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The expert team continued their training in Frozen Wastes (Lv.108-110), Bahamar Murky Bayou (Lv.111-113), and Bahamar Underground Cave 1F (Lv.113-115). Running through the swamp sink-holes is a nuisance, so they saved a warp point in Caebolan (aka Tierra Putrefacta) and entered the cave from there. In Bahamar Underground Cave 1F, they looted Summon Pedobear Ring, Quarto Taglio Ring, and 3 controllers.

Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.4. Unlike Veteran level which requires about 140m EXP, each Expert level requires about 270m EXP, which is nearly twice the amount needed. It is a slow, hard grind towards Master level. Ugh.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 3 disconnections experienced this week.

Sword of the New World is having a Thanksgiving Loyalty Event. Login from Nov 26 (Thu) to Nov 29 (Sun), 2009 (PST) and receive 5 Mystic Ampules. It's nothing much, but still better than nothing. I don't recall having anything at all last year.

There is also an Enchant Chips Promotion during Nov 26 (Thu) to Nov 29 (Sun), 2009 (PST). Get a free Lv.100 Enchantment Chip for every purchase of 500 gold, up to a limit of 20 chips.

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Nov 25-30, 2009. Besides the items below, it also includes...

  • Elite Le Blanc - Fighter: DEF 197 • DR 30
  • Elite Calienalbino (Lv.96 Wizard Coat): DEF 160 • DR 29
  • Belt Production Set: Recipe, Magical Amethyst, Liquefied Gas, etc.
  • Ziz Wings (30-days): DR+1, DEF +5, Max HP +2000, Immunity +5
  • Seraphim Wings (30-days): AR+1, ATK +10%, Max HP +1500, +5% ATK vs. Human/Daemon, Absorb 5% ATK

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Mifuyu goes into Geisha-mode... Give me her green panties Yukata costume any day.

Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau
Meanwhile, Sword of the New World has introduced 2 new costume boxes (150 gold) - Karj's Portmanteau and Andre's Portmanteau, which contains some v3.0 costumes (e.g. Cineraria, Fraulein, Blue/Red Samurai Armor) and hairs (e.g. Fairy Bob, Ponytail). Constellation weapons have been upgraded, and Asalto skill bug has been fixed. See Emergency Maintenance Patch Notes for details.

It seems like the blasted feso stones are still not tradable. I was hoping that they would change them during this patch. Meh.

Now that Hron's Treasure Trove has been removed and ABS has been pushed to the wayside, sGE is introducing Hellena's Circus of Fate to distribute some of the items seen in Coimbra Shuffle!!. All pioneers are given 20 free tickets for the beta test.

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Free Gifts
You gain a ticket for every hour you spent login. Tickets are updated at 6am (GMT+8). These tickets allow you to claim some free gifts: 1 ticket - Water Spray, 2 tickets - Progressive Soul/Health Filler, and 5 tickets - Teleport Scroll or Herme's Potion.

Premium Prizes
Alternatively, you can use a ticket to gamble with Hellena, costing 1,500 G-Points per round. If you win, you can get 1-3 Token or 1 Gold Token. Prizes can be claimed with 1-15 Tokens. A Gold Token allows you to pick any prize of your choice.

Currently, the highest value iCash Card costs SGD 60.00 (USD 43.33) and provides 84,000 G-Points. This amounts to 56 rounds for 84,000 G-Points, or SGD 1.07 (USD 0.77) per round. USD is derived from Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter on Nov 24, 2009.

Based on the current set, EXP Cards cost 1-2 Tokens, Veteran Enchantment Chip costs 3 Tokens, hair costs 5 Tokens, costumes/wings cost 8 Tokens, pet boxes cost 15 Tokens, and weapons (AR 30) cost 15 Tokens. Except for EXP Cards, all items are tradable [Source].

Players' Feedback & Discussion
Join the discussion topic here. Read DesuSquared's analysis of this game of chance here. A few more quotes worth thinking about...

Why are those 5 items on the free gifts list in the first place? None of them are really useful for raids, pvp, etc. Even Adelina's Booty list have better items like Magical Amethysts, Liquefied Gas, Soul Crystals, Triumph Fillers, etc. At least put some really useful stuff on the list like Hrin's Ampules, Hrin's potions, Soul Crystals, Triumph Fillers, etc.

The 1.5k Gpts per card is crazy. Let me see... 1.5k Gpts = 1x 92 chip package, easily equivalent to like what? 10mil vis? I can buy a clean lv100 weapon with that and have spare change for refilling my ammo bullets and buy pots.

SO you said you need 15 tokens to exchange for just a 30AR e92 weapon? WTFLMAOBBQ... I can't even begin to find words to describe this stupidity... [Source]

In summary, here are the things we are working on, scheduled for 8 Dec 09.

1. Loot table change (Free & Premium)
2. Price change (Game & Items)
3. Joker card change
4. Image popup change

But for the time being, we have revised the Joker card probability to be cut by half and gave that probability surplus to the 1 Token. [Kaioujin; Source]

Here's a small update for you guys while we are getting the rest of the stuffs changed.

Free Gifts
EXP Cards (Level 10 - 90)

Premium Prizes
Grindstone (Costume)
White Cristatus (Costume)

[Kaioujin; Source]

Update: Added Kaioujin's update on responses to feedback and updated gifts/prizes.

Thelandira (f/mus) finally maximized her Bare Knuckle stance in Bahamar Marsh, and looted a Robe of Superb Daemon in Bahamar Murky Bayou. Meanwhile, Empedocles (m/ele) consumed his share of EXP Cards and became the 9th expert.

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The low-level experts spent 4 hours inside Secret Tower 1F, and never got a single key. All they looted were some Lv.80-92 equipment and a Sapphire (Gosh, it's not even High Quality!). The family won't be going back to the Secret Tower of FAIL until they improve the drop rate for the keys by 100% in v3.2.

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The experts and veterans hunted a few Swamp Anglers and Gullfaxis, but they hated me as usual, only dropping some Lv.80-96 equipment, Pure Gold Bars, and Lv.92-96 Enchantment Chips. After failing one hunt this week, the treasure hunters found their 29th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Bracelet of Great Soul, Bracelet of Neptune, and Elite Rafael's Sabre.

I'm getting bored of the New World again. Grinding and boss-hunting is just monotonous. Those bosses are usually not around when I went to look for them anyway. Meh. Getting to Master level is so slow and is making me sleepy. Plus, all the cash shop items are so expensive in the market for the past few weeks.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 2 disconnections experienced this week.

Sword of the New World is having a forum contest for v3.4 loading screen during Nov 03-24, 2009. Finally, I decided to post an entry, essentially an edited screenshot. See v3.4 Loading Screen Contest Entries and also Contest Discussion in G1 Forums.

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I love this fighter costume~! Too bad fighter is kind of out-classed by everybody else... Equites by Romina, Hanging Guard by Grandice and Battlesmith Idge. Hopefully she will be redeemed when the expert blunt stance comes out.

Update: The winners have been announced. See 3.4 Loading Screen Contest Winners. It's just too bad that the only "prize" is bragging rights. A contest with no prize? Lame.

Two new things are revealed from kGE. Join the IAHGames forum discussion topics - Crafting Trump Series Armor (v4.0) by Reno and Rio's Constellation Stance - Prelude by Larg.

Rio's Constellation Stance: Prelude
Pictures of the new stance has been added to kGE Screen Board. See also Silver Server v4.2.6 Patch Notes and Prelude Stance. Symbol needed for the stance is Virgo.

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Elite Trump Armor (DR 30)

Arcanero Plate (fighter leather)
Clarcana (scout leather)
Variltorta (musk coat)
Deinclian (wiz coat)
Ruidestencia (robe)

Depending on base armour type (leather/coat/robe), the raw materials are

Dragon Heart x1
Reinforced Leather/High Quality Cloth x100
28dr Leather/Coat/Robe Crystal x2
Trump Card Piece x50
Red/Blue/Green Ticket to Arsene Circus x1

Not sure where to get the Trump Card Piece. Probably an item drop in the new raid. [Source]

Here are some quotes from the Twitter chat with G1-Neume... Bold emphasis mine as usual.

That said, in the near term we have plans to offer newer Crafting packs when SotNW 3.4 launches. We hope the new packs will drive down the price of upgrading in SotNW especially for Veteran and above items. We suggested a +4 Lacquer as well. Not sure what imc will do with the idea though...

We also have our annual SotNW Holiday patch that is happening in December with a new Holiday event. We WILL have a Christmas event for both SotNW and WarRock. SNW's event may include the dreaded Rudolf. Not sure yet...

We are currently working on adding new costumes to the SotNW bazaar. They should be there before long.

SotNW 3.4 will include 2 new pets! Our 4.0 will also include at least 1 new pet and we have plans for even more pets after that. SotNW 3.4 changes the way obtaining a pet works so it will make it easier for us to add more pets in the future. Pet food for Feso will stay. It's likely we'll sell pets for gold in SotNW, but not likely we'll sell pet food for vis.

We're shooting for Dec for SotNW 3.4. Our release date now conflicts with the launch of KR 4.0 so we're still working on that. We (I mean the collective we here) should stop thinking about getting "exclusive" items. There is a LOT of content coming. [Source]

About Christmas... Please avoid those crappy monster-orgy events, where everyone just come to the same map and lag to death/disconnection. The Halloween 2009 Event is a good one. You can do it at your own pace/time/level, without lag spikes or being edged out by players with uber-gears. Mystery Boxes were given out during Christmas 2008, so it would be nice if they can give out OoPS Boxes this year instead.

About pets... For sGE v3.2, the pets added are the panda and the pig. The cat was added in sGE v3.4. So it seems like SNW would be missing 1 pet in v3.4. The v4.0 pet should be the chicken. Since SNW has no ABS equivalent, it seem the pets would end up in the cash shop. I was hoping they would put them in the feso shop like kGE...

The date-conflict part sounds like a warning for a patch delay. Okay, SNW can stop hoping for those items from Coimbra Shuffle!! and Imperial Wheel (e.g. Crystal Shooter, Silver Skullic Bracelet). I just hope SNW will get a good deal from IMC for the fixed options of Trump weapons. (sGE has +10% more ATK Speed, and cGE has +2 more ATK Rating, compared to the default Trump.)

After dumping Ghae (Andre) in the quarters, Empedocles (m/ele) and Visca (Grace) spent 2 more days in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, before moving on to Bahamar Ancient Mineral Cave. When the pass expired, they reached Veteran Lv.10. Visca (Grace) consumed EXP Cards until she became the 8th expert. (140m EXP is required to advance from 0% to 100% at Veteran Lv.10.)

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The experts decided to join an impromptu squad to make the family's first entry into Occulta Dungeon. They hunted the Kobold Elders and recovered Lorenzo Diary 1517 for Emilia.

From Emilia's confrontation with Gertrude, it was revealed that something sinister enough to manipulate the Ten Nobles was involved, which kept things secret after Ferruccio died. Dr. Lorenzo was searching for the Power of the Ancients (Constellation stances) and the Five Elements. (See Lands of Elements.)

According to Emilia, the Ancients lived on islands floating in the sky... This sounds suspiciously like the next destination of Montoro revealed in Selva's recruitment quest (i.e. the place which reaches the heavens or whatever), and possibly the Land of Wind as well.

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Emilia rejects Gertrude... He fails so hard.
I suppose he gets to play "hero" in v4.0 with Reckless Emilia.

Since quest completion is a requirement for crafting Refined Key [Barrow de la Muerte] (v3.5), the family went back to Ustiur Base Camp and gave Marcelino his stuffs for Dinosaur Killer quest. Since they were clearing this crafting quest, they might as well finish a few others as well, completing Golden Firearms, Ice Particle Item Production, and Yellow Gold Item Production quests after they spent some time in Katovic Snowfield and Glacial Forecourt.

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The so-called "fake" Ice weapons from Katovic Rescue Knights

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 3 disconnections experienced this week.

You can enter Occulta Dungeon from Tierra Dias with 5 Ancient Runes - Ti, or from Tierra Noche with 5 Ancient Runes - Te. The two maps cycle every 4 hours, starting with daytime (Tierra Dias) at midnight (server time). The Kobold Elders are needed for Nar Recruitment Quest (10 kills) and Constellation Stance Quest (Lorenzo Diary 1517). You should get both quests before entering the dungeon, so as to do them together.

1. Guard Room (G10)
You can reach the Guard Room by moving north directly from the dungeon entrance. There are Dullahan monsters (Golem) flanking the entryway in this room. Just run and use healing potions. Since I didn't bring Emilia the Sage, I couldn't try this... but you might be able to survive the mobs and the traps in the next room better if you use Protection Field instead of relying on potions.

2. Trap Room (G9)
There is a trick which allows you to see where the spike traps are located. Type /camcol off in the chat window. This allows you to move the camera angle to see things from below the ground. You might not be used to moving around with the camera in an "up-skirt" perspective. Practice in town first, if you want to use this to avoid the traps.

Also, it is said here that the traps won't trigger on a levitating character.

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Not only do the spikes deal a huge amount of damage, they also inflict Paralysis status. This can dangerous with the roaming kobolds in this room.

[ Loading... ]

There are also Lightning Turrets lined along the walls of this room. They can inflict Shock status, which will slow you down. Avoid them, if you are running to get to the safe area (H8).

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3. The Kobold Corridor (G8-H8)
The corridor beyond the Trap Room has kobolds roaming around in groups. Make your way to the safe area (i.e. no spawn area) at H8. Invisible Potions should make it a safe trip.

Now, by the time you get here, you might have 2 characters dead in the previous rooms, especially if you got hit by the spike traps. However, you cannot use Soul Crystal if your leader (i.e. surviving character) is too far away from them. To avoid going back to the rooms to revive them, you can just let your leader die. Once dead, you will be able to use Soul Crystal to revive all 3 characters. Then, use Invisible Potions and healing potions to summon the 2 characters to the leader with F4.

When everyone is ready at the safe area (H8), the tanker should lure Kobold Elder (Lv.124) over. The elder has Fire Breath skill, which can inflict Burn status.

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All kobolds have an annoying tendency to run away after taking a bit of damage, but they will come back if you do not pursue them. So make sure you call the characters back, if they run out of the safe area.

I was the first in the squad to get Lorenzo Diary 1517, which was 1 hour 25 min after entering the dungeon. The last person got the drop in 3 hours 33 min. For those who can wait, the drop rate will be improved by 10 times in v3.2.

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I completed the two quests, thanks to everyone in the squad. I still can't get Constellation stances though, since I don't have enough gold to buy Great Stones (aka Growth Stones in sGE). The stones will become tradable in v3.4.

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It will be a while before I decide to do the rest of Errac quests, but you can find more information from the links below.

Related Links

Update: Added bypassing spike traps with levitation by Reno.

Gracielo was caught trying to sneak an up-skirt view of Emilia as she tried out her new costume... and got himself punched by her. The costume is a color variant of the one in v4.0.

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Gracielo: Let's see... Just a little bit more...

[ Loading... ]
Emilia: Pervert! Hentai! *punches*
Gracielo: Ouch~! I thought she doesn't have Bare Knuckle stance!

Source: 多玩 Forum Topic - 来看看什么叫性感

Update: It turns out the 2 pictures from the forum are part of a larger story in Virgin家の女たち2. Gracielo was staring at her bosom and back, before going for the up-skirt view... I guess he wants appetizers before going for the "main course"...

After a long service in the family, Anahita (f/sco) finally became the 7th expert. Ghae (Andre) was promoted, and joined Empedocles (m/ele) and Visca (Grace) as the active veterans. They visited Los Toldos, using 103 Mysterious Powders to farm 124 Pure Otites and craft an Elite Candlestick.

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Meanwhile, the family continued with Halloween Monster Hunts, and earned another 12 bonus rewards - 5 back costumes and 70 EXP Cards. On the last day (Wed), there was only 1 hour to do all 3 missions before maintenance (Wed 1am PDT), and the family managed to finish the last one before maintenance started. The frequent visits to Ferruccio Wall for the hunts led to the family's first encounter with the elusive Grim Reaper Leader (Lv.105).

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After maintenance, the veterans activated a 7-day pass and returned to Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area for the rest of the week, using up 10 Witch's Candies. After 3 days, Ghae (Andre) reached Veteran Lv.2, while Empedocles (m/ele) and Visca (Grace) reached Veteran Lv.7.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 2 disconnections experienced this week.

Since v3.0, Sword of the New World has reduced its default character slots in the family quarters from 15 to 4. The accompanying bug is that existing families that have only 15 slots are also affected. So a family with 7 characters would have 7/4 instead of 7/15.

Quarter Slots will be injected to ALL accounts logged in on August, 2009. The scripts for injecting the QS have already been activated. However, due to the huge number of accounts that the script is targeting at, some of you may receive the item only in the next few days. We are expecting the script to be completed by Wednesday, 11th of November. [Source]

See more in the forum discussion. Just for comparison, the default slots for sGE is 9.

Update: See the new policy regarding default quarter slots in Quarter Slots on Newly Created Accounts forum topic.

Special 2009 Q4 Update Preview has been released by kGE. This preview has also been translated into Japanese at 散歩道. The update is expected in Q4, 2009 or Q1, 2010.

1. Enhanced Feedback for Test Server
IMC is improving the feedback process for the test server. Nothing to do with most players...

2. PvP Balance
Some coding anomalies are expected to be resolved for cannon, shotgun, and shield stances.

3. Expert Stance
Some skills will consume less expensive items when used.

4. SP Requirement & Accessories
Expert accessories (e.g. earrings, gloves, shoes) can be manufactured. They should help with the heavy SP-consumption of expert stances.

5. Improved Missions
AQM Holy Water Chamber will be updated. Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement is almost completed, along with the recruitment of Catherine Torsche. Also adding daily content for veterans.

6. New Area Added
Not much information at the moment, but it is probably the north-eastern lands in the Land of Wind. See Lands of Elements.

7. New Armor & Improved Intermediate Raids
New top-level armor (DR33) will be added. The difficulty and rewards of intermediate-level raids will be increased.

8. Coming Soon...

  • More expert stances
  • Dr. Torsche's Mansion Mission
  • Valeria
  • New top-level raid

Tested Burst - Cannon Expert Stance
All the Pedobears get to cream in v4.2.0 again. Claire can learn Tested Burst from Emilia with Symbol of Sagittarius. Special cannon shells will be added to NPC shops. Jose gets a variant version of the stance as well. See 散歩道.

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As a notice for non-US players, Daylight Saving Time (DST) has ended for Sword of the New World servers a few days ago. This means the server time is now GMT-8, instead of GMT-7. You can also check the server time (aka Sword Standard Time) at G1: Sword of the New World. To check your local time with respective to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), see here.

DST starts on the second Sunday of March, which is three or four weeks earlier than in the past, and it ends on the first Sunday of November... [Source]

I wonder if this means you end up with an extra hour of timed items (e.g. Ancient Area Pass) during the switch...

[ Loading... ]

Since the game client doesn't have a built-in server clock, I recommend FoxClocks browser add-on, if you run the game client in Window mode, and usually has Firefox browser active... Simply select "US Pacific" for add-on settings to show the time in the browser.

UI Skins from kGE are now available at kGE Event Board. However, many of them do not have public download links. The following are some of those skins that are available to the public...

In addition, there are some old skins I have downloaded previously, but are no longer available at kGE website. The Mouse Skin has a translucent cooling blue layer as displayed in the screenshot below. The classic v2.9 Default Skin is also available for v3.x clients. You may also want to try out Blossom Skin and Black Skin.

[ Loading... ]

I didn't make these skins. Credit goes to whoever created the skins, whoever they may be...

To install user skins, see GE User Interface Skins.

To prepare for Reboldeaux Vigilante team (v3.5), the family recruited Tantalus (Panfilo). He was named after the king who dismembered, cooked, and fed his son to the gods and was thus punished in Tartarus in Greek mythology. Lara (Brunie) and Tantalus (Panfilo) spent some time relaxing in Gigante Beach, before Jack brought them over to Rion Dungeon Hollow and Fire Isle Free Zone until they reached Lv.80.

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Darn... I should have bought them the bugged feso costumes in v2.9. Ugh.

The family joined in the Halloween Monster Hunts. After a false start on the first day, the family tried to beat their own records by a small margin (1-5 seconds), allowing them to receive 10 bonus rewards which they chose the permanent back costumes.

The family also bought 20 more Erracan Boxes and received...

  1. Lacquer +6: General x1
  2. Lacquer +6: General x1
  3. Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x8
  4. Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x2
  5. Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x2
  6. Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x2
  7. Earth Stone x2
  8. Earth Stone x2
  9. Earth Stone x2
  10. Strength Potion x2
  11. Strength Potion x2
  12. Strength Potion x2
  13. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  14. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  15. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  16. Ancient Area Pass - 1 day x1
  17. Amrita x2
  18. Socket Flux x1
  19. Lv.90 EXP Card (920k EXP) x6
  20. Symbol of Sagittarius x1
A total of 30 boxes have been opened so far, and still no Symbol of Aquarius...

With these new passes, Empedocles (m/ele), Visca (Grace), and Anahita (f/sco) spent 2 days in the gloomy Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, where they looted a Key [Barrow de la Muerte] from Ancient Thoracotomy. Thereafter, they returned to Bahamar Wetlands. The experts also made 4 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Vampiric Edge and other Lv.84 elite rubbish. A Bracelet of Ziz was lost to another family inside the Relics.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There was 1 disconnection experienced this week.