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Sword 156: Hell Slayer

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Our family spent 2 more days in Secret Area of Caebolan this week. Both Selene (Asoka) and Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Master Lv.8, while Ryuk (Kurt) and Tlazolteotl (Ania) reached Expert Lv.6 and Lv.3 respectively. Tlazolteotl (Ania) finally mastered [Gorgeous] stance. This raised the family to Lv.46+3.

Willikins (Raven) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, and led us to the secret passage into Lucifer Castle. But it turned out that Montoro's curse could control his mind as well, so he attacked us along with the Red Hair Fighter. After their defeat, Willikins (Raven) returned to his senses, but his secret passage was blocked by a barrier. Despite the failure to infiltrate the castle, Willikins (Raven) acquired [Croisement] stance book.

We brought Magic Shoes Recipe to Andre for crafting, then threw 14 Veteran Enchantment Chips on it to get some decent enchantments. We also went on a relic exchanging spree, and traded in 1080 Gold Relic Pieces (360 exchanges) costing a total of 3,240,000 feso. Most of them yielded Ancient Gold Relics, but we also received 2 Symbols of Pisces, 5 Symbols of Virgo, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Cancer, and Symbol of Sagittarius. There were way too much crap recipes as well.

We did one random run of Castilla Relic and received Elite Le Blanc (ele) and Elite Inviardeco. We also visited Castilla Tower of Chaos twice, once getting up to Light Gemini. We didn't get anything worth mentioning, but a clan member got Elite Le Noir (wiz) Recipe from the roulette. We entered the Whirlpool of Flame once again, and returned with Hell Slayer (polearm) and Le Noir (wiz).

Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Leo and Symbol of Scorpio, and 7 Team Arena missions dropped Symbol of Aries and Symbol of Scorpio. We have not done Uraeus mission since the last update, and so we went to visit the serpent again. And of course, it dropped 2 Mega Talt as expected, as well as Le Noir (mus).  Crow Forest missions also yielded Symbol of Gemini and Master B (5.2m) EXP Card. The party missions also provided 2 Constellation Symbols:
  • [Fury Farm] 2 HQ Gems
  • [Fury Rafflesia] Symbol of Scorpio, L92 Elite Armor Recipe + L100 Armor, Elemental Jewel
  • [Fury Sharffenberger] Le Noir Recipe, White Gold Bar + L84 Elite Armor, Shiny Crystal Chest
  • [Fury Uraeus] Le Noir Recipe, L100 Armor + White Gold Bar, Shiny Crystal Chest
  • [Fury Griffon] 2 L84 Elite Armors + Dullahan's Weapon Recipe, Symbol of Capricorn
Lately, one of the persistent Spanish trolls in Orpesia have used an alternate/mule - Valerious† family - to borrow high-end equipment on the pretext of being unable to complete certain high-level quests. Some well-meaning clan members loaned out their equipment to help out a weaker member, and of course, he shamelessly abused the trust and absconded with the ill-gotten gains. See here for a victim's forum topic.

Seriously, if such individuals need to debase themselves as to resort to theft, then they should go and rob banks for real money. Stealing virtual items is just petty and pathetic. We therefore urged the office to inform pioneer families not to lend out high-end equipment without asking for a collateral of equal value, since the management (G1) will not intervene in player-to-player transactions. Just because someone is of the same clan, it does not mean he would not pull off a scam. Having an in-game loan function is a really good idea, but IMC would probably take forever to implement it. (Consider how long they took just implement an in-game clock!)

Interestingly enough, a colony-holding clan, whose one or more core leader/member(s) is/are close to the above-mentioned trolls [see comments], have once again recruited the colony bug exploiter, the player of Hard‡Core family, under (yet another) new alias/family.

In any case, we have examined the various monster and recipe data for Viron Clock Tower, and have passed the information on to a few families. Perhaps, we will make a proper report on it when we are free at a later date. There were 7 disconnections this week, once during Team Arena and Party Arena.


Amalielle said…
I know blogging is all about expressing your opinions, but sometime 'opinions' aren't fact and therefore you shouldn't say it as if they were.

Not true - Interestingly enough, a colony-holding clan, whose one or more core leader/member(s) is/are close to the above-mentioned trolls.
Ashardalon said…
You mean like how you were all buddy-buddy with them in public chat and in broads, as well as allying/supporting them in PvP and other activities, ever since you were in What clan? I think I may still have the old screenshots somewhere.

One reason I started keeping you at a distance back then was because I realized how close you were getting to them and others of similar dispositions. (Quarantine was necessary to avoid contamination.) So pls don't tell me you are not close to those people.

But that point is about Hard‡Core, or rather his latest incarnation. You do acknowledge that is true though?
Amalielle said…
It's not true Ash, you said it yourself, you 'started keeping [me] at a distance' mean you was once closed to me. But time changes things around didn't it, just because I was close to someone once, doesn't make it the fact a year later. You should know that more than anyone else.

Valerious was in your clan, and he was such an angel. Now that he turn around and being a troll, and that make it ok to pull out the people who knows him like a year ago for bashing? What kind of logic is that? Would feel good if I was being an ass to someone, and they say 'omg, Ash is very close to that troll'. True? False?

Talk about screenshots, I have them too, stories and poems, Bubble.Tea profile never changed, Ororo still alive. I didn't change, someone else did. Sorry for being such a potential contamination.

You're a good writer, and good with your words, so I don't think it's unintentional when everybody who read what you have to say have the same comment of "Haha Ash made us all look like we are the bad ones." Opinions are opinions, but opinions should not be form from untrue facts.

About HardCore, you need to learn to let thing goes. That was funny, I don't see how he become such a bad person for doing just that, specially when he was there with Nar. Give him 10hrs, maybe he still wouldn't be able to break the colony even with 'bug exploit.' I have no personal grudge against him and I doubt anyone else in my clan does. Also you do not know the reason why he has so many accounts then please don't make it look like he used one account to troll then make another one to start over again.

I do not know you well, but I do know you better than most. I don't think I can change your mind on what you believe is true, but I do at least, want people to see both side of the story rather than one-sided opinions.
Ashardalon said…
So you are declaring that your ppl are no longer supporting those trolls? Fair enough. We shall see if it holds up. If so, then it's my mistake. I suppose I wasn't updated on the situation. In my defense, your ppl have been supporting them for so long, it's hard to tell when you are not.

I was never bashing you per se. This was about Valerious and HardCore. When was Valerious an angel? I got no impression of him at all, until the scam happened.

My facts are true enough. The most you can claim is that the half-sentence you quoted previously was outdated. To say my opinions are formed from "untrue facts" is, well, untrue. I am talking of actual scam and war bug abuse. I don't talk about things unless I have some stuffs to justify and back it up, unlike certain forum spammers.

If you think you are really not the "bad ones", then maybe you should reflect on why there are so many issues for me to point out. I didn't make any of them up. Someone who isn't behaving badly won't have anything for me to talk bad about.

Nar can still break colonies when using valkyrie crushers especially when he is immune to attack, or at least weaken it for other clans. Your "Nar" excuse really doesn't work. So you basically think it is perfectly fine for a clan involved in colony war to recruit someone who was documented on both screenshot and video for exploiting a colony war bug? Good to have this established then.

About "make it look like he used one account to troll then make another one to start over again", considering his past history as HardCore and his account before it, that is exactly what he looks like he is doing.
Atraidis said…
phalanx recruited clairmount and he destroyed a clan.
Vana said…
Oh trolls...I do not know what that means just yet. But by going by what I read here, I would classify the WHOLE Phalanx Clan as trolls as well, in fact, anyone or anything that seeks to ruin the game for others are trolls. I believe your former leaders called it competition.

Why would I say that? Well, because when I wanted to get the FF Buff, I would get killed, I would see constructs over the warp portal, I would see the a lot of Phalanx in red spamming tenseness, etc.

When I wanted to AFK in Errac, in AA Baha, etc., I would come back to finding my toons dead on the ground due to perma-war with Phalanx.

Why do I accuse the whole clan? Well, because it seems certain individuals did not wish to "distance" themselves from the "bad ones" within the clan. Certain individuals appeared to be "supporting" or "justifying" the actions of the "bad ones" by not doing anything and accepting it as "competition."

Now, I know things have changed for me. And I'll be honest,I prefer it.
However, we are still at perma-war with Phalanx, we were at perma-war with VRM..Oh man, that guy is ruthless, haha. In any case, let's not all act high and mighty.

Everyone is a troll. What did you expect would happen?
Amalielle said…
Yes, I declared that old stuff are old, please get over it. Things happen, and I let them go, you should too. And HardCore's multiple accounts don't 'look like' anything, please stop assuming. You said you aren't updated, that is very true.

You assuming that we are the bad ones, what was you back then, when Phalanx camped FF gate for 6months none stop? I was there when it started, I left game for 5months, came back, and they were still camping FF gate. Amusing. Please don't use the excuse "I was never involve in such thing" to your defense because what you're doing to us now. The "Oh one of your friends is bad, and so are all of you" attitude is not appreciated.

The colonies red bug thing, that was simply G1 fault. What happen when ST bug? The whole server (not you?) spam summon to general guard to farm. What happen when the ring merchant bug and doesn't take away your skill ring? The whole server (minus you?) make their rings without the skill rings consumed (intentional or not). Are we all exploiters then?

If you want to talk about doing things that we aren't suppose to do, even though we can and fully capable of doing them. Where shall we start? The G1 Terms of Service where you should stick to what the original client have to offer and not try to change it just to please the eyes?

When was Valerious an angel? I got no impression of him at all, until the scam happened. - That's true, my bad, you never really notice anyone unless they get on your nerve.

Ps: Sorry I abused your good intentions toward me, but you threw my friendship to the trash can as well.
Ashardalon said…
@Vana: Uh, you have completely missed the point. This isn't about trolling. This is about scamming and bug exploit for colony war. They are not the same, really.

@Ama: This really has nothing to do with FF gate camping, but since you brought it up...

FF Gate Camping - You do realize that before Phalanx camped it, VRM and Hossen were already doing it? Back when you were still in STH, IIRC. They just weren't doing to YOU. Where is your fervor against gate camping when you weren't involved? Oh, you were still buddy-buddy with VRM back then, and if I recall, you were totally smitten with Hossen. Phalanx's FF gate camping was nothing compared to what VRM and Hossen camped, which is much more than just FF.

Your alliance's stand against FF gate camping would be more credible if your people did not join VRM/Hossen/etc to fight it. If your principle against gate camping is consistent, then consistency demands going against VRM/Hossen as much (if not more than) as Phalanx. But no, instead you allied with them. So what we ended up with is just a group of gate campers fighting another group of gate campers with one group somehow thinking they are "good guys". Ridiculous. Just because you were fighting the dominant power back then, it does not automatically make you the "good guy". Some naive people actually thought those who were PK-ing Phalanx back then were "good guys" and "heroes". But as time proved, what did these "good guys"/"heroes" turn out to be? Scammers and thieves. :/

I have no issue with PK within PvP-enabled zones, including gates and raid areas. PvP is a form of competition, whether we like it or not. It can be annoying, but that is how IMC designed the game. But I have an issue with scamming, theft of information, plagiarism, abuse of good faith, treachery, and ingrates. But like I said, this is not about gate camping. This is about scamming and war bug exploit.

For all the bad press about Phalanx being "bad guys", the leadership never condone bug exploitation. For example, we never go "red" against people inside FF, even when camping outside. The same cannot be said for your alliance however.

Colony Bug - How is that G1's fault, when the same player keep doing the same thing to multiple colonies? If that is your excuse for a CW clan to condone war bug exploit, then you need to come up with a better one. And yes, by knowingly accepting someone who does it, you are already condoning it.

This is one involving mass PvP, not some harmless eye-candy thing. If you can accept someone who exploited a CW bug before, are you also going to cheer him on if the same player comes up with a new bug for the next colony war? Even if no, what exactly is stopping him from abusing another bug for your clan during CW?

ST/Ring Bug - Sorry, but not everyone does it. While I can't say everyone in Phalanx was clean, I know quite a few did not take advantage of it, including Lorelle who was leader back then. So yes, it isn't the "whole server". Even if we assume the whole server does it, you can sort of argue that it equalizes things and benefits everyone. That CW bug is a different matter. It seriously disadvantages the colony defenders in favor of the attackers, so you are hardly justified in comparing them side by side.
Maoster said…
just to point out, i don't beliebe either hossen or VRM used red squad mechanic to do that.
Ashardalon said…
War-sharing via squad was never a bug, as Raiden already clarified after consulting with IMC. It was never a bug in other editions of GE either (Korean, Japan, Singapore, etc). Anyone who makes the effort to do some research and testing in other editions will know that.

All that misinformation about it being a bug is spread by people who didn't even know what they are talking about, or people trying to project personal preferences/whims as truths. Yes, it unfortunately includes some misdirected G1 staff who probably are not even sure about how the game client works. But to be fair, not every G1 staff is equipped to deal with game mechanics. I expect some are probably more trained towards customer service or other areas of expertise. That's why it isn't really a good idea to ask a random AM/GM, or some random dude answering the ticketing system, about specific mechanics.
xBelmontx said…
Lol? I always wonder why everyone comes into ash's blog and starts fights, I mean Ama, Yea Mise was a little bit of a control freak, but she had her reasons, You on the other hand do not.

Since when does everyone have to be sync with your thoughts and opinions? You keep thinking everyone must believe what you find true otherwise they are enemys, that is what annoys me the most about you, especially when you missed so much of what actually brought everything to the point of phalanx's actions.

Letting things go? coming from someone who has a death grip on the past of things that happened with phalanx.

I joined phalanx because i was tired of dealing with people like you, and the people who chose to push me aside because of incidents that happened many years ago.

Finally, I quit the game, because of all this drama, and what was it about? the past, of anything, people have to linger, and that goes for EVERYONE. I mean no one int this game can let things go, for both sides, and all it did was a never ending chain that lead to more and more conflict, but at least phalanx was not trying to cover it up, unlike some other clan who claimed to be friendly and did not care about what happened long ago who were fighting about things that happened long ago.

So to sum it up, its just a blog, the writer can choose whatever they want, however they want. It's not like many people are going into your blog, trying to get you to change what you say because it doesn't work for them.