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Sword 97: Holy Water Chamber

The family spent 2 days in Secret Citadel of the Gods and collected 675 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Cards. Soteira (Helena) gained 2 levels to reach Veteran Lv.6. The family has enough EXP Cards now to promote the desired characters, but since the various stances are still not mastered yet, there is really no point using the cards for now. It is getting annoying and boring.

Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Libra, and 4 gem recipes from 11 Team Arena missions. Romina raided Arsene Circus for Tracking Boots and Elite Grim Stick Recipe. Elite La Ventisca Recipe was found inside Arsene's Treasure Chest. All the rough stones gathered over the last 2 weeks were refined/exchanged to HQ Spodumeme, HQ Bloodstone, and other jewels.

Disconnections and getting stuck at loading screen are common occurrences this week. It's really annoying when it takes more than 10 minutes just to change teams. After maintenance, the time zone was screwed up for several maps, causing some timed items (e.g. passes, wings) to expire before their time after entering those maps.


The family finally decided to send the Masters to investigate the Holy Water Chamber. Chief Haman revealed that the Sky Road entrance is located in the northern Katovic region. The Ancient God's Temple required a key, which is linked to the 5 Elements.

After consulting with Andre, the family was tasked with finding the 5 Elements, while Violacea investigate the Sky Road. Andre handed over a secret key from his friend, Dios Latemn. In Hidden Holy Water Chamber of Al Quet Moreza, the family's Masters met Ortega Fruholen, who was the first person to be recruited by Archduke Felipe to form the Ten Nobles.


Vincent Rio revealed that his father Leonardo Rio was the mayor of Auch, founder of Leonardo Express, and the left-arm of Ferruccio. His father died in the political chaos, when Ferruccio hid himself. His mother died, and he escaped to Bristia with his butler's help. The entire incident was supposedly organized by Ortega. In Bristia, Vincent still felt threatened by Vespanola, so he came back to the New World and ended up opposite Lorch, the son of his enemy.

According to Lorch, the Fruholen family has been loyal to the Vespanola's king for 200 years. He suspected Montoro was behind his father's corruption. Montoro basically whored himself into the Ten Nobles, and expected to become No.3 Noble when the Fruholen were driven to the New World. Lorch brewed Fruholen Shield Potion, which can counter Fruholen Force, a form of twisted psychokinetic force.

After defeating Jorgen Fruholen, Montoro said the family is ideal for evaluating his experiments, and took Jorgen with him. The recovered Holy Water (which can correct all wrongs) cured Ortega, who remembered Jorgen visiting Montoro's castle... The entire quest earned the family 4 Damaged Ancient Polishes, 2 Veteran Enchantment Chips, and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards.


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Hmmm... I wonder what happen to the fifth element containing Heart (Spirit) in Hamann's transcription. She interpreted 5 samples but identified 4 elements only. Misinterpretation?