[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Alienware Level-Up Contest

Sword 2 is having a level-up event for new accounts (limited to 1 per person). There are different prizes for meeting different conditions. The conditions include:
  • Level 3 characters to Lv.50 by Sept 17, 2010
  • Level 3 characters to Lv.110 by Aug 20, 2010
  • Level 3 characters to Lv.120 by Sept 17, 2010
The prizes include Alienware Laptop, Gold, Tiger Pets, Elite Le Noir armors, and Constellation Weapons. For contest details, see Win An Alienware M11X Laptop and Sword 2 Alienware Level Up Contest. MMORPG.com has a feature article about the event here.

Some clarifications from G1 about the event:

You can level up using any means that does not break the ToS. If a feature is "available in-game to use", you can. [Source]

There was an oversight in the announcement. ALL BETA TESTERS are automatically entered into this contest if they met the non-registration requirements: Specifically had 3 level 50 (or higher) characters by 9/17 or level 110 characters by the monthly dates. [Source]

Just to further clarify. This means that someone who has been playing since the beginning and has a quarters full of masters or experts and did in fact play during the sword 2 beta is already entered into all of the above parts of the event? No new leveling required.
Yes, that is correct. [Source]

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Winners Announced!
See Level-Up Winners Part 1 and Alienware Grand Prize Winners Announced!. Congrats on all winners!

[GE-SG] Enchantment Challenge & 'Butter' Me
Meanwhile, IAHGames is also hosting some events. During July 20 to August 2, there is a ridiculous enchantment event. Prizes include Constellation Weapons and Elite Trump Armors. See Enchantment Challenge. On July 24, there is an in-game event at 4pm to find the GM and trade selected items for prizes. See 'Butter' Me.