Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Bounty Shop v4.5

GE-SG (v4.5) introduced the Bounty Hunter's Guild, accessible from the major towns. The main loot doesn't seem to be worthwhile in v4.5 though. There is a loot upgrade in v4.7. See Bounty Hunter Guild zzzzz forum topic. The tokens acquired from these missions can be used to purchase the following items in v4.5:

Item Token Amount
Lv.1 Polish Normal 2
Lv.20 Polish Normal 2
Lv.40 Polish Normal 3
Lv.60 Polish Normal 4
Lv.80 Polish Normal 4
Lv.100 Polish Normal 5
10 Pet Food Normal 30
Tough Leather Veteran 5
Chain Veteran 5
Treasure Box Key Veteran 5
RES Necklace (Physical, Fire, etc.) Veteran 35
Stance Book - Veteran (MP)* Veteran 50
Stance Book - Serenade, Sagitta Veteran 6
Stance Book - Forgotten Magic Veteran 50
Wings (1-day)* Veteran 5
Veteran Promotion Scroll Veteran 40

Note (*): These stance books include Tactical Assistance, Mighty Cruz, Raid Assault, Low Guard, Sight Shot, Outrage Shot, and Gigantic Blaster. The wings include Lucifer's Wings, Devil Wings, Phoenix Wings, Golden Phoenix Wings, Fairy Wings, and Sylph Wings.