Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel: Nov 25-30, 2009

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Nov 25-30, 2009. Besides the items below, it also includes...
  • Elite Le Blanc - Fighter: DEF 197 • DR 30
  • Elite Calienalbino (Lv.96 Wizard Coat): DEF 160 • DR 29
  • Belt Production Set: Recipe, Magical Amethyst, Liquefied Gas, etc.
  • Ziz Wings (30-days): DR+1, DEF +5, Max HP +2000, Immunity +5
  • Seraphim Wings (30-days): AR+1, ATK +10%, Max HP +1500, +5% ATK vs. Human/Daemon, Absorb 5% ATK

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Mifuyu goes into Geisha-mode... Give me her green panties Yukata costume any day.

Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau
Meanwhile, Sword of the New World has introduced 2 new costume boxes (150 gold) - Karj's Portmanteau and Andre's Portmanteau, which contains some v3.0 costumes (e.g. Cineraria, Fraulein, Blue/Red Samurai Armor) and hairs (e.g. Fairy Bob, Ponytail). Constellation weapons have been upgraded, and Asalto skill bug has been fixed. See Emergency Maintenance Patch Notes for details.

It seems like the blasted feso stones are still not tradable. I was hoping that they would change them during this patch. Meh.