Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Prelude & Elite Trump Armor

Two new things are revealed from kGE. Join the IAHGames forum discussion topics - Crafting Trump Series Armor (v4.0) by Reno and Rio's Constellation Stance - Prelude by Larg.

Rio's Constellation Stance: Prelude
Pictures of the new stance has been added to kGE Screen Board. See also Silver Server v4.2.6 Patch Notes and Prelude Stance. Symbol needed for the stance is Virgo.

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Elite Trump Armor (DR 30)

Arcanero Plate (fighter leather)
Clarcana (scout leather)
Variltorta (musk coat)
Deinclian (wiz coat)
Ruidestencia (robe)

Depending on base armour type (leather/coat/robe), the raw materials are

Dragon Heart x1
Reinforced Leather/High Quality Cloth x100
28dr Leather/Coat/Robe Crystal x2
Trump Card Piece x50
Red/Blue/Green Ticket to Arsene Circus x1

Not sure where to get the Trump Card Piece. Probably an item drop in the new raid. [Source]