Ring Mail Recipe, Blue Rough Stone x2, Green Rough Stone, and 52 Sun Stones. They reached 80.5% and 55.5% respectively.

Alustriel and Gilgamesh hunted Ancient Thoracotomy.

The family is still short of 4 Cabbages for the 3rd soup, but is it worth completing the Katovic Quests for a few Vet Polishes and Lv.84 chips? It might be better to simply sell off the Golden Apples and Cabbages or a completed soup. Hmm.

Ghae (Andre) performed his "miracle" and crafted Elite Laranja e Preto with default DR+3. Now, Anahita (f/sco) will have at least a somewhat decent armor, although she'd mostly still be wearing her ancestral armor for the movement boost as a treasure hunter.

According to the forum topic GE极致优化篇===多快好省的挂机 (um, the title means something like GE Ultimate Improved Version: Fast, Resource-Saving AFK), you can modify the client to avoid loading certain game aspects. This is to help players who don't mind ugliness to AFK and multi-task (e.g. watch movies/anime, work with PowerPoint/PhotoShop, etc.) on a less-than-optimal computer.

Simply rename any or all of the following files in Granado Espada\ge folder to a different file name (e.g. rename bgm.ipf to bgm_backup.ipf).

  • animation.ipf ~ animation
  • bgm.ipf ~ background music
  • bg_texture.ipf ~ background texture
  • char_texture.ipf ~ character texture
  • item_texture.ipf ~ item texture
  • se.ipf ~ sound effects
This removes the particular aspect that the file controls. For example, renaming bgm.ipf will result in no background music at all, and renaming animation.ipf will result in the characters having no animation (e.g. character's legs don't move when moving to a new location). Renaming the texture files result in a red error picture for the background/character/item.

I wonder what potion is in the scout's quick-use slot. Never seen it before...

To restore its default state, simply rename the files back to the original names. Note that you should always restore to default state before patching the game.

The latest patch (v3.2) for sGE changed the recipes for Lv.52-68 elite equipment. Essentially, the gems were removed as ingredients and replaced with weapon/armor crystals. See v3.2 Patch Notes.

Like the higher grade crystals needed for Werebear weapon recipes (AR31), the lower grade crystals have 7 types.

  • Melee Weapon Crystal
  • Ranged Weapon Crystal
  • Magic Weapon Crystal
  • Metal Armor Crystal
  • Leather Armor Crystal
  • Coat Armor Crystal
  • Robe Armor Crystal

The crystals are gained by dropping Lv.36-52 elite equipment into the "bin" labeled Old Refining Road in Auch (I6). The crystal's grade (or level, as stated in the recipes) is determined by the sacrificial elite equipment (Lv.36 = grade 14, Lv.52 = grade 18). The crystal type is naturally determined by the equipment type (e.g. elite fire bracelet yields magic weapon crystal, elite coat yields coat armor crystal). Note that a shield is considered a melee weapon in the game.

Well, this pretty much sucks, since now you have to destroy 2 elites to craft an elite, instead of just using gems. So far, this applies only to Lv.52-68 elite recipes, other elite recipes (e.g. Lv.36, Lv.84) are unchanged, retaining the gem ingredients. Thus, it is advisable for other players (too late for sGE players) to craft their mid-level elite equipment before patching up to v3.2.

Al Quelt Moreza Treasure Chamber can be accessed by giving 1 Golden Coupon to Ivan Popovichi at Reboldeaux Queen's Gate (E5). You will be warped into a room with lots of Treasure Zealots where you can kill and loot for 3 minutes. The first room contains a warp portal to the 2nd room, which in turn contains a warp portal to the 3rd room. Each use of the warp portal requires 1 additional Golden Coupon.

The Lv.20 monsters in the 1st room drop Quartz and Lv.24 equipment.
The Lv.30 monsters in the 2nd room drop Aidanium and Lv.32 equipment.
The Lv.40 monsters in the last room drop Refined Talt and Lv.40 equipment.

Aidanium and Quartz (100 each) are needed to make the Mysterious Medicine to cure the young witch as part of Bahamar Quests. By that time, a lot of players have already gotten rid of the old stuffs from earlier on to clear inventory space. So this is an easy way to get those low-level ores.

Sigh. So much drama again. I didn't even want to get involved, but meh. Anyway, Telos clan in Orpesia was sort of disbanded. The clan leader, Misericordiia, passed the clan on to Kohana for safekeeping. (See clan profile below.) I wasn't in the clan when it happened, so I can't really comment on the actual stuffs leading up to it. And then, there were rumors, conspiracy theories, and stuffs. I think I'd just address a few issues. Sorry, if I'm a bit blunt.

About Colony Wars
I never joined colony wars and other PvP events for a reason, which is mainly to avoid unnecessary drama. My observations convinced me that winners tend to brag, and losers tend to whine. (Frequently, the winner who brags and acts all arrogant is also the one who whines about cheating/botting/lagging/raid-hogging/etc. when he loses.) So, I wasn't thrilled when Telos got involved in colony wars back then, since I knew all the drama and trash-talks were coming up next, but well, if the rest of the clan is having fun PvP-ing, so be it.

Then, came the colonies, and sure enough, all the drama. Some started saying Telos is Aegis' lap-dog, just like what was said about Maelstrom (um, or was it another clan?) being Citadel's lap-dog back then. Interestingly, the same thing is going on in SGE's Rembrandt server. Over there, some players frequently trash-talk on Sundays about ChronoQuantum sucking up to Eminence and how they couldn't hold colonies on their own... which goes a long way to show that trash-talking is sadly universal, and not culture-specific.

Colonies in Orpesia taken on 6 April 2009... click for full-size view.

About Tax Money
Honestly, I never saw any of it when I was in the clan. I don't really mind, since I never took part in the wars that resulted in them. Some claim it was used to pay for equipment upgrade for clan members, while others seem to suggest the leaders kept it for themselves. Money always causes trouble among people. The situation would have been better if there was more transparency on how much money there were and where did it all go. For one thing, a proper audit will shut accusations up. Without it, all we end up with is a bunch of people howling at each other. I'm afraid this issue could have been better managed.

About Loot Distribution
Someone claimed that the clan members don't get to choose the drops they want after raids, but instead all the good stuffs go to the leader's cronies. Well, for all the raids that I have attended, loot was distributed to whichever raider wants the specific drop. If more than one person wants the item, they bid for it with firecracker (as usual, highest number wins). Loots were all distributed after raid, so the clan bank (if you can call it that) is just someone's abandoned account to hold those stuffs that nobody wants. Obviously, I can't speak for raids that I didn't join, especially after I left the clan.

Telos raided Vergo with me, Erisia, and um... (I think) AutumnFae and Kohana.
Oh yeah, Linegod_II kindly helped out since the 4 of us had a hard time DPS-ing.

About Telos Members
I'd like to say I like everyone in the clan, but I don't. I guess I'm a bit of a misanthrope. Well, it isn't reasonable to expect to like everyone, so I usually just ignore people I personally find annoying instead of having a scolding/shouting/insulting match. And like every other social group, Telos had its share of good and bad people. Some people are friendly and helpful, while a few are arrogant and have a tendency to brag. (It's a game, what's there to really brag about? ) And for some strange reasons, someone has a flatulence problem in-game, and needs to go for a medical check-up. And of course, there are spies, which is another problem with being involved in colony wars. You can't be sure the "friend" you are making in the clan is really trying to be a friend. The same might be true for people who have joined the clan just for the colony protection and La Tierra D'Amor buff. But on the whole, I think there are more friendly people in the clan than um, somewhat annoying ones, which is why I stayed until I went inactive for being annoyed at K2.

... And A Personal Address: Elite La Confusión
I don't like dramas (except this, this, this, and this), so I generally try to keep a low profile. But somehow, I still ended up in all this ... stuffs. Here's the quote from a comment in AutumnFae's blog.

[...] and there was a lot of people asking for equips in clan chat, i had to give to them free 84e/100 armors, all bought with my vis... nobody said a thx to me and when i asked to ash if he wanted to sell his second ELV he asked me 500m for the recipe, from other clannies he asked 100m..... WTH?!?!?!?

Firstly, it's generous of you to buy stuffs for other members. I don't know who they were, but if they didn't even thank you, they suck. (The cynic in me tells me that most people suck anyway, so I won't be surprised if there are ungrateful people everywhere you turn.) Secondly, there seems to be some confusion about my ELV, which is what I would like to clear up.

  • My 2nd Elite La Ventisca is the armor itself, not a recipe. I crafted it very soon after my pet picked up the recipe, so there was never a recipe to offer anyone to begin with.
  • Until now, I haven't been trying to sell it. Instead, all this time, I was trying to TRADE it for EBF. If anyone bothered to look, you would have found my old market topic on this.
  • I never quote anyone (Telos or otherwise) 100m for it. Either you remembered wrongly or the other person is lying and/or dreaming.
  • 500m is a figure that someone told me when I did a price-check. I suck at pricing, so I usually rely on others to tell me what a less common item is worth.
  • I didn't ask you for 500m (as I wasn't even selling it). You asked me how much it will be IF I was to sell it. I merely told you how much it is worth based on the price-check.

Related Blog Entries

Singapore GE v3.2 Defense of the Zeia will be launching on 9 April 2009. The manual patch (95MB) and full v3.2 client (4.65GB) are now available for download. See here for download links.

v3.2 Features
See also sGE V3.2 News blog entry for a summary of known v3.1-v3.2 features.

Since I was playing with a friend's abandoned account, I was hoping to remain somewhat anonymous in-game this time, but Centaurus still managed to identify me in Via Fluvial by comparing my elementalist in-game to the one in the earlier screenshots. Stealth Mode FAIL.

The party looted Flowerpot Shovel and Elite Bracelet of Neptune Recipe in Via Fluvial. The 3 Ring Boxes from ABS earlier yielded The Defender, Concentration, and Atomic White Tiger Strikes Rings. The bloody Elite Dragon Coat used up 250+ chips and still refused to yield DR+3.

Nothing much happened this week, since the family was mostly AFK. Alicia reached Vet Lv.4, Romina Vet Lv.8, and Viki Vet Lv.9. Expert grind is really boring, plus there is very little vis income since pet food is so expensive. Feso rate is about 1:150-200 or so, I think.