Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

Level: 14
STR 4 ☼ AGI 4 ☼ CON 4 ☼ DEX 5 ☼ INT 5 ☼ CHA 5
Stances: First Aid, Fortitudo, Amicus, Castis
Job Skill: Heal
Weapon/Armor: Caliburn/Leather

The following is the quests required to recruit Viki and acquire his Castis (aka Testis) stance book:

Boy and Golem
NPC: Viki
Requirement: Lv.72
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Dr. Torsche in Viki's Hut (El Tejado Verde, G3), when he visits Ulrik on Wednesday (GMT+8).
  2. Talk to Viki and agree to update him on the trends in the cities.
  3. Talk to a girl in Reboldoeux (G5) about trendy food and trendy toys.
A boy from Plateau, Viki
NPC: Viki
Reward: EXP card (Lv70; 64,000 EXP) x3
  1. Collect Cacao Sonador x1 and ROBO R 90 x1. See separate quests below.
Boy, you must have a dream
NPC: Diego
Reward: ROBO R 90
  1. Talk to Diego in Reboldoeux (F8) about ROBO R 90.
  2. Collect Wild Boar's Molar Tooth x20 from Saberboar (Lv.18) in Cathari Falls.
  3. Collect Jezebelnium Plywood x20 from Barrel Octopus (Lv.36) or Crate Octopus (Lv.36) in Jezebel Glen.
  4. Collect Roboten Jewel x5 from Phobitan Warrior (Lv.26) in Tetra Ruins.
Urban Taste
NPC: Lisa Lynsway
Reward: Cacao Sonador
  1. Talk to Lisa Lynsway in Coimbra (G9).
  2. Collect Cabosse x300 from Phobitan Imps in Tetra Ruins (or any imps from other maps, e.g. Lago Celeste, Rio Albi, Vegas Javier).
  3. Talk to Cabosse Merchant to trade the Cabosse for Cacao x50 and Cacao Butter x50.
  4. Talk to Lisa and pay her 5,000 vis for Cacao Sonador.
Hut Under Attack!
NPC: Viki
Reward: Lv64 Enchantment Chip x1
  1. Talk to Viki to start the mission.
  2. Move towards the hut and fight the Treasure Golem (Lv.60) summoned by Cherlyn. After a while, Ulrik will summon Ararat (Lv.60) to help you.
  3. Talk to Ararat to receive Heart of Steel quest item.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 1
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Lv.60 polish x3
  1. Talk to Ulrik in Viki's Hut (El Tejado Verde, G3) about what he intend to do.
  2. Collect Transynix Jewel x100 from Hornet (Lv.3) in Reboldoeux Stone Pit.
  3. Collect Koenig Jewel x100 from Larval Dragonwasp (Lv.5) in Ferruccio Junction.
  4. Collect Sterten Chrome x100 from Little Comodo (Lv.19) in Cathari Falls or King's Garden.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 2
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Lv.60 polish x3
  1. Collect Fire Cube x100 from Little Plaque Rogue (Lv.23) in Tetra Hill.
  2. Collect Garft Block x100 from Corlien Slasher (Lv.52) in El Lago de Tres Hermanas.
  3. Collect Molythea Block x100 from Striped Spider of Lightning (Lv.58) in El Tejado Verde.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 3
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: None
  1. Collect Mamund x1 from Violent Gehcos (Lv.65) in Pradera de Ceniza. It is advisable to squad with other hunters to make it easier to get Mamund. See Mamund Guide For Hunters by Arconis.
  2. Collect Enhancement Heart x1. See Torsche's Errand quest.
Torsche's Errand
NPC: Dr. Torsche @ Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library, F4
Reward: Enhancement Heart, Art Summon Stone
  1. Collect the following items from Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall or Grand Library.
  • Otite Piece x100 from Walter, Lloyd, Helena, Sasha, or Hollow Footman
  • Strange Spring x20 from Walter
  • Strange Tube x20 from Hollow Footman, or Haunted Candle
  • Strange Cogwheel x20 from Haunted Candle, Haunted Desk, or Haunted Book
  • Strange Clock Equipment x20 from Lloyd or Haunted Book
  • Strange Hinge x20 from Haunted Desk
Tips: There is an easy way to acquire hinges and clocks. See Strange Hinges & Clocks.

Rise Up, Ararat!
NPC: Viki
Reward: Hill Giant Summon Stone x10, [Amicus] Stance Book, Old Wood Caliburn, Viki RNPC Card
  1. Defeat Cherlyn (Lv.20) and her Hill Giant (Lv.10) with the help of Ararat (Lv.30).
  2. Talk to Ulrik after the fight.
Cherlyn's Plot
NPC: Stonepit Worker @ El Canon de Diabolica, J9
Reward: None
  1. Talk to the Stonepit Worker (El Canon de Diabolica, J9) with Viki selected as team leader.
  2. Defeat Treasure Golem (Lv.72) and Cherlyn (Lv.80) with the help of the Stonepit Worker's friends (Lv.50 fighter, elementalist, scout). Click on the ball of light to complete mission.
  3. Go to the ruins in El Ruina de Memoria (E9) with Viki in the team.
  4. Defeat Cherlyn (Lv.80) and Takion (Lv.60). It is not necessary to defeat the Treasure Golem (Lv.68) in this mission. Click on the ball of light to complete mission.
  5. Talk to Ulrik (El Tejado Verde, G3) with Viki selected as team leader.
Return of the Giant - Part 1
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Treasure Core
  1. Collect the following items:
  • Copper Piece x200 [Reboldoeux Stone Pits]
  • Bulk of Gold x200 [El Ruina de Memoria, Prison de Joaquin]
  • Mega Aidanium x200 [Topolo Durga]
  • Golden Fruit x100 [Ustiur Farm or Zona Tres]
Return of the Giant - Part 2
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Mustang Core, [Castis] Stance Book
  1. Collect the following items:
  • Bulk Coal x200 [Cathari Falls]
  • Bulk of Silver x200 [Lava Plateau of Joaquin, El Ruina de Memoria]
  • Mega Etretanium x60 [Topolo Durga]
  • Philosopher's Stone x50 [Katovic Snowfield]

There were no changes in recruitment quests for Karjalainen and Angie in Singapore GE. So, it is unlikely that the strange items (20 each) required by Viki's quest will be reduced, especially given Hrin's vague response.

I spent weeks in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Grand Library and managed only to acquire 8 strange hinges from the haunted desks. However, there is actually an easy way to acquire the strange items required by Viki's quest. You can farm strange items in Forgotten Territories (FT): Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex.

I used a Lv65 Summoner Catherine with a one-day FT pass. In about 18-19 hours, I managed to acquire strange cogwheel x14, strange spring x16, strange tube x26, strange clock x22, and strange hinge x40.

Surprisingly, strange hinges (very rare drop in Grand Library) are so common in FT. Perhaps, the GMs rigged the drop rate to get people to buy FT passes, thereby making Viki an "almost-premium" RNPC.

When you create a new family, your characters are on the ship sailing to the New Continent. These are quests designed to help a new player learn how to play the game. In v2.1.18, only the first and last quests are available. More tutorial quests are added in v2.4.

[The First Fleet] Rum Errands
NPC: Ricardo
Location: Deck of the Jaclina
Reward: Healing Ampules x5

  1. Talk to Najib Sharif to get the High Quality Rum for Ricardo.
Transference Report
NPC: Jonathon
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), J6
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Jonathon for an introduction to Granado Espada.
Shop Trainsaction Tutorial
NPC: Shop Transaction Instructor
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H4
Reward: Beginner's Nutrition x10
  1. Talk to the shop transaction instructor to try out actual transaction.
  2. Purchase a bottle of rum with the 50 vis that the instructor gave you.
Useful Tips Tutorial
NPC: Tutorial Tips Soldier
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H5
Reward: Healing Ampules x10
  1. Talk to the tutorial tips soldier.
Barrack Mode Tutorial
NPC: Barracks Guide
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H4
Reward: Beginner's Mithridart x10
  1. Form a party of 3 characters and talk to the barracks guide.
The Call of Nunez's Cameo
NPC: Nunez
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), G4
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Nunez to move out of the tutorial map to Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneer Support.
Basic Combat Education
NPC: Basic Combat Trainer
Location: Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneering Support
Reward: Soldier RNPC card
  1. Defeat 5 Reboldoeux Soldiers (Lv1).

The pioneers of Carracci failed to defend the bridge in the Nimrod Bridge Invasion event. As a result, monsters (e.g. Novia) invaded the cities of Coimbra and Auch. A big problem is that the monsters in towns can attack players, but players are still unable to attack in towns.

Unfortunately, the event is geared towards high-level players with good equipment. There is nothing in the event for low-level players. And even veteran characters with moderate equipment still end up with nothing. This seems to be a frustrating trend in GE itself, where the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer, and the middlers get nowhere.

Apparently not all RNPCs will be immediately available in v2.4. Here is a quote from Hrin:

Actually, not all the RNPCs will be out immediately once we launch V2.4. There will be 2 RNPCs released per month. Tentatively, Viki will be released in Jan 2008, but we are still awaiting IMC approval. Once we get news, we will post up the calendar of events on the website.

According to the Version Update, the first 2 RNPCs are Karjalainen and Angie, then followed by Viki and Feng Ling.

According to Hrin, Viki's quest is the same as Korean/Jap version, i.e. can be activated only on Wednesday. About the strange hinges and clocks, she simply said that "Viki is meant to be difficult to get...".

Hrin's quotes are taken from...

Throughout the Prison de Joaquin, you will find long, metallic sarcophagi, which are clickable. Clicking on them however does nothing. And standing close to one usually result in an exclaimation (!) from the sarcophagus and your characters start taking damage from no apparent source.

In fact, the damage is dealt by invisible spirits of Joaquin, located within the sarcophagus. Simply stand close to the sarcophagus and use Detection skill. The Spirits of Joaquin will appear and attack. These spirits seem to have a higher drop rate than regular mobs in the prison. (The monster level varies, depending on which level of the prison you are at. See stat blocks below.)

Normally, if a character is revived after dying, he loses his patrol mode (also called keep mode). You can re-trigger the patrol mode of your squad mate's characters.

Simply revive the dead character with Resuscitation skill, and then use Detection (or Provoke) skill near the character. This will restore the character's patrol mode and allow him to attack nearby monsters, assuming he's on patrol mode when he died.

Note that this works only for characters who are in your squad, and it doesn't work for scout's auto-heal.

You can check your exact coordinates by typing /where into the chat window. This will return with a message on the left side of the screen (like broadcasts using microphones), which says something like...

(x:3456, y:4567, h:3567)

I'm not quite sure what use these coordinates have as yet. Leave me a message if you have more information.

You can change the character voices to Japanese or Korean by replacing se.ipf file in Granado Espada\ge folder. Be sure to backup the original file. The following links are taken from jGE se.ipf and Se.ipf 2.5X Korean version.

Japanese GE
Part 1/3 : se.part1.rar (95.78 MB)
Part 2/3 : se.part2.rar (95.78 MB)
Part 3/3 : se.part3.rar (4.64 MB)

Korean GE v2.5x
Extract first SE part1.rar and SE part2.rar then after extracting the 4 zip files you can now extract SE part 1 to continue to its volumes till part 3...

SE 1: Part 1 | Part 2 ☼ SE 2: Part 1 | Part 2SE Part 3

However, please note that this is illegal by the game terms and conditions, as verified by Hrin here.

GE is going F2P. Maybe it’s a plot from the beginning to get people to buy more GVC by declaring P2P business model. Anyway, beta players and those who have topped-up 1 GVC will get a loyalty package. See Official Announcement for details.

Existing game time will be converted to 35 G-points per day. Some people complain that the conversion rate is too little. Well, some simple math will reveal that you are getting more than what the game time is worth.

For example, 90-days GVC will get you 90-days game time + 15k G-points or 18k G-points without game time. Do the math... (18000-15000)/90 = 33.3 G-points/day.

Do the same for 30-days GVC will get you 26.6 G-points/day. 365-days GVC is worse, giving you 27.4 G-points/day. Maybe 35 G-points/day is not much of a bonus, but you are definitely not getting ripped off.

Bahia Island patch (v2.4) is now available. The patch is about 700MB, and can be installed immediately without conflicting v2.1.18. The patch materials can only be accessed after server patch on 20 Dec 2007. See patch features at IAHGames and PlayGE.SG.

There are 3 ways to download the patch:

For more information, see the official notice and Hrin’s mini-FAQ in the forum.

When you go to Rio/Soho/Idge and try to make an item +5 or more, there is a chance that it will break. If the broken item is Lv32+, you receive an enchantment chip of the same level as a consolation. So if you need a chip, you might want to consider whether to make your own chips by breaking items or to buy from the market manager.

The cheapest item to break is the dagger. The following table shows the cost of the dagger plus the cost of enchantment (if any). Basically, you can buy from market manager if the price of the chip is less than what is listed under "+5 Dagger" column. The +6/+7 columns are to help you decide if you should keep the +5 item or try to break it by enchanting further.

Lv32-60 daggers can be bought from Adelina in Coimbra. Lv60-72 daggers can be bought from equipment merchant in Auch. Lv76+ daggers must be bought from other players, so the price of a +0 dagger varies.

Note: Lv40 chips are useful for making maxhp +10% boots.

+0 Dagger
+5 Dagger
+6 Dagger
+7 Dagger
32 1,280 4,480 5,120 5,760
36 1,920 6,720 7,680 8,640
40 2,880 10,080 11,520 12,960
44 5,120 17,920 20,480 23,040
48 8,000 28,000 32,000 36,000
52 12,800 44,800 51,200 57,600
56 21,600 75,600 86,400 97,200
60 38,400 134,400 153,600 172,800
64 51,200 179,200 204,800 230,400
68 78,400 274,400 313,600 352,800
72 112,000 392,000 448,000 504,000
76-84 ? 340,000 +? 408,000 +? 476,000 +?

You can check a player's family and faction profiles by R-clicking on his character and select the desired command. But you can also do so even if the player's character is not nearby. Simply type the following into the chat window:

/profile familyname

This will show his family profile, but only if the player is online. You can check a faction profile by typing the following:

/partyprofile factionname

Note that both family and faction names are case-sensitive.

This quest is a special Halloween In-Game Event available from 26 Oct 2007 to 15 Nov 2007. To activate the quest, click on any one of the scarecrows, then talk to the Halloween Event Boy (Tiburon) in Coimbra, near the waypoint. For every 5 scarecrows found, Tiburon will give you a reward. (The rewards are cumulative.)

5 Scarecrows = 10 Chocolates
10 Scarecrows = 5 Lv64 Enchantment Chips
15 Scarecrows = 5 Diamond Coupons
20 Scarecrows = 3 Pumpkin Hats (stock characters only)

The locations of the scarecrows are...
  1. Reboldoeux Stone Pit, K4
  2. Ferruccio's Junction, F6
  3. Al Quelt Moreza, G9
  4. Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage, G8
  5. Cathari Falls, H9
  6. King's Garden, G5 (on the ledge up the hill)
  7. Tetra Hill, D8
  8. Tetra Catacombs, G5
  9. Jezebel Glen, E4
  10. Porto Bello Deck, K7
  11. Porto Bello Deserted Quay, G9
  12. Porto Bello Desolate Cliff, J2
  13. Thueringenwald, H2
  14. El Lago de Tres Hermanas, G5
  15. Pradera de Ceniza, G6-G7
  16. Rion Prairie, E10
  17. Bonavista River, F3-F4
  18. Vegas Javier, I10
  19. Crater of Joaquin, H6
  20. Old Port of Coimbra, D4

When the GE client is started, an error prompts and closes the client. Restarting the client does not solve the issue.

Fail to download prepared file list.
This might be the communication problem. Please restart client.
prepare_revision_v2.txt (684)
  1. Use Notepad to open updater.revision.txt, located in Granado Espada folder.
  2. Replace the number inside with the number of the first zipped file listed in revisions_v2.txt, located in the same folder.
  3. Save and restart GE client.
The client should start downloading updates. You may encounter another error while updating.

67488.zip Fail to download files. This might be the communication problem. Please restart client. (855)

If this happens, replace the number in updater.revision.txt with the number of the zipped file listed in the error window (e.g. 67488). Save the file and restart GE client.

The golden well (Thueringen Lakeside, E6; Channel 1 ONLY) can be used to harvest Bellem's Boxes. Simply drag gold pieces from the inventory and release on the well. You will then be prompted to input the amount of gold pieces to be dropped. Dropping gold pieces into the well gives you a chance of having a Bellem's Box going directly into your inventory.

Most people I know drop about 40-50 pieces at a time, resulting in about 50% chance of getting a Bellem's Box per drop. Furthermore, there is a chance of getting jackpot, which is when the well returns pure gold bars and gold pieces. The gold bars are sometimes enough to cover the cost of gold pieces, so the Bellem's Boxes can be sold for profit. (In Carracci, a Bellem's Box can be sold for 17,000-20,000 vis.)

Using a Bellem's Box will result in a random item being dropped on the ground. It is usually a healing potion or a spinelle, but sometimes may be a weapon, armor, or costume. Most people seem to open the boxes in large quantities (100+) at one go.

Gold pieces are dropped by monsters in Dr. Torsche's Mansion and El Tejado Verdas. They can also be bought from the precious metal merchant in Auch (G7) for 165 vis each.

You can block nuisance players or unblock accidentally-blocked players. Blocking a family will block the family's individual trade, whisper, and squad operations. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop him from spamming duel requests while you are busy checking out the market.

Use Alt-F3 to open up the Block List. You may then add/delete family name directly. (This block list isn't listed under Menu, so you must use the hot-key.) You may also right-click on a character and select Block instead.

Since v2.1.18, the old woman located near the waypoint in Auch (D4) offers a repeatable quest to collect 20 Cabinet Pieces. The Cabinet Pieces are dropped by Succeed Reagent (Lv.81) in Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere. (Succeed Reagent is renamed as Successful Subject in v2.4.)

By clicking on one Overturn Box, all the Succeed Reagents in that channel will spawn from the Overturn Boxes (see map below). This can be done only at 1pm or 10pm (server time, i.e. GMT+8 for sGE), and lasts for about 30 minutes.

Giving a full collection of 20 Cabinet Pieces to the old woman will give a random reward:
  • Pure Gold Bar x3 (most common)
  • Lv.76 Unique Weapon Recipe
  • Lv.52 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
  • Lv.68 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
  • Key of Bellem (aka "Key of Balem" in v2.1.18)
When a key is produced, the Old Woman says, "This is the key. It looks like a new key but look at the year it was manufactured - 1521! Hmm.. It is the year Queen Esperanza was born. Here it is. I have no idea how to use this, but it might bring you a good luck. If that happens, don't forget about me!"

The Key of Bellem is used to access Bellem Ruins in Island of Fire (v2.4).

Tips: Note that server time may differ from your local computer clock by a few minutes. The best way to find out the time difference is to note your local computer time when Colony War starts every Sunday at 8pm (server time).

Note: Cabinet Pieces are NOT Puzzle Pieces. Puzzle Pieces are acquired from Failed Subjects in the final part of Bernelli's Prison de Joaquin's Secret quest. For now, nobody knows what to do with Puzzle Pieces.

v3.2 Update: The regeneration schedule for the Overturn Box in Prison de Joaquin has been increased to 6 times a day - 1000hrs, 1300hrs, 1600hrs, 1900hrs, 2200hrs, 0100hrs. See v3.2 Patch Notes.

A mini-boss called Siegmund spawns in each room of a specific dungeon, namely Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage (Lv12), Tetra Ruins Catacomb (Lv29), and Porto Bello Cabin (Lv41). Kill him to get an area voucher for that room. (You may only have one area voucher of each room in your inventory.) See the annotated maps below for room numbers.

Collect all area vouchers of that dungeon and trade them for a random reward at the quest stone (located near the pioneering memorial at dungeon entrance). The random reward may be a +1 ring (random skill), a key to spawn the boss at the lowest level of that dungeon (Dilos Latemn, Treasure Golem, or Chimera), or EXP cards (most common reward).

Tips: Unlike other items, the area voucher can only be picked up by the family who killed Siegmund, and you may only have 1 area voucher of each room in your inventory. So to pass an extra voucher to your squad mate, you have to drop the existing voucher in your inventory (which is free for all to pick up) then pick up the area voucher from the freshly killed Siegmund.


Simon Ayende's First Request
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: Auch Return Sheet* x3

  1. Give Nunez's letter and Jonathon's letter to Eleonore in Auch (C5). If you do not have these quest items, see Pioneering Quests: Coimbra.
  2. Go to Villa De Libertad (Auch, J7) and speak to Simon Ayende, the Republican leader.
Defeat the Gang of Rogues
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: 30,000 vis
  1. Collect 70 rogue seals by killing Corlien Dynamiters (Lv50) in El Lago de Tres Hermanas.
Investigation & Occupation of the Haunted House
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: Hrin's Potion* (also called Steriod Potion) x5
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv5) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Dr. Torche's Mansion, reception hall or grand library.
Simon Ayende's Second Request
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: None
  1. Go to Villa de Libertad (Auch, J7) and speak to Simon Ayende again. He will give you his letter and send you on the next quest.
Old Friend
NPC: Simon Ayende
Location: City of Auch, Villa de Libertad
Reward: Soul Crystal* x5
  1. Give Simon's letter to a mysterious man in Pradera de Ceniza (J7) to receive a Small Note.
Kill Gavi di Gavis
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: 70,000 vis, EXP card
  1. Kill 100 Lightning Gavi di Gavis (Lv59) in El Tejado Verdes.
Screaming of Spirits
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: 70,000 vis, Triumph Filler* x5
  1. Talk to the Old Woman in Auch (D8).
  2. Click on an overturn box in Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere at 1pm or 10pm (GMT+8).
  3. Kill the Succeed Reagent (Lv81) which spawns upon clicking to get the Alter of Stone quest item.
Note: Besides the quest item, the Succeed Reagent also drops a cabinet piece. See Old Woman & Cabinet Pieces.

Prison de Joaquin Report
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: 30,000 vis
  1. Deliver Eleonore's report to Sir Lyndon in Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneer Support.
  2. Report to Eleonore on Sir Lyndon's refusal to assist and the order from the Queen to ignore Joaquin. Thereafter, she will ask you to go to Ustiur to find Grandice and Fritz.
Grandice & Fritz
NPC: Grandice
Location: Ustiur Base Camp
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Grandice, who will dispatch a team of rescue knights to find Fritz.
  2. Exit Ustiur Base Camp, and a message will pop-up when you return again.
Note: This quest remains unfinished until Bahamas is released in v2.6.

NPC: Nunez
Location: Port of Coimbra, G4

Illier Style Tofu Dish
Reward: None.

  1. Talk to Nunez and present him the letter of recommendation from Sir Lyndon. If you do not have the letter, see Pioneering Quests: Reboldoeux.
  2. He will give you 10,000 vis to buy chocolate (200 vis) from Lisa and Silken Tofu (500 vis) from Camille. You may keep the change as a "reward".
  3. Give both items to Nunez who will give you the dish.
  4. Deliver it to Jonathon the Pioneering Officer (Coimbra, E5), who will say that the food sucks.
  5. Report Jonathon's review to Nunez.
Note: You can talk to the Pioneering Officer in each city about immediate missions to see which quests you have missed. If you do so with Jonathon, he will tell you to talk to Bernelli, who will send you on the new Prison de Joaquin's Secret quest.

Collect Pioneering Certificates
Reward: Analeptic remedy x10, Painkiller x10, Nutrition x10
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv 2) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at the King's Garden.
Kill Phobitan Groups
Reward: Coimbra Return Sheet* x3
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv2) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Tetra Hills.
Search the Hideout
Reward: EXP card (Lv30; 14,400 EXP) x3
  1. Go to H7 of Tetra Ruins Catacomb and kill Siegmund to get a key to hideaway.
  2. Click on the Secret Mechanism (see screenshot below) in the Eastern wall of the same room to enter the Tetra Hideout.
  3. Open all 9 treasure chests to fight some Lv5-7 monsters and collect 5 quest items - Old Papers, Bone Dagger, Book With Old Covers, Old Illustration of Tetra Ruins, and Old Leather Pocket.

Investigate A Strange Stone

Reward: Mission Spotlight Lv1
  1. 1. Go to Jezebel Glen and kill monsters. A random monster will drop a strange wing-shaped stone (quest item).
Cleaning Porto Bello
Reward: 10,000 vis, Nunez's Letter of Recommendation, Hrin's Ampule* x3
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv4) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Porto Bello Deck, Cabin, and Hold.
Welfare Letter
Reward: None
  1. After receiving Nunez's letter of recommendation, talk to Jonathon, who will give you a letter to his sister Eleonore.
  2. Pass the letter to Eleonore in Auch (C5) to continue the Pioneering Quests in Auch.

With the new v2.1.18 patch, a new series of quests is available. The following quests must be done in order. You may not receive the next quest until the previous one has been completed.

Tips: Many of these quests involve collecting the seals of the pioneer. Despite the fact that the NPC asks you to hunt in a specific map, I have found that it doesn't really matter where you get the seals, so long they are of the same level. So, go to maps with high spawn rates to finish the quest fast, instead of sticking to the maps the NPC asks you to go.

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes premium items, accessible with Ctrl-F.

Starting NPC: Sir Lyndon
Location: Cite de Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneer Support

Begin Pioneering
Reward: EXP card (1,000 EXP) x3

  1. Talk to Sir Lyndon to get document.
  2. Talk to Christelle the Pioneering Officer (Reboldoeux, G7) to get a license.
  3. Talk to Domingo the Civil Servant (Reboldoeux, E9) to sign the license.
Cleaning the Stone Pit
Reward: 2,000 vis, EXP card (4,000 EXP; Lv10) x3
  1. Go to Reboldoeux Stone Pit and kill 25 grassland crocodiles (Lv4) and 25 baby cockatrices (Lv1).
Uncover the Plot to Destroy the Statue of Ferruccio
Reward: EXP card (9,000 EXP; Lv20) x3, Lv8 Expert Item Set (sword, dagger, armguard, rod, rifle, fire bracelet, ice bracelet, and lightning bracelet)
  1. Go Ferruccio's statue in Ferruccio Junction (E7).
  2. Run around beneath the statue to find old weapon x1, handmade bomb x1, and anonymous secret letter x1. When you find the quest item, you will be attacked by corlien dynamiter (Lv7) and publication faction member (Lv5).

Deliver a Secret Document
Reward: Teleport scroll* x3
  1. Deliver a secret document to Christelle, the Pioneering Officer.
  2. Deliver the Pioneer Almanac from Christelle to Sir Lyndon.
The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza
Reward: 5,000 vis, EXP card (Lv20; 9,000 EXP) x3
  1. Get 3 seal of the pioneers (Lv1) by doing hunt quests from the pioneering memorials in Al Quelt Moreza, Al Quelt Moreza Nartex, and Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
Defeat Shadow Dilos Latemn
Reward: Lyndon's Letter of Recommendation, Reboldoeux Return Sheet* x3
  1. Kill Siegmund (Lv12) in Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
  2. Kill Shadow Dilos Latemn (Lv12), who will spawn after Siegmund's death.

Note: Even after you completed this quest, Shadow Dilos will spawn after Siegmund is killed. After this, Sir Lyndon will send you to the Pioneering Quests in Coimbra.

This post contains links to archived articles on IAHGames website. See v2.1.18 Patch Notes for list of changes.

New RNPC: Irawan
Irawan is a Muay Thai fighter from the Ciam, a country in the Far East of the old world. He was once a favored ambassador of the King of Ciam, and was sent off on an expedition to Katai, the same country Sir Ferruccio Espada was searching for when he discovered the new continent.

Forgotten Territory, Andre’s Costume Box, Anvils, & Glasses
A new premium dungeon can be accessed in 2.1.18 by purchasing a Forgotten Territory Pass from the Premium Item shop. You can trade in your unwanted premium costumes at Andre’s Costume Box, found next the zee fabulous and fantazztic Mr. Andre Janzur. This anvil will destroy any ring placed on it and provide you with a random gem in its place. Take them to the glasses switchboard in Auch to change the gender, style, and assigned class of your glasses.

Mercenary Contract & Character Trading
Mercenary Contracts allow you to change your characters into character cards, which can then be traded to other players for Vis or other items. Now, full-time botters can also sell characters as well as vis in RMT!

Party Elections
Currently every player has a leader character and, if they belong to a faction, a faction leader. V2.1.18 raises the bar of leadership, opening a position for political party leaders!

Baron Items
Barons now have a few extra perks for their efforts in spreading chaos, as they can earn special Baron Items by increasing their Baron Level, buying Soul Crystals from the Premium Shop, and collecting other items. See also Baron Mode Explained.

Veteran Stances
Upon reaching level 100, you can upgrade your characters to Veterans, which gives you a bonus stat point and access to special veteran stances.

Nerfing of Characters?
Several characters were proposed to be nerfed. In the end, only Emilia the Sage was nerfed, her Intelligence dropped by 1 point to 7.

You can download the official Game Manual, Starter Quests Guide, and Keyboard Guide from GE Game Guides. However, the manual sucks. It is a miserable 7-pages manual that doesn't tell you much.

A more informative game manual is Sword of the New World: Instruction Manual. Sword of the New World is the U.S. version of Granado Espada. Most of the information are still usable for Singapore Granado Espada.