Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Summer Sales & Catherine Torsche

[Sword 2] Summer Sale IV
Buy Premium Treasure Chest from now until Aug 26, and get a free Deinclian Trump Costume (wiz). One lucky player per server every day (until Sep 30) will win some random items. A few other costumes were also included in the previous promotions. See Summer Sale II and Summer Sale III.

See Summer Sale Play & Win for list of daily winners.

[GE-SG] Catherine Lives!
Catherine Torsche will be released on Aug 19, 2010. A special item package and Olympics Back Costume have been added to Hellena's Circus of Fate. See [v4.5] If You Think You Seen It All and [HCOF] New Olympics Back Costume.

Draconic Sword and Shield are now available in ABS since Aug 13. See [ABS] Draconic Series Release.