[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

kGE 2009 Q4 Preview & Tested Burst

Special 2009 Q4 Update Preview has been released by kGE. This preview has also been translated into Japanese at 散歩道. The update is expected in Q4, 2009 or Q1, 2010.

1. Enhanced Feedback for Test Server
IMC is improving the feedback process for the test server. Nothing to do with most players...

2. PvP Balance
Some coding anomalies are expected to be resolved for cannon, shotgun, and shield stances.

3. Expert Stance
Some skills will consume less expensive items when used.

4. SP Requirement & Accessories
Expert accessories (e.g. earrings, gloves, shoes) can be manufactured. They should help with the heavy SP-consumption of expert stances.

5. Improved Missions
AQM Holy Water Chamber will be updated. Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement is almost completed, along with the recruitment of Catherine Torsche. Also adding daily content for veterans.

6. New Area Added
Not much information at the moment, but it is probably the north-eastern lands in the Land of Wind. See Lands of Elements.

7. New Armor & Improved Intermediate Raids
New top-level armor (DR33) will be added. The difficulty and rewards of intermediate-level raids will be increased.

8. Coming Soon...
  • More expert stances
  • Dr. Torsche's Mansion Mission
  • Valeria
  • New top-level raid

Tested Burst - Cannon Expert Stance
All the Pedobears get to cream in v4.2.0 again. Claire can learn Tested Burst from Emilia with Symbol of Sagittarius. Special cannon shells will be added to NPC shops. Jose gets a variant version of the stance as well. See 散歩道.

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