Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 157: Curling Perm

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Nothing much happened this week. There are still unsettled matters in Vespanola, so we will be reducing our activities in Granado Espada for a while. Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.10 inside Castilla Relic mission. Pazuzu (STF) also mastered [Hapkido] stance.

The weekly Griffon mission dropped Elite Le Blanc (mus) Recipe, Symbol of Aquarius, and Symbol of Leo. The 2 Team Arena missions dropped Symbol of Aries. The weekly party missions dropped:
  • [Fury Farm] L96 Elite Armor Recipe, White Gold Bar + L100 Armor, L84 Elite Armor
  • [Fury Rafflesia] L100 Weapon, L84 Elite Weapon + 2 White Gold Bars
  • [Fury Sharffenberger] Dragon Heart Recipe, White Gold Bar + L92 Elite Armor Recipe, L100 Armor
  • [Fury Uraeus] L100 Weapon, L84 Elite Armor + L84 Elite Armor, Kobold Weapon Recipe
  • [Fury Griffon] L84 Elite Armor, Le Noir Recipe + L84 Elite Armor, Shiny Crystal Chest
Since some time ago, Leticia has been surreptitiously kidnapped and replaced by The Devourers. These alien merchants, known to "magically mesmerise customers into buying high priced merchandise that is actually worthless trash", sell their wares in Bazaar of the Bizarre, which can be magically accessed anywhere on any map via top menu button. Their latest promotion features Quinzel's Surprise X and Raiden's Box X, which include Ixia Costume (Grace), Lord Eye Patch (Grenmah), Freesia Costume (Viki), Dragon's Fury Spear (AR32 polearm), and Crystal Shooter (AR30 shotgun). These are the last boxes of the series, but we are sure there will be other boxes replacing them unless they launch the web game Dominus soon. (See Revelations of a Centaur.)

In addition, Curling Perm (f/ele) has been injected to those families who bought Gold during last weekend, so we purchased one for Adorabelle (f/ele) from the market for 4m vis. This weekend also features Straight Perm (m/wiz) for buying 2,500 Gold.

There were 5 disconnections this week.