Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 100: Flanks!

Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.2, as she continued to train her last level of Enhanced Tactics. Adorabelle (f/ele) finally mastered Occultism, since acquiring the stance 10 weeks ago. Time to start on Augury.

Soteira (Helena) reached Veteran Lv.8, while looting Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Leo, 2 Symbols of Libra, 2 Symbols of Taurus, 2 Lv.92 elite armor recipes, and 2 gem recipes from 15* Team Arena missions. The daily raids on Arsene circus yielded Assassin Boots and Chevalier Gauntlets. This week's collection of 34 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to GQ Obsidian, 2 GQ Bloodstones, and other jewels. No worthwhile HQ jewels this week. Meh. Trading in 100 Gold Corns resulted in 1 Angler Spinelle among other junks.

Note (*): It is possible to do more than 14 Team Arena missions this week, because the server clock for Thueringen Lakeside was screwed up for a few days, causing the mission to open at a completely different time compared to Reboldeaux Queen's Gate.

It seems like the minimum loot for Uraeus mission is 2 Lv.100 equipment and 2 Mega Talt. It's kind of pathetic. You may get Constellation Box instead of Mega Talt, as well as some bonus recipes. This week, the first Uraeus dropped 2 Mega Talt, 2 Lv.100 equipment, and Elite Pendera Jacket Recipe. The second Uraeus was slightly better - 1 Mega Talt, 2 Lv.100 equipment, and 1 Constellation Box (Symbol of Libra).

So... Phalanx clan lost lots of colonies this week. See Orpesia Colony War Status 3.0 for details. It seems that the clan is falling apart. From what I gathered, there were some drama + trash talks internally through private messages. Some players have enough real-life commitments to deal with already, so such in-game crap is just more trouble than it is worth. I'm not sure about the exact details, but it's probably some stupid drama anyway. In any case, several key members left the clan during the week, and the clan leader left just before Colony War. (They will probably be back with a vengeance in a new clan.) A few other members were also retiring from the game after the war.

I suppose, that is a common problem with all big clans. There will always be trolls causing drama, both inside and outside the clan. As far as Colony Wars are concerned, I personally don't think things will change that much for Orpesia. Even without Phalanx clan, another clan will just take its place and end up holding most of the colonies, much like Aegis and Citadel clans before it. I guess, that means the server trolls will always have someone to hate.

Thanks to Phalanx clan, I was able to join in a few Griffon, Lightning Gate, and Ice Gate raids. I never managed to see Sekhmet though, since it never spawned (bug?) when I was able to be there. It was nice to see some new stuffs, even though raids get repetitive and monotonous after a while. Eventually, it always boils down to who has the biggest guns. *shrug*

Anyway, a game administrator is supposed to be impartial. Trash talking by a GM is certainly not a professional way of doing things. If G1 doesn't like the way of Colony Wars are being handled, they should take the issue to the game designers at IMCGames, instead of screwing with the players. Otherwise, you might as well just remove all PvP-related events (Colony War, La Tierra d'Amor, Poison Yard, etc.) for Orpesia. PvE, eh?

For people who got confused because of a mispronunciation, phalanx is pronounced as \ˈfā-ˌlaŋ(k)s, and not flanks. Click Merriam-Webster Pronunciation (Phalanx) to hear an audio clip that pronounces the word. I think you must have QuickTime installed for your browser to play it directly.

Credit: Anonymous. PM me in-game if you wish to be credited for the picture.


Sied said…
It seem that Orpesia is having a lot of fun on CW, on Illier, unfortunatly, everyone seems to be afraid of Nocturnal/Unforgiven, to the point that just a few clans try to fight against them, and they don't attack themselves (just broad wars, some pk, but nothing on CW, from I have seen) I'm an Ex-Calacirian, and it was fun when we were at war with Noct and LoD, but some internal drama was starting and I left the clan to help some friends, but I think after finish errac questline( if I can lol) and gather up some nice gears, I'm gonna join to one of those trouble-makers clan or make one myself, to bring some fun to the server and maybe this will make another clans to do the same.

And yeah, it sucks when you clan falls apart, luck on that, since from I can see, if this continues, your clan won't last longer :/
Amalielle said…
Not to comment on the article, but commenting on Sied's comment. I think, people try not to rival the big clan on Illier bc if they do and create some perm. enemies, it wouldn't be so good on a pvp server xD. Also, Orpesia have some die hard players and anti "dictating" clans, so no matter how pointless it seem to the others, they will keep on fighting in CW just for the lulz xP

*is belong to such clan* ;D