Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

New Pioneer Support

New families created after v4.0 patch can get free pioneer items and buffs from Pioneer Support Officer in Reboldeaux (G7), based on the current level of the leading character. Each pioneer item set and buff can be received only once per family. Families created before v4.0 patch do not get these special benefits.

Level EXP +50% Buff
1-10 2 hours
11-30 4 hours
31-50 6 hours
51-70 8 hours
71-90 10 hours

Level Support Items
1-15 Lv.20 Polish x20
16-35 Lv.40 Polish x20
36-55 Lv.60 Polish x20
56-75 Lv.80 Polish x20, Soul Crystal (Event) x10
76-99 Forgotten Area Pass x3, Progressive Potion* (Event) x10x4
Expert Explorer Pack* (3 days), Triumph Filler (Event) x10

Note (*): Progressive Potions include Nutrition, Mithridart, Analeptic Remedy, and Painkiller. Each potion grants Lv.11 scout buff for 1 hour. Expert Explorer Pack (aka Home Premium Service) grants access to Forgotten/Ancient Areas and 20% increase for EXP, stance EXP, and drop rate.

In addition, several low-level quests provide extra reward items for such new families. These include the following:
  • 10 Hermes Potions (Event) for completing the optional shopping tutorial in Tutorial Quest.
  • Reboldeaux Soldier Card for completing the Tutorial Quest.
  • 5 Gold School Uniform Costumes (30 days; DEF +5, Max HP +300, ATK Speed +10%) for completing Andre's first quest - Killing Mandradora.
  • 10 Teleport Scrolls (Event) for completing Panfilo's first quest - Assistance for the 2nd Troop.
  • Coco Pet Box for completing the first pioneering quest - Start Pioneering.