[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

D-Blazing Skin

DOWNLOAD I found a new GE skin at a Japanese blog. It is just called Skin 1, so I will dub it D-Blazing Skin after the blog's URL. See ブレイジングデイズ: スキンその1 for more screenshots and download links.


The old skins previously hosted by Zera can be found at 天下騎士党: リスト - カテゴリ. JavaScript must be enabled for the website. It looks like a guild website for GE-Japan. Thanks for making the "lost" skins available.


Sied said…
Cool, thanks for the skin, and viewing the page, this guy has 3 Mifuyus, 2 Claies, and 4 Catherines! He's my hero! <3
Amalielle said…
She's a girl, if you translate her blog, she keep mentioning things about her husband ;D
Sied said…
Then she is my heroine <3