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Startup Errors

When the GE client is started, an error prompts and closes the client. Restarting the client does not solve the issue.
Fail to download prepared file list.
This might be the communication problem. Please restart client.
prepare_revision_v2.txt (684)
  1. Use Notepad to open updater.revision.txt, located in Granado Espada folder.
  2. Replace the number inside with the number of the first zipped file listed in revisions_v2.txt, located in the same folder.
  3. Save and restart GE client.
The client should start downloading updates. You may encounter another error while updating.

67488.zip Fail to download files. This might be the communication problem. Please restart client. (855)

If this happens, replace the number in updater.revision.txt with the number of the zipped file listed in the error window (e.g. 67488). Save the file and restart GE client.


koh chin song said…
Ashardalon said…
If you need help, learn to provide more detailed information than just LOL. What server are you on? Is the server having maintenance? What exactly is the error message encountered?

This trick merely asks the server to re-download certain patches. If the server itself is down, then obviously it doesn't work.