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RNTS Games has launched Granado Espada Resurrection (Europe) on Jan 25, 2013. See Create Your GE Account Guide for basic set-up. The game client can be downloaded here. There is a EXP +100% boost until Jan 30, 2013. [Source]


The Server is Named Reboldoeux (the only 1) with 4 channels inside. Version is 10.23.4

It's so annoying how so many GEs are suddenly sprouting all over... I just hope none of them suddenly start being a sore prick and start whining about limiting access to other regions.

extract :

1. What is the level limit?
The current level limit is 100. However, maximum level might change as game content will be added in the future.

2. How many characters are allowed per account?
Each account can hold up to 36 characters, 9 per barracks, up to 4 barracks

Okay, thanks. Updated post.

Weird. It's v10.23.4 and cap at Lv.100? How are you supposed to do Viron stuffs without at least Experts?

I take it that "4 barracks" mean the initial free barrack slots, and not the total maximum slots?

Well obviously they took some old descroption of GE and post into forum. It seems that RNTS Media isn't so familiar with the game itself, and it shows what they lack the interest ... Anyways its normal 10.23.4 , without any dumb restrictions.

Just to leave a reference, they removed the building stances for Jack/Yeganeh/Angie.

"We've decided to temporary remove certain Stances which kept beeing abused by the RNPC's Jack the Engineer, Diego the Carpenter, Angie. We will implement them again in a different way, stay tuned for more information." [Source]