Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel: Aug 2010

Imperial Wheel 13 (GE-Japan) has been released for August 2010. See the news article here for the announcement. See also Costume Catalogue for more concept art. Other rewards include Elite Trump Armor (DR 30) and Draconic Weapon (AR 32).

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L'Augmentation D'Azulite
Gaiters • ATK 161 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40

La Defie Du Peridot
Sabre • ATK 317 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40

L'Activite De L'Agate
Cannon • ATK 531 • ATK Rating 33
Ice ATK +40, Accuracy +20

L'Eveiller De L'Amethyste
Staff • ATK 308 • ATK Rating 33
Mental ATK +40, Max SP +15%

La Vierge Delicate
Body Costume + Hair (Virgo) • Claire

La Reve-Comme Poisson
Body Costume (Pisces) • M'Boma


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CLaire's costume !

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