Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 101: Expert Helena

Adorabelle (f/ele) and Romina reached Master Lv.2 and Lv.3, raising the family to Lv.34+3. They acquired Ancient Runes - 1 Ti, 23 Te, 1 Ar, and 29 An. Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Libra, and 3 gem recipes from 13 Team Arena missions. After mastering Forgotten Magic, she consumed EXP Cards to be promoted to Expert Lv.1.

The daily raids on Arsene Circus yielded Chevalier Greaves and Mystic Shoes. Lv.100 Enchantment Chips x3 and Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards x6 were found inside 2 Arsene's Treasure Chests. Well, at least there weren't any White Gold Bars. The family traded in 110 Gold Corns, and received 3 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards, 2 Lucky Pouches, 1 Amethyst Fragment, and other stuffs. This week's collection of 28 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to 1 GQ Spodumene, 2 Obsidian, and other jewels.

The masters joined 11 other families to raid the Holy Water Chamber in Al Quet Moreza Nartex. There are 2 hunt missions available in Employment Office, which reward 1 Expert G (27m) EXP Card each. Jorgen's [Dark Fuegen] debuff is rather annoying, since it prevents characters from moving. A special thanks to ShakeTheHeavens clan for the raid invite!


Tuyen Phan said…
Can you post more info on this "There are 2 hunt missions available in Employment Office, which reward 1 Expert G (27m) EXP Card each." And are they repeatable?
Ashardalon said…
Yes, they are repeatable. The 1st hunt is for Ortega (min. Master Lv.2 to start). The 2nd one is for Jorgen (min. Master Lv.3 to start). Once you have the hunt missions, you can use any level character to "complete and restart". Employment Office is accessible from Auch, Coimbra, and Reboldeaux.
Darkshia said…
Congratulations on experting Helena!~ :D
Sied said…
First, Gratz! ^^

And second, how many cards did you use to expert helena? (if it's possible, how many exp for card, if you used the ones from caebolan SA) I want to know because a friend of mine thinks that it's easier to level 1 char to 113 to do the caebolan hunt quest and farm cards (with his vets and I helping him) but I'm not sure if this could actually works neither I know how many cards it will take for vt 1 to vet 10 100%...

Thanks and gratz again lulzz
Ashardalon said…
Each Veteran level requires 140m EXP. Each Expert level requires 270m EXP. Each Master level requires 520m EXP.

Each Veteran B EXP card gives 1.4m EXP. So it takes 100 Vet B cards to gain 1 full Vet level, or 1000 cards from Vet to Expert.

Caebolan SA allows you to farm 25 (5x5) Vet B cards per round. If you are semi-active, you can farm about 250-300 cards per day. I know of people who can farm 500+ cards per day. Active players often prefer to kill Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers though. So, yes, your friend is right, provided he is semi-active (need to collect cards) and can survive the mobs (easy to do even for a pre-veteran if there's a large squad).