[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 2 Open Beta v1.0.1

Sword 2 Open Beta v1.0.1 (GE-US v4.1.2) has been released on its live servers after a 15-hours maintenance. Patch notes will be released later, and will be linked here once available. See also the following v4.1.2 Update Previews on v3.5 System Update and Stances & Skills.

Cash Shop and Feso Shop will not be updated as yet, as well as the Holy Water Chamber mission. These will be available in another patch, probably within 2 weeks.1 Reckless Emilia and Asoka are also not available, as previously announced.2

See Sword 2 Patch Notes.

Spot A Text Bug?
During Open Beta, you can win Golden Archangel's Wings, Constellation Symbols, Constellation Weapon, and Lv.92 Elite Armor in Spot A Text Bug event.

New Annoying Hot Key?
Some players have complaint here about the new hot key (Shift-D) for Secret Guard Lobby. You can remove this hot key (and any others you don't want) by using a user-defined hot-key (.xml) file, and then deleting the following line for Shift-D command:

<hotkey name="(#?)0052265(##)UI Secret Guard Waiting Board(?#)" scp="OpenSecretGuardWaitListUI()" key="D" usealt="NO" usectrl="NO" useshift="YES" onedit="YES">

Save and restart the game client. You can still access Secret Guard Lobby via main menu at the top-left corner of the screen.