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Update Preview: Ion

Hanbiton (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 신규 영입 NPC 이온. All information may be subject to further changes before official release.

1. Prince of Ice
Ion is related to Archduke Felipe. After the loss of Catherine Torsche from the control of the Ten Nobles, Ion leaves his homeland to find her. His recruitment quest begins in Viron and requires Catherine Torsche. His stances are [Possession Ice] and his unique expert stance [Frost], using 2 ice bracelets. His skills include dealing [Freeze] status. The expert stance book involved Elmorc and requires Symbol of Cancer. He is included in Torsche's Dream team buff.

See Blue Moon Waltz: Ion for character details. See here for videos of [Frost] skills.

2. Telekinesis
A new wizard-only stance has been added - [Telekinesis], an advanced form of [Psychokinesis]. Unlike [Darkness], this new stance focuses on long range, multiple-target damage skills, with long casting time. It is not a levitation-type stance. The stance book can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Leo.

See 텔레키네시스 10렙 / 12렙 for Korean screenshot of the stance bonus and skills. See here for videos of [Telekinesis] skills. See 신규 스탠스 텔레키네시스 - 위자드의 새로운 전성기? for Korean article on the stance.

3. Costume Exchanger
Costumes will have 2 grades, and can be exchanged via a machine added to Gigante Port. You can exchange only costumes of the same type - head (hair, face, hat) and body. Using higher grade costumes for exchange will more likely to result in limited edition costumes (i.e. costumes found in web games, such as Magic Circle).

See also 새로워진 기간떼 섬! 신규 콘텐츠와 이벤트가 가득.

4. Chamber of Secrets
You can enter the Chamber of Secrets from Gigante Port. The first entry costs 1,000,000 vis, and subsequent entries 500,000 vis. Rewards include Costume Box and Gigante Lucky Coupon, which can be exchanged at the entrance. The rewards seem to be progressive, so the more you do, the better stuffs get.

See also 새로워진 기간떼 섬! 신규 콘텐츠와 이벤트가 가득.

5. New Missions
There will be 2 new missions. Deforestation Disaster mission involved recovery of 100 wood supplies. Debuffs and monsters will interfere with the operation.

Fury Auto Baron party mission will be added to challenge players who cleared Curse of Red Sunset Forest mission. When you defeat him, you can click on roulette box to end the mission. Alternatively, you can click on the scattered parts to re-spawn a more powerful Auto Baron with better rewards. Apparently, the mission gives you time to take screenshots... It has a low chance of dropping [Punisher] stance book.

6. Mission Revisions
Secret Tower has been revised. Silver Medal is still used to access it. There are 4 floors. There will be an item that increases the size of specific ghoul monsters in the 1st floor. The 3rd floor is divided into 2 stages, involving 2 General Guard Followers. Rewards (chips, etc.) are generally improved.

You no longer need 3 families to start Arsene Circus mission. However, it is still MCC1. Roulette will be added. Arsene's Secret Vault will be revised next.

See also 체험 그라 현장! 국민 미션 '궁', 이렇게 변했다.

7. Evil Weapon Missions & Quests
All Evil Weapon quests start in Viron. You must complete Lucifer's Castle Garden quests, including Time Paradox quest, to proceed. There are 4 missions and you can do it once per day. You can collect the required crafting items inside the missions.

  1. Rose (v9.2.1): Evil Cannon and Main-Gauche 
  2. Arbremon (v9.4.2): Evil Knuckle and Gaiters
  3. Sauterelle (v9.6.1): Evil Staff, Rod, and Lute 
  4. Nephthys (Pending Update): Evil Bracelets (fire, ice, lightning, special)

8. Graphics Engine Update
This is still currently under development. You can enable real-time display of light-and-shadow renders.


Silfo said…
but wait... 'ion' is more related to ligthing than ice
Almontri said…
logic and especially science, has absolutely no place in MMOs. |D
Silfo said…
true, i just notice someting else there is a ludin costume???
Silfo said…
and something else wizards will have 6 stances with just one weapon!!!???
Ashardalon said…
In Summer Update 2, his name in the design art was given as "Inon". But later on, the pictures were named "Ion". So I'm not too sure what the proper spelling for his name is at the moment. I will just stick with "Inon" for now...
Silfo said…
any video of his expert stance?
Ashardalon said…
Updated post with more links and videos. Also, the character name is confirmed "Ion". I just checked the kGE datatables for jobs and character cards.