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SNW 62: Expert Grace

After dumping Ghae (Andre) in the quarters, Empedocles (m/ele) and Visca (Grace) spent 2 more days in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, before moving on to Bahamar Ancient Mineral Cave. When the pass expired, they reached Veteran Lv.10. Visca (Grace) consumed EXP Cards until she became the 8th expert. (140m EXP is required to advance from 0% to 100% at Veteran Lv.10.)
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The experts decided to join an impromptu squad to make the family's first entry into Occulta Dungeon. They hunted the Kobold Elders and recovered Lorenzo Diary 1517 for Emilia.

From Emilia's confrontation with Gertrude, it was revealed that something sinister enough to manipulate the Ten Nobles was involved, which kept things secret after Ferruccio died. Dr. Lorenzo was searching for the Power of the Ancients (Constellation stances) and the Five Elements. (See Lands of Elements.)

According to Emilia, the Ancients lived on islands floating in the sky... This sounds suspiciously like the next destination of Montoro revealed in Selva's recruitment quest (i.e. the place which reaches the heavens or whatever), and possibly the Land of Wind as well.

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Emilia rejects Gertrude... He fails so hard.
I suppose he gets to play "hero" in v4.0 with Reckless Emilia.

Since quest completion is a requirement for crafting Refined Key [Barrow de la Muerte] (v3.5), the family went back to Ustiur Base Camp and gave Marcelino his stuffs for Dinosaur Killer quest. Since they were clearing this crafting quest, they might as well finish a few others as well, completing Golden Firearms, Ice Particle Item Production, and Yellow Gold Item Production quests after they spent some time in Katovic Snowfield and Glacial Forecourt.

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The so-called "fake" Ice weapons from Katovic Rescue Knights

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