Updated Recruit Sariel, Recruit Evil and New Era Episode 2 Scenario quest guides...   ♥♥♥    

Operation N has been revealed in sGE. Lv.20+ families who have completed The Ten Nobles of Vespanola quest (i.e. Bahama Quests) will receive 3 x Noble's Court - Knight permanent back costumes, and a package of cash shop potions and manuals. Lv.25+ families who have completed the same quest will also receive 3 x Noble's Court - Righteous Knight back costume (DR+1, 30-days). Items are claimed from a new NPC added to each of the 3 towns.

For details on the Noble's Court, see the Flash site and the news article. Two more ranks will be added later on, namely Viscount (21 May) and Earl (18 June).


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