Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Mystery Box, Andre's Wardrobe, Idge's Chest

Sword 2 has released 3 new boxes (250 Gold each) in the cash shop. See New Boxes Reloaded for full details.
  • Mystery Box includes character cards (ATP, ICP, BSI, STF), keys for instanced raids, and 30 Earth Stones (10k feso).
  • Andre's Wardrobe includes Crystal Wing (90 days), Constellation Symbol Box, Mabro Metis Costume (m/wiz), Olga Patricia Costume (m/ele), and Gilded Wolf Hair (Lorch).
  • Idge's Chest includes Sylphic Wing (90 days), Elite Magnum (AR30 Pistol), Katana (AR30 Sabre), and Lv.92 (DR28) Elite Armors.
The price for Citadel of the Gods Pass has been revised from 800 Gold to 250 Gold... which is still stupid. Considering what it does, it should be priced somewhere between Ancient Area Pass (125 Gold) and Secret Area Pass (200 Gold). Bleh. Whatever. I give up.

Portable Ammo Boxes
New portable ammo boxes have been added to Feso Shop. Comparing with the Item Merchant NPC, it will cost the following amount of vis to buy 10,000 ammo of the given type. Ratio refers to feso-to-vis rate, so you can compare the given ratio to your server's existing feso exchange rate to see if it is cost-efficient.

10k Ammo Feso Vis Ratio
Gunpowder Bolt 30 6,000 1:200
Steel Bullet 40 15,000 1:375
Ele/Psychic Sphere
2,500 250,000 1:100

Patch 118595
Updated localized data-table for weapons in ies.ipf.
Updated model (.lma) files for Elemental Bracelet and Crystal Shotgun in item_hi.ipf.
Updated texture (.dds) files for Elemental Bracelet and Crystal Shotgun in item_texture.ipf.
Updated environment texture and in item_texture.ipf.
Updated illustration (.bmp) files for Elite Magic Broom, Elemental Bracelet, and Crystal Shotgun in ui.ipf.

Patch 118665
Updated data-tables in ies.ipf for cash shop, consumable items, and misc items.
Updated shared.ipf for feso shop, including selected Expert Stance Rings (30-days; 300k feso), Invisible Potion (5k feso), Dignite Costumes (300k feso), and new portable ammo boxes.

Patch 118679
Updated localized data-tables in ies.ipf for cash shop and misc items.

Patch 118866
Updated model (.lma) files for Home Premium Services and Secret Area Pass.
Updated ge.exe in release folder.