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Fury Uraeus

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. This party mission is similar to the normal Uraeus mission and field raid, except that there are additional 4 colonies and 2 Fury Reydeavaricia (i.e. King of Greed) at the egg area. The 4 colonies must be destroyed to remove the 4 buffs granted to the monsters.
  • [Explosion of Insanity]: Monster's ATK and ATK Rating increases greatly. 
  • [Control of Insanity]: Monster's DEF and DEF Rating increases greatly.
  • [Despair of Insanity]: Monster's Recovery and RES increases greatly.
  • [Agony of Insanity]: Monster's Movement Speed and ATK Speed increases greatly.
Otherwise, it is the same raid sequence - destroy eggs (do not hit the minions to avoid debuff) and kill Uraeus 4 times. Alternatively, you can designate 1 or 2 families to take care of the minions using strong area effect skills.

If the squad has problems getting pass Reydeavaricia, lure Reydeavaricia away from the egg area with 4-5 shooters. When a shooter dies, the other step up to continue luring. When Reydeavaricia has been lured away, others move in to destroy the colonies. If you still cannot kill Reydeavaricia, lure them away then die. You do not need to kill Reydeavaricia to complete the mission. The dead families can re-join the mission (i.e. return to town first) as long as the mission is still open (i.e. 5 minutes after starting).

Otherwise, destroy all eggs and kill Uraeus 4 times just like the normal raid. Uraeus cannot be hit by melee characters, so bring ranged characters. Calyce does well against Uraeus, since it has hard armor. Use Recover from [Medic] stance to remove normal [Poison] status, or Refresh Mind from [Tactical Assistance] stance to remove [Stun] status. Use Ignore Harm from [Incantation] stance for a chance to ignore debuffs. Do not hit Uraeus Minions or you will be afflicted [Uraeus Poison] status.

If you take too long, new colonies and Reydeavaricia may respawn. If this happens, just repeat the same thing above. If Uraeus disappears from view, minimize/maximize Character View Distance under Game Options (Alt-O).

See クエスト/ウレウス 党.


Ashardalon said…
Under Revised Faction System, more faction activity points are awarded for faster completion. This mission can give up to 100 points.

Also, it seems you only need to kill Uraeus once now.