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Party Missions

A couple of players have asked me about the party missions. I will revise and post a preview guide that I translated previously for Phalanx clan during v5.0 before these missions were officially released in Sword 2. Stronger clans can use brute force to just bull-doze their ways through these missions, but weaker clans may need to use some tactics to better manage the raids.

Only the clan leader (and vice leaders) can start these missions. Once started, there will be a cross-swords icon on the right side of the screen (i.e. between the mini-map and the chat window). Move your mouse cursor over it to show the mission name, number of participants, and remaining time before mission closes. Click on it to enter the mission. The mission entry closes 5 minutes after the clan leader starts it.

You can check the status for these missions in Clan window (Alt-Y) under Party Mission tab. If it says Reentry OK, it means the cool-down has completed and the clan leader can start the mission by clicking on the button. If it says Allowed to Enter, it means the mission has started and you may join in right away.

Since these missions are roulette-based, try to fill up as many as slots as possible for maximum loot with alternate/mule families. You can check the clan ranking on these missions via Top Menu - Battle Zone - Party Mission Ranking. The ranking should be time-based. If your clan score for a specific party mission is one of the top 10 ranks, there will be a server-wide notice, saying: [clan name] Party has achieved [mission name]: Rank [number] in party mission.

Party Mission Information
Participants: 5-30 (v6.7), 5-50 (v8.5) families
Starting Cost: 50 Shiny Crystals
Duration: 60 minutes
Frequency: approximately 1/week (specifically 10,000 minutes)
Reward: Roulette (2 items*) - Dragon Heart Recipe, Le Scarce (DR30), Constellation Symbol, DR28-29 Armor Recipe, AR31 Weapon Recipe, L100 Equipment, L84 Elite Equipment, White Gold Bar, HQ Gem, Rare Gem (e.g. Siren's Scale), Rare Gem Recipe, Shiny Crystal Chest, etc.

Note (*): In v8.5, roulette allows you to pay some vis for an additional roulette item. Thanks to Christus and Panther for the information.

There must be at least 5 participating families for party missions within the first few minutes. Otherwise, the mission will end in failure. After the initial participant verification, any disconnection will not affect the mission even if the number of participants drop below 5.

List of Party Missions
Links will be updated above when the mission entry has been posted. See also 公会全副本攻略贴.


Amalielle said…
vices can start it too
Jack said…
Red Sunset Forest also has chance of giving e92 armor items.