Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Pioneering Quests: Reboldoeux

With the new v2.1.18 patch, a new series of quests is available. The following quests must be done in order. You may not receive the next quest until the previous one has been completed.

Tips: Many of these quests involve collecting the seals of the pioneer. Despite the fact that the NPC asks you to hunt in a specific map, I have found that it doesn't really matter where you get the seals, so long they are of the same level. So, go to maps with high spawn rates to finish the quest fast, instead of sticking to the maps the NPC asks you to go.

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes premium items, accessible with Ctrl-F.

Starting NPC: Sir Lyndon
Location: Cite de Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneer Support

Begin Pioneering
Reward: EXP card (1,000 EXP) x3
  1. Talk to Sir Lyndon to get document.
  2. Talk to Christelle the Pioneering Officer (Reboldoeux, G7) to get a license.
  3. Talk to Domingo the Civil Servant (Reboldoeux, E9) to sign the license.
Cleaning the Stone Pit
Reward: 2,000 vis, EXP card (4,000 EXP; Lv10) x3
  1. Go to Reboldoeux Stone Pit and kill 25 grassland crocodiles (Lv4) and 25 baby cockatrices (Lv1).
Uncover the Plot to Destroy the Statue of Ferruccio
Reward: EXP card (9,000 EXP; Lv20) x3, Lv8 Expert Item Set (sword, dagger, armguard, rod, rifle, fire bracelet, ice bracelet, and lightning bracelet)
  1. Go Ferruccio's statue in Ferruccio Junction (E7).
  2. Run around beneath the statue to find old weapon x1, handmade bomb x1, and anonymous secret letter x1. When you find the quest item, you will be attacked by corlien dynamiter (Lv7) and publication faction member (Lv5).

Deliver a Secret Document
Reward: Teleport scroll* x3
  1. Deliver a secret document to Christelle, the Pioneering Officer.
  2. Deliver the Pioneer Almanac from Christelle to Sir Lyndon.
The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza
Reward: 5,000 vis, EXP card (Lv20; 9,000 EXP) x3
  1. Get 3 seal of the pioneers (Lv1) by doing hunt quests from the pioneering memorials in Al Quelt Moreza, Al Quelt Moreza Nartex, and Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
Defeat Shadow Dilos Latemn
Reward: Lyndon's Letter of Recommendation, Reboldoeux Return Sheet* x3
  1. Kill Siegmund (Lv12) in Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
  2. Kill Shadow Dilos Latemn (Lv12), who will spawn after Siegmund's death.

Note: Even after you completed this quest, Shadow Dilos will spawn after Siegmund is killed. After this, Sir Lyndon will send you to the Pioneering Quests in Coimbra.