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Hellena's Circus of Fate: Beta Test

Now that Hron's Treasure Trove has been removed and ABS has been pushed to the wayside, sGE is introducing Hellena's Circus of Fate to distribute some of the items seen in Coimbra Shuffle!!. All pioneers are given 20 free tickets for the beta test.

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Free Gifts
You gain a ticket for every hour you spent login. Tickets are updated at 6am (GMT+8). These tickets allow you to claim some free gifts: 1 ticket - Water Spray, 2 tickets - Progressive Soul/Health Filler, and 5 tickets - Teleport Scroll or Herme's Potion.

Premium Prizes
Alternatively, you can use a ticket to gamble with Hellena, costing 1,500 G-Points per round. If you win, you can get 1-3 Token or 1 Gold Token. Prizes can be claimed with 1-15 Tokens. A Gold Token allows you to pick any prize of your choice.

Currently, the highest value iCash Card costs SGD 60.00 (USD 43.33) and provides 84,000 G-Points. This amounts to 56 rounds for 84,000 G-Points, or SGD 1.07 (USD 0.77) per round. USD is derived from Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter on Nov 24, 2009.

Based on the current set, EXP Cards cost 1-2 Tokens, Veteran Enchantment Chip costs 3 Tokens, hair costs 5 Tokens, costumes/wings cost 8 Tokens, pet boxes cost 15 Tokens, and weapons (AR 30) cost 15 Tokens. Except for EXP Cards, all items are tradable [Source].

Players' Feedback & Discussion
Join the discussion topic here. Read DesuSquared's analysis of this game of chance here. A few more quotes worth thinking about...

Why are those 5 items on the free gifts list in the first place? None of them are really useful for raids, pvp, etc. Even Adelina's Booty list have better items like Magical Amethysts, Liquefied Gas, Soul Crystals, Triumph Fillers, etc. At least put some really useful stuff on the list like Hrin's Ampules, Hrin's potions, Soul Crystals, Triumph Fillers, etc.

The 1.5k Gpts per card is crazy. Let me see... 1.5k Gpts = 1x 92 chip package, easily equivalent to like what? 10mil vis? I can buy a clean lv100 weapon with that and have spare change for refilling my ammo bullets and buy pots.

SO you said you need 15 tokens to exchange for just a 30AR e92 weapon? WTFLMAOBBQ... I can't even begin to find words to describe this stupidity... [Source]

In summary, here are the things we are working on, scheduled for 8 Dec 09.

1. Loot table change (Free & Premium)
2. Price change (Game & Items)
3. Joker card change
4. Image popup change

But for the time being, we have revised the Joker card probability to be cut by half and gave that probability surplus to the 1 Token. [Kaioujin; Source]

Here's a small update for you guys while we are getting the rest of the stuffs changed.

Free Gifts
EXP Cards (Level 10 - 90)

Premium Prizes
Grindstone (Costume)
White Cristatus (Costume)

[Kaioujin; Source]

Update: Added Kaioujin's update on responses to feedback and updated gifts/prizes.