Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE-KR v5.0 Update

GE-Korea has released a new GM article - 운영팀에 도착한 전투 기획자의 편지.

PvP Changes
Rather than type out a whole list of changes already available elsewhere, I'd just refer you to Silver Server v5.0.12 and Silver Server v5.0.15.

New Stances: Peltast & Shadow Sting
Peltast, the new javelin stance, uses Symbol of Scorpio and is aimed at elementalists and scouts. Shadow Sting, the new crossbow stance, uses Symbol of Libra. The rest of the text is about revisions from its beta version. See Book of Wind: Stances for the latest update.

Existing Stance Revisions
Several stances have been revised. See Silver Server v5.0.12 and Silver Server v5.0.15.

Next Update Preview
The next update article will include:
  • Improved Helena
  • Improved Ania
  • Revised Martial Arts
  • Revised Buff/Debuff System
  • Buff/Debuff - Enhanced Visibility