Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[GE-KR] World Cross PvP Renewal

New update article 그라나도 에스파다 - 월드 크로스 PvP 리뉴 is available for GE-Korea. The following is a crude translation, and may not be 100% accurate.

1. World Cross PvP
Inter-server PvP has been revised with respect to ATK Rating, DEF Rating, ATK, and DEF. Equipment seems to be less significant.
  • No level limit.
  • Duration reduced from 12 min to 5 min.
  • Reward is acquired from new NPC in Auch by consuming some sort of PvP points.
  • Rank is updated daily at 3am.

2. Stances & Skills
Major revisions for Helena and Ania. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.
  • Helena: Job skill (Summon Frost) has been replaced by Memorise (메모라이즈), which reduces casting time. The buff is removed when skill is cast, but persists if skill is interrupted.
  • Ania: Revised Gorgeous stance to be usable with one tonfa. Added buff skill Counterstrike (반격), which is affected by her block.
  • Bloody Feast, Master's Martial Arts: Increased base damage.
  • Hanging Guard, Master's Martial Arts: Increased skill damage.
  • Ancient Star Orbs: Reduced amount of orbs consumed for assorted skills in Hanging Guard, Tronada Cruz, Bloody Feast, etc.
  • Death Chopping: Removed DEF Rating debuff from Death Stunt skill.
  • Shadow Sting: Increased Drain debuff from 80% to 100%.

3. Customized Back Costumes
You can customized the stats of temporary back costumes. The base shapes can be bought from feso shop, then customized via main toolbar. The listed options are ATK Rating +1, ATK Speed +10%, ATK +10%, Elemental ATK +10, Penetration +3, Human ATK +10%, and 1-day duration. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

4. Squad EXP
EXP distribution in squad has been revised, along with squad UI window. You can select your preferred EXP distribution method (?).

5. Battle Colosseum
Entrance moved to top-right corner of Reboldeaux Queen's Gate. It is now a "common field" with family name enabled. There are 8 different types of monsters inside. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

6. Bounty Hunter's Guild: Occulta
Added Occulta mission for Lv.123-130 characters. It requires 5 White Gold Bars and 1000 reputation points. It is limited to once per day, unless Caebolan (aka Chaos Requiem) mission has been cleared.

7. Monster Pets
New monster pets have been added - Phobitan, Capybara, and Cockatrice. The pets are about 20% of the monster's size. The pet buffs increase for EXP, stance EXP, and drop rate.

8. New Items
Scan Scroll has been added to Leonardo Express. It reveals positions of all families on the zone map. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

New costumes have been added to Magic Circle VIII web game - Blue Serpent for Musketeer and Le Lion Noble for Baek Ho.

9. Sneak Preview v6.0
Added Byron, the port city which is Montoro's home base, and its surrounding fields (Red Sunset Forest). Added Raven, a new recruitable character who uses rapier and pistol.