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Occulta & Kobold Elders

You can enter Occulta Dungeon from Tierra Dias with 5 Ancient Runes - Ti, or from Tierra Noche with 5 Ancient Runes - Te. The two maps cycle every 4 hours, starting with daytime (Tierra Dias) at midnight (server time). The Kobold Elders are needed for Nar Recruitment Quest (10 kills) and Constellation Stance Quest (Lorenzo Diary 1517). You should get both quests before entering the dungeon, so as to do them together.

1. Guard Room (G10)
You can reach the Guard Room by moving north directly from the dungeon entrance. There are Dullahan monsters (Golem) flanking the entryway in this room. Just run and use healing potions. Since I didn't bring Emilia the Sage, I couldn't try this... but you might be able to survive the mobs and the traps in the next room better if you use Protection Field instead of relying on potions.

2. Trap Room (G9)
There is a trick which allows you to see where the spike traps are located. Type /camcol off in the chat window. This allows you to move the camera angle to see things from below the ground. You might not be used to moving around with the camera in an "up-skirt" perspective. Practice in town first, if you want to use this to avoid the traps.

Also, it is said here that the traps won't trigger on a levitating character.

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Not only do the spikes deal a huge amount of damage, they also inflict Paralysis status. This can dangerous with the roaming kobolds in this room.

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There are also Lightning Turrets lined along the walls of this room. They can inflict Shock status, which will slow you down. Avoid them, if you are running to get to the safe area (H8).

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3. The Kobold Corridor (G8-H8)
The corridor beyond the Trap Room has kobolds roaming around in groups. Make your way to the safe area (i.e. no spawn area) at H8. Invisible Potions should make it a safe trip.

Now, by the time you get here, you might have 2 characters dead in the previous rooms, especially if you got hit by the spike traps. However, you cannot use Soul Crystal if your leader (i.e. surviving character) is too far away from them. To avoid going back to the rooms to revive them, you can just let your leader die. Once dead, you will be able to use Soul Crystal to revive all 3 characters. Then, use Invisible Potions and healing potions to summon the 2 characters to the leader with F4.

When everyone is ready at the safe area (H8), the tanker should lure Kobold Elder (Lv.124) over. The elder has Fire Breath skill, which can inflict Burn status.

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All kobolds have an annoying tendency to run away after taking a bit of damage, but they will come back if you do not pursue them. So make sure you call the characters back, if they run out of the safe area.

I was the first in the squad to get Lorenzo Diary 1517, which was 1 hour 25 min after entering the dungeon. The last person got the drop in 3 hours 33 min. For those who can wait, the drop rate will be improved by 10 times in v3.2.

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I completed the two quests, thanks to everyone in the squad. I still can't get Constellation stances though, since I don't have enough gold to buy Great Stones (aka Growth Stones in sGE). The stones will become tradable in v3.4.

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It will be a while before I decide to do the rest of Errac quests, but you can find more information from the links below.

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Update: Added bypassing spike traps with levitation by Reno.