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Peeping Gracielo

Gracielo was caught trying to sneak an up-skirt view of Emilia as she tried out her new costume... and got himself punched by her. The costume is a color variant of the one in v4.0.

[ Loading... http://yfrog.com/jdemiliaup1j ]
Gracielo: Let's see... Just a little bit more...

[ Loading... http://yfrog.com/j3emiliaup2j ]
Emilia: Pervert! Hentai! *punches*
Gracielo: Ouch~! I thought she doesn't have Bare Knuckle stance!

Source: 多玩 Forum Topic - 来看看什么叫性感

Update: It turns out the 2 pictures from the forum are part of a larger story in Virgin家の女たち2. Gracielo was staring at her bosom and back, before going for the up-skirt view... I guess he wants appetizers before going for the "main course"...