[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW: 11/13 Twit Chat

Here are some quotes from the Twitter chat with G1-Neume... Bold emphasis mine as usual.

That said, in the near term we have plans to offer newer Crafting packs when SotNW 3.4 launches. We hope the new packs will drive down the price of upgrading in SotNW especially for Veteran and above items. We suggested a +4 Lacquer as well. Not sure what imc will do with the idea though...

We also have our annual SotNW Holiday patch that is happening in December with a new Holiday event. We WILL have a Christmas event for both SotNW and WarRock. SNW's event may include the dreaded Rudolf. Not sure yet...

We are currently working on adding new costumes to the SotNW bazaar. They should be there before long.

SotNW 3.4 will include 2 new pets! Our 4.0 will also include at least 1 new pet and we have plans for even more pets after that. SotNW 3.4 changes the way obtaining a pet works so it will make it easier for us to add more pets in the future. Pet food for Feso will stay. It's likely we'll sell pets for gold in SotNW, but not likely we'll sell pet food for vis.

We're shooting for Dec for SotNW 3.4. Our release date now conflicts with the launch of KR 4.0 so we're still working on that. We (I mean the collective we here) should stop thinking about getting "exclusive" items. There is a LOT of content coming. [Source]

About Christmas... Please avoid those crappy monster-orgy events, where everyone just come to the same map and lag to death/disconnection. The Halloween 2009 Event is a good one. You can do it at your own pace/time/level, without lag spikes or being edged out by players with uber-gears. Mystery Boxes were given out during Christmas 2008, so it would be nice if they can give out OoPS Boxes this year instead.

About pets... For sGE v3.2, the pets added are the panda and the pig. The cat was added in sGE v3.4. So it seems like SNW would be missing 1 pet in v3.4. The v4.0 pet should be the chicken. Since SNW has no ABS equivalent, it seem the pets would end up in the cash shop. I was hoping they would put them in the feso shop like kGE...

The date-conflict part sounds like a warning for a patch delay. Okay, SNW can stop hoping for those items from Coimbra Shuffle!! and Imperial Wheel (e.g. Crystal Shooter, Silver Skullic Bracelet). I just hope SNW will get a good deal from IMC for the fixed options of Trump weapons. (sGE has +10% more ATK Speed, and cGE has +2 more ATK Rating, compared to the default Trump.)