Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE-SG v8.5 Update

Granado Espada (Singapore) has released Oath of Allegiance (v8.5) update. X-Trap is currently v3472. See the following for new game features and related articles:
See also Punisher: Which Skill Not To Max? forum topic. Players have been known to open 200-600 Letizia Shiny Boxes to get [Punisher] stance book. [Source]

See A Short Guide to Alliance War for player perspectives. 

Crafting Devil Weapons requires 100 Symbols of Naraka, 3 Ambrosia, 2 L35 Weapon Crystals, 200 Devil's Dream, and 50 Cortes' Delights/Nephthys' Otites/etc. See Wordwood: Granado Espada (Korea) Items.