Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Clock Tower Key Recipes

See [v8.5 Feature] Clock Tower Raid for introduction to this MCC1 raid mission. Each level requires a key, which must be crafted from the recipes. The full materials required for each level are as follows:

Level Naraka Pure Otite Token Iron Ore Shiny Crystal
2 Lu x2 5 Veteran x1 10 50
3 Beel x2 5 Veteran x1 10 50
4 Al x2 10 Veteran x1 20 50
5 Mo x2 10 Veteran x1 20 50
6 Ma x2 15 Veteran x1 30 50
7 Than x2 15 Veteran x1 30 50
8 He x2 20 Expert x1 40 50
9 Than x2 20 Expert x1 40 50
10 He x2 25 Expert x1 50 50
11 Symbol x1 25 Expert x1 50 50
12 Symbol x1 30 Expert x1 50 50
Lost Symbol x1 30 Expert x1 50 50

Pieces of Naraka are acquired from Devil's Seal repeatable quest from the Enchantment Merchant in Viron. They also drop in Viron forests. Symbols of Naraka are acquired by processing the pieces at the same NPC.

Pure Otites are acquired from Los Toldos. In v7.5.1, you may also enter Land of the Dead by using 100 Shiny Crystals instead of 1 Mystery Powder, and can get up to 5 Pure Otites per quest. So farming them in v6.7 may not be cost-efficient due to the low amount of Pure Otites (max. 2) per quest.

Tokens are acquired from Bounty Hunter's Guild, either as roulette reward or quest reward for hunting the normal mobs. Expert Tokens can only be acquired from Accursed Occulta mission. Veteran Tokens can be acquired from Accursed Skeleton Dungeon, Accursed Bahamar, and Accursed Sedecram missions.

Iron Ores can be farmed from Castilla Mine and Castilla Relic. Tempered Pickax are sold by Ancient Magic Merchant in Castilla Ruins for 500 feso per set of 100 pickaxes (i.e. 5 feso each). Solid Pickax are sold in Castilla Garrison 1 for 1,500 vis each; if used as a basis for comparison, the feso-to-vis rate is 1:300. Depending on your server's feso rate, Tempered Pickax may be the most cost-efficient one to use. Note that pickaxes are not tradable.

This data is extracted from Granado Espada: Singapore client (v8.5).