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Pioneering Quests: Coimbra

NPC: Nunez
Location: Port of Coimbra, G4

Illier Style Tofu Dish
Reward: None.
  1. Talk to Nunez and present him the letter of recommendation from Sir Lyndon. If you do not have the letter, see Pioneering Quests: Reboldoeux.
  2. He will give you 10,000 vis to buy chocolate (200 vis) from Lisa and Silken Tofu (500 vis) from Camille. You may keep the change as a "reward".
  3. Give both items to Nunez who will give you the dish.
  4. Deliver it to Jonathon the Pioneering Officer (Coimbra, E5), who will say that the food sucks.
  5. Report Jonathon's review to Nunez.
Note: You can talk to the Pioneering Officer in each city about immediate missions to see which quests you have missed. If you do so with Jonathon, he will tell you to talk to Bernelli, who will send you on the new Prison de Joaquin's Secret quest.

Collect Pioneering Certificates
Reward: Analeptic remedy x10, Painkiller x10, Nutrition x10
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv 2) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at the King's Garden.
Kill Phobitan Groups
Reward: Coimbra Return Sheet* x3
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv2) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Tetra Hills.
Search the Hideout
Reward: EXP card (Lv30; 14,400 EXP) x3
  1. Go to H7 of Tetra Ruins Catacomb and kill Siegmund to get a key to hideaway.
  2. Click on the Secret Mechanism (see screenshot below) in the Eastern wall of the same room to enter the Tetra Hideout.
  3. Open all 9 treasure chests to fight some Lv5-7 monsters and collect 5 quest items - Old Papers, Bone Dagger, Book With Old Covers, Old Illustration of Tetra Ruins, and Old Leather Pocket.

Investigate A Strange Stone

Reward: Mission Spotlight Lv1
  1. 1. Go to Jezebel Glen and kill monsters. A random monster will drop a strange wing-shaped stone (quest item).
Cleaning Porto Bello
Reward: 10,000 vis, Nunez's Letter of Recommendation, Hrin's Ampule* x3
  1. Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv4) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Porto Bello Deck, Cabin, and Hold.
Welfare Letter
Reward: None
  1. After receiving Nunez's letter of recommendation, talk to Jonathon, who will give you a letter to his sister Eleonore.
  2. Pass the letter to Eleonore in Auch (C5) to continue the Pioneering Quests in Auch.