Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Alienware Gift Codes

In conjunction with Sword 2 Alienware Level-Up Contest, there are several websites which give away 5,000 gift codes to registered users. The gift code includes 5 Strength Potions (Event), 5 Boost Potions (Event), 10 Health Regen Potions (Event), 10 Soul Regen Potions (Event), 5 Soul Crystals (Event), and 1 costume (varies by website).

The following are the known websites offering gift codes.
  1. MMOSite - Andre D+G Beachwear (Mus) Costume
  2. MMOGames - Andre D+G Beachwear (Wiz) Costume
  3. SpawnPoint - Cockatrice Costume
  4. MMOHut - Red Bear Suit Costume
  5. FilePlanet - Andre D+G Beachwear (Ele) Costume
  6. Alienware - Andre D+G Beachwear (Fig) Costume
  7. MMORPG - White Croc Suit Costume
  8. Game Items - White Bear Suit Costume
According to the press release here, there are more than 50,000 codes in all. Each website is giving out 5,000 codes, so there should be at least 10 websites offering codes. Find them and post the links in the forum topic here. I will update this blog post as more sites are discovered. Thanks to Edengar, Nightseal, burials, and thephoenixbird for finding the current websites.

There is also a free Le Blanc Costume that comes with the code StayAnonymous. See Free Le Blanc Costume and G1 Games Without Identity Theft.

Sword 2 Summer Sale
From now until July 31, buy any Gold or Premium package to get 1 free Constellation Box (max 10 per day per account). Buy any Explorer Pack (aka HPS) to get 1 free Primavella costume for Emilia/ETS.

IAHGames is hosting another burn-cash-to-gamble event from now until Aug 19, 2010. Prizes include Elite Le Noir, Artisan Earring, Hestia, Dragon Heart, Recipe - Kurenai, and the unreleased expert stance books (e.g. Crusader). May the richest player win!

This is basically similar to Help Efreet Become King event in 2009. Certain event items are extremely rare, making it very hard to acquire and prompting players who have already spent some cash to spend even more to get their money worth. Although the event is set for about 3 weeks, the top prizes will likely be claimed within 2-3 days by the cash spammers, leaving other players with lots of redundant (non-tradable) event items.

Meanwhile, GE-China is also having some events for Summer 2010, including x2 EXP Rate and cash shop freebies.


Great Pascal said…
Press Releases are saying anywhere from 8 to 13 media sites are partnering up with them, so there should be quite a lot of biz. May not even have to buy the swimsuits now since it seems like everyone is giving it away. Which also creates a funny situation because that sale a while ago seems like a waste now.
Great Pascal said…
Edit to my last comment, anywhere from 6 to 13. So far, OnRPG is the only one that hasn't come to fruition yet.
Tuyen Phan said…
This is very weird, activated the codes that I got from the sites in the list (ESN code) on my Bristia account and it says the code is used. However since yesterday I haven't received them yet. No costumes, no event premium items either. I did try the Receive Premium Item through the bazaar icon and from Leo Express menu but it always say that there's nothing. Any reason why?
Ashardalon said…
Uh, you should click "Code" (the 3rd option), not "ESN" after you login to the website. Anyway, it seems lots of people are having problem claiming it in-game as well. See here. I managed to claim (in-game) only the items for first 4 codes. Maybe too many people are claiming and the server got strained. >.> Looks like the new hamster is somewhat fail as well.
Tuyen Phan said…
Oh yeah my bad I meant I activated them through the 3rd option "Code" and not the 2nd "ESN" thing. But anyway my items still hasn't arrived.
Anonymous said…
6th Code
Tuyen Phan said…
Previous codes still don't give me the items, new alienware code also doesn't. Glad it works for you but this is really bs.
Tuyen Phan said…
should I submit a ticket? It's been a week already and none of the codes I activated have given me the promised items.
Ashardalon said…
I managed to claim the remaining codes. Neume said there was a server jam, but it was fixed. According to this, all injections should be completed. Try claiming it again. If not, you probably should submit a ticket.