[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 95: Master's Martial Arts

The experts spent 3 days in Secret Citadel of the Gods and collected 1,095 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Cards. Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.9 and mastered Close Encounters, while Pazuzu (STF) started training Enhanced Tactics. It seems expert stances take twice as long to master as veteran stances. Thereafter, Thelandira (f/mus) started on Flintlock instead. They also tagged along to pay a visit to the huge Heaven Giant Keeper.


Pazuzu (STF) took up Fritz's challenge, and after defeating his 15 minions, finally stabbed him down using Arnis. No, Fritz, we don't want your stupid Hapkido (aka Master's Martial Arts). The masters gained 3 Expert G (27m) EXP Cards and 1 Great Stone (100k feso) for their efforts. During the quest, they learnt that Dios Latem was framed for treason by Sir Lyndon 6 years ago. Grandma, Andre, Ulrich, Dr. Torsche, and Fritz are now preparing to face the threat of Ernandez, the right-hand man of Archduke Felipe.


The family decided to let Soteira (Helena) take charge of Team Arena. She reached Veteran Lv.2, and looted Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Gemini, and Symbol of Leo from 8 missions. Arsene Circus yielded minimum drops this week. Eww.

The family's Premium Treasure Chest expired this week. So far, it dropped Symbol of Scorpio and Symbol of Aries. The drops for this week are...
  1. [Win2] L100 Enchantment Chip x3, Otite Perfume x1, Symbol of Gemini x1
  2. [Win1] Upgrade Accelerator x2, HQ Emerald x5
  3. [Win2] Socket Flux x1, Karjalain Box x5, Veteran G (14m) EXP Card x1
  4. [Draw] HQ Sapphire x2
  5. [Win1] Mysterious Powder x5, Enchant Booster x10
  6. [Lost] Soul Crystal x1

Finally, a decent screenshot of KFC was taken this week. Previously, it always died before I could take a proper screenshot (i.e. one without it flashing white due to being hit by all the pew-pew musketeers).


Manny said…
Archduke Felipe. Care to share any insights who this man is?
Ashardalon said…
Felipe is the leader of the Ten Nobles and a member of Stratavista, as revealed in Arsene Circus quests (v3.4). I summarized the background story in SNW 78: Stratavista.